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Nylee Aug 31
Another page turn
There is a full stop
A new chapter begins
With fresh black ink.
Rianna Aug 13
I have exhausted the poetry from within
Let me know when to start again.
H A Vitatoe Aug 21
Not knowing, where the universe begins
Or how far, the darkness extends
Can one know, where it actually ends
Arke Aug 5
I like to write everything in erasable pen
Because someday it'll disappear like me
Arke Jul 18
You told me once, life isn't aimless
We are all aimed directly at death
Arke Jul 12
I'll never make it to heaven now
But at least I've seen it once with you
Arke Jul 7
You were afraid of heights
I was afraid of falling for you
Only one of us had to face their fear
Arke Jun 8
You once said you couldn't picture anyone not loving me.
Don't worry, I can picture it really, really well.
Arke Jun 7
your memory is still
my happy place
Arke May 30
If all good things must come to an end
Then the nightmare of losing you is forever
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