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Anshika Jain Jul 21
Yeah , I was and I am
an introvert
You resolved me so soon
you cared about me too much
you was , are my most important
part even when I didn't know that.
Your absence, presence mattered me
but somehow , situations shattered me
I was too yearning for you in the silence
when you was craving for me in words .
I cannot persist in saying
and yes I know I was delaying
but really , I felt
I missed you so much, even when
I said , " I don't. "
sadnspicy0 Jul 1
Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
If flowers were people
They'd hate themselves too...
Rey Lynch Jun 6
A smile
A look
Memorize the colorless dances
Break your different bones to dust
Unless you'd like a taste
Of even bitter pain
(if there is one)
Now I learned
To be your doppelganger

Will you let me in the crowd?
They say being different is good, but often it just hurts.

Inspired by everydayinjune sixth prompt: Doppelganger
Rey Lynch May 13
My blood is an obsidian color
I bleed words on paper
Prisoner to my mind for eternity
Ink stains branded on my heart
Rey Lynch May 12
Swirls of smoke In the air
Remind me of your scent
A smell I hated so much
Now it has become my oxygen
Rey Lynch May 12
Hiding behind a smile
A girl with a glass heart
Too many cracks it has
Too many times she cut herself on it
Vargov Saikia Feb 28
Love is a mirage in this desert called life;

It makes you believe in things which doesn't exist...
What do you think?
Nylee Nov 2019
You listen to words
You want to listen.
Not to the words
 That were being said.
So who do you blame?
Druzzayne Rika Apr 2018
I'll say much about everything
except what I really want to say.
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