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H A Vitatoe Sep 2021
The plan is in bloom
Plains burn and drown all in time
The souls do anew
H A Vitatoe Apr 2021
In the end
Peace will be
H A Vitatoe Jan 2021
Yes. Yes.
It's true.
We both have demos.
But your demon and my demon don't like each other.
H A Vitatoe Dec 2020
   down my hand.
The caress
    it was not strange
As real
     as it had seemed

For even dreams
can change
H A Vitatoe Nov 2020
I'd rather, deal with the chaos
Than to, live, in a lie
H A Vitatoe Oct 2020
The bull stands at thee.
Quickly but yet - no stampede.
Crashing - of the sun.
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