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If I write a story about me.
Do I become a story, or
The story becomes me??
We all will slowly vanish into the words we write and read.
One day!
We will all become words.

And I am desperately waiting for that day.
Yan F Feb 28
how long will it take
for this tangled mess
you've bound yourself in
to turn into actual art?
i just can't wait to look you in the eye
and tell myself
that soon enough
these chains
i've bound myself with
will eventually
lead me somewhere too...

~hi! if you don't know what ******* means, it's kind of like a contemporary art to do with ropes and people c: that's all i can say~

*if you want to, look it up, it's beautiful hehe*

*also (obviously not sponsored) but lyk still plugging Lang Leav "Love Looks Pretty On You" just finished it thrice, give it a read if you're into folios :>
Audrey L Feb 22
so scared to hurt people feelings,
so instead i hurt mine.
Arke Feb 19
stop forgiving and cutting slack
to those who don't love you back
Arke Jan 9
I'm not okay, even though I know everything will be

Marsha Dec 2018
her eyes are beautiful,
but the coldest
I have ever seen.
Yan F Dec 2018
i'm hoping a sunrise
will someday dawn
and remind me
of how to view the horizon
not picturing in my mind
you being happy with
someone else...
how long is the sun setting for our relationship?
Arke Dec 2018
I want to feed my mind and my soul
and forget my body ever existed
Arke Dec 2018
our love was a movie-worthy romance
poorly written, fake, and over in two hours
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