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Sep 2018 · 122
Stormy Bailey Sep 2018
As I cry myself to sleep,
I hear the fallen angels weep.
If I shall die before I wake,
the world will have one less mistake.
Jul 2016 · 689
Stormy Bailey Jul 2016
I gave you my heart,
and you gave it back.
But with it you gave hope,
placed in a small crack.
Then that crack became a fissure, and it splintered and grew,
And when I came back with the pieces,
You said "I never loved you."
Oct 2015 · 1.9k
You're Still Pretty
Stormy Bailey Oct 2015
Like lightning, ripping its way through my heart, jolting me violently as I struggle to compose myself.
"They're just words."
The trembling earth parts to reveal a smile, weak, fake, hiding the needle like pain the words you say cause me.
"No, it doesn't bother me."
I bite my lip, white bricks indenting into a plush garden, as the ocean threatens to overtake the beach with only my eyelashes to hold back the waves.
"Yeah, it is funny isn't it?"
You laugh about my imperfections, and I laugh with you,
hard, forced, hot air exhaling from my lungs as I blink and my mind scrambles to find ways to better myself.
"Totally, stretch marks are so gross."
Pink vines of ivy run their way across my body, and I wonder if I can find a way to hide the lighting on my thighs, my *******.
"But you're still pretty though."
Your words force the air out of my lungs and I nod reassuringly, because I'm still pretty, despite all the things you say are wrong with me. Things that make me who I am, but to you are marks against me as a person, but its ok, because I'm still pretty.
They're just words, but they can make you choke, and cry, and want to change yourself, just so someone can tell you that you're still pretty.
But pretty is just a word, and I'm so much more than your definition of what makes me worthy in your eyes.
Lava building up inside me and finally getting the courage to force its way to the top, to pour out of me and cover my body in molten rock, encasing me in protection in the form of letters and confidence.
"I know."
Oct 2015 · 1.3k
What Are You Scared Of?
Stormy Bailey Oct 2015
What am I scared of?
I'm scared of the dark.
Well not the dark itself,
but what might be lurking in it,
slinking through the shadows waiting to ***** out my life.
What am I scared of?
I'm scared of heights.
Because when I'm standing on the edge, looking into the unknown,
I have the overwhelming urge to jump.  
What am I scared of?
I'm scared of anything dead.
No not death itself, but the chills I get round a corpse.
The feeling of something beside me,
holding on to life.
What am I scared of?
I fear fear itself.
But what do you fear?
That's the real question.
What are you scared of?
Aug 2015 · 680
I Confuse Myself
Stormy Bailey Aug 2015
I look at you and I’m unimpressed,

but I quickly look away when you meet my eye.

The things you say make my insides quake,

and it makes me angry that you make me feel.

I make friends with strangers and I flirt with girls,

My confidence is my calling card.

My cheesy pick up lines and charming smile,

are admirable traits that people point out.

But when my voice wavers and I force out a joke,

and I become impulsive to cover up my uncertainty,

its because I don’t know how to be me around you.

I get angry and I am forthright when I don’t like people.

But that doesn’t mean I’m cold.

I just have so many emotions inside that I start to lose control.

And when I find myself so attracted to you,

so confused,

trying to become distracted from you,

I start to make myself hate you,

because if I hate you,

then I won’t like you.

And I can go back to feeling like me.
May 2015 · 1.4k
Hush Little Sammy
Stormy Bailey May 2015
Hush little Sammy, don't say a word,
Momma's still watching even after she burned.

And I know Daddy seems real mad,
but since mommas been gone he's been real real sad.

And I know you wanted to marry that girl,
but she's with mommy and that must hurt.

And big brother Dean keeps selling his soul,
then daddy dies and you lose control.

And you meet an Angel of the Lord named Cas,
and he keeps bringing your brother Dean back.

And now Dean's hurting everyone,
and The Mark of Cain rests on the righteous son.

But though brotherly love transcends any curse,
The darkness has come to destroy our earth.

But its ok Sammy cause mommas still here,
and I know you two can fight this so dont you fear*.
Supernatural themed lullaby I wrote after the season 10 finale.
May 2015 · 1.4k
Me & you, You & I
Stormy Bailey May 2015
You stood there,
across the crowd,
dancing with your friends.
Your hair, your hips, your eyes, your lips,
I was hypnotized at first sight.
I adored you.
I adore you.
Everything about you.
You’re perfect.
As I dance in the crowd that surrounds you,
I’m laughing,
I’m smiling,
I’m feeling

I ask a guy to get your number,
I’m so nervous I don’t think I’d be able to form the words.
He points me out and you smile a little and wave at me,
I blush and wave back,
As a shudder races up my back,
You walk over to me,
Are you an angel?
A starlit sensual sashaying goddess.
I buy you a drink,
and I’m starting to think,
this might be something wonderful.

You have beautiful eyes,
and the softest hair.
your graceful and magical,
like you walk on air.
and your funny,
your so kind,
your sweet and sincere.
I’ve never met someone like you.
Someone who cares.

A first date,
you’re at dinner.
I’m at dinner.
We’re at dinner.
A second date,
Its a movie.
My eyes are on you the entire time,
As you laugh and cry,
I laugh and cry,
I feel what you feel,
and I know you feel it too.

We text constantly,
and I think we might be making a connection.
Im on your facebook as you post pictures of us together.
Commenting and laughing about the stupid faces I make.
But you're always so beautiful,
No imperfections to be found.
And the more we talk and the closer we get,
The more I feel I wouldn't mind if I drown
in you.

The closer we get the more nervous I am.
I call you and hang up,
I dont know what to say.
I see the world in your eyes,
I hear the stars in your voice,
And I can no longer deny it.
I’ve fallen for you.

I love the way you smile all sleepy when you first wake up,
You’re just so happy when you see the sun.
And the cute way you dance to your own silent music as you fix breakfast,
though you always overcook the eggs.
I love the way you wander around the house in just boxers and a T-shirt,
even if the curtains are wide open.

I know it hasn't been long since that first night,
but honey I love you,
and I can’t explain the way I feel in a better way than this,
with a ring and a stolen kiss.
so please say yes.

Don’t look so surprised.
Why am I in your house?
I’m here every night baby.
Wait, no, I dont want to get out.
Stop acting the way your acting.
Dont you want this ring?
No, stay away from the door,
and stop throwing things.

Why are you fighting this,
The way that we feel?
We are perfect for each other,
so why are you squealing and screaming at me?
Is it because I woke you up?
You’re beautiful when you’re sleeping but I wanted to seal our love.
So take this ring,
and kiss me girl,
I wanna be your light,
because you're my world.

Stop saying no,
stop saying stop,
I love you ,
I need you,
Cause you are my rock,
in this ocean of life.
And I’m drowning,
I’m floundering as I knock you out.
No I dont want to hurt you,
but you are so loud,
with your screaming and pleading,
And we need to get out.

Shhh its ok,
the gag is a precaution,
as I drive to our new home,
I dont want you to wake and be frightened,
of the rope,
around your wrists,
or the blind fold,
or my ****** fists.
You see I want it to be a surprise,
when I uncover your eyes,
and you see our new home.
I’m bringing you home.

Do you like your new room,
no now don't start screaming,
maybe I should have waited to wake you,
and you looked so peaceful when you're dreaming,
Who’s that?
Oh I dont know.
He used to own the house,
Is he breathing?
It doesnt matter,
I’ll just get him and take him out,
Why am I doing this?
dont you see I love you,
and I need you,
to love me back.
So I’ll tie you to this bed,
and I’ll turn on this track,
It’s your favorite song,
Oh you don’t need to know how I know that.

Whats that noise?
What did you do?
Why aren't you tied to the bed?
Now baby I love you but I will hurt you,
its for your own good.
No put down that lamp,
Why are there lights outside?
Hey where'd you get that?
Give me the phone.

⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫

I went out dancing,
I was in this crowd
and I think he was there,
But then my friends were all about,
and I felt someones eyes,
but there were so many people,
I would think I would remember,
I should have know he was lethal.
But we were dancing,
and happy.
And no one wants to believe.
I mean I didn't really think.
He must have really thought he loved me.

Some guy asked for my number,
He said it was for a guy across the room,
He pointed him out so I smiled and waved at him,
he blushed and waved back,
And I dont have the best track,
When It comes to cute guys.
So yeah It was no surprise,
when I let him buy me a drink,
And ok, I think,
I kinda liked him.

He had nice eyes,
and ok hair,
but I got this vibe,
that he just wasnt all there.
He was funny,
But he didn’t have much to share,
I let him down soft and left,
Maybe he didnt hear?

I saw him sometimes,
When I was at dinner,
and he was at dinner,
but we didn’t speak.
And again,
I was at this movie,
And he was there,
I was laughing with friends,
and I got up at the end,
and there he was,
watching me.

I got random texts,
But I didn’t know who they were from.
And he friended me on facebook,
But I’d forgotten who he was.
And then he would comment on my pictures,
and he was always in the background.

I kept getting these phone calls,
but he would always hang up before he said anything.
I’d blocked his cell number,
but I was starting to connect the dots,
I mean I didn’t quite feel threatened.
Just really creeped out.
I still should have done something.

I felt like someone was in my house,
but I thought I was just being paranoid.
I mean who would sneak into my house?
Well I guess he would.
I started to close my curtains after that.
But the feeling never went away.

Then that night he was there.
I dont know what he was thinking?
He proposed to me,
he got on one knee,
and then he kissed me,
And I woke up.

I was so surprised,
I asked why he was in my house,
He said he snuck in every night,
I told him to get out.
I should have done something,
but then he started waving around a ring?
And then I went for the door,
and started throwing things.

Well he was saying so many things,
I can’t quite remember them all,
about us being perfect for eachother,
and he started to call me beautiful and yeah,
I was kinda screaming a lot.
But you would be too.
if you woke up to find him,
hovering above your bed,
holding a ring,
his lips near your head.

He wrestled me to the ground,
as I screamed for him to stop,
and I shouted no as he rolled on top of me
crushing me with his weight.
I was scared,
I was frightened,
and yeah I feared for my life.
I bucked and I twisted,
but I must have missed when he brought up his fist,
and brought it down on my head,
cause then the world went dark,
and I thought I was dead.

I was lost in an abyss.
And my world was quaking,
though now I know I was blindfolded,
and it was a car shaking,
but in the moments of nothing,
when I was half conscious and dreaming,
The ties around my wrists were gone,
and I was freely thinking of the life I could have,
so you understand,
why I fought so hard when I woke up.
you see I wanted,
I needed,
to stay alive.

I woke up in a room,
and I started screaming,
he was talking to me but then I saw in a corner,
It was an old man,
and he was covered in blood.
He’d been the owner of the house,
And the guy who thought he loved me said that he was dead.
I asked why he was doing this but he said he loved me
that he needed me,
to love him back.
It was so hard for me not to fight him as he tied me up,
and he turned on my favorite song.
I held back my rage until he was gone with the body.

Then I yanked at the ties,
and they cut at my hands,
and I ran to the window,
to see him digging outside,
and I searched through the room,
looking for somewhere to hide cause the door was locked,
but then I found the phone,
and I dialed 911,
And I told them to come.
and I waited a few minutes,
talking to the police,
when I heard him on the stairs and I thought he had me.

He ran inside just as I heard the sirens,
and he was questioning me,
and he was threatening me,
but I grabbed the lamp,
and he was screaming at me,
to give him the phone.
But I didn't give him the phone.
I gave him the lamp, hard, against his skull.
and he fell the ground as the police came through the door.

And then they helped me outside,
and the ambulance was waiting
and when he came out it was on a stretcher,
apparently I hit him a little too hard.
But I say not hard enough.
At least I know I will never wake up with him around me again.
Though he won’t either.
Wake up that is.
Because I killed him.

I feel remorse.
It wasn't his fault he wasn't right.
Though he made the conscious decisions to sneak into my house that night.
We found out who he was,
and that he was all alone,
no friends, no family,
and not even a home.
So here is my story.
And you know the rest.
Officer, is that all?
I think I really need to get to bed.'
May 2015 · 395
After it Ended
Stormy Bailey May 2015
We dreamed of mud.
Someone shook our hand.
We scrubbed our bodies for hours.
We stared blankly at the T.V screen.
Everyone was careful around us.
We dreamed of blood.
We woke up screaming and they didn't know what to do.
We smiled for the camera,
We didn’t touch our food.
We wouldn't talk about it,
Our eyes glazed over as they handed us a piece of metal.
They said,”Real men don’t cry”.
We said “Strong men don’t cry”.
We held ourselves and cried.
Everyone said thank you.
No one said we’re sorry.
We distanced ourselves from family.
We held them close so they knew we would never let go.
They congratulated us.
They looked at us different.
We saw faces in the dark and tried to save them.
We turned on the light because they were already gone.
We felt barrels in our hands and heard foreign words in our ears.
Movies meant something different.
Life meant something different.
We cried ourselves to sleep.
Nobody knew what to do.
May 2015 · 1.7k
Read Between the Lines
Stormy Bailey May 2015
I love the way you look at me,
your eyes so Full of lust.
I love the way yoU kiss my lips,
I Can't help but want you too.
I know you want to taKe it slow,
but baby can't you see.
Read between the lines and Maybe,
you'll undErstand what I mean.
May 2015 · 2.0k
Safe Word
Stormy Bailey May 2015
We’re not as perfect as we like to say,
it's just another game that we play,
as you fall under my angelic spell.
the demon comes out.
and it wants to stay.
Cherubs cry,
as I tighten the ties,
and angels sob,
I put the gag back in your mouth.
blood red tears streaming down your back.
leather against skin,
cause you like it like that.
Your so cute when you scream,
its your masochistic dream.
biting deep in your skin.
face in the pillow,
suffocating again.
But you like that don’t you.
nails in your flesh,
color me aroused.
what’s the safe word you ask?
put that gag back in your mouth.
Wow I can't believe I am letting the public see this.
May 2015 · 1.3k
Careful, I’m Fragile
Stormy Bailey May 2015
I’m fragile.
A heart made of glass.
Reflecting light throughout myself with each passing glance.
A diamond.
But not as strong as I seem.
If I cut through glass does that mean I cut through myself?
Ruby seeps from my slippers staining the floor.
There is no place like a dream.
but empty.
Carved from hopeless tears that dropped and froze.
Sharp edges melt if you hold them close enough.
And fill up the open space if you chase away the cold.
A gem.
Galaxies swirl and spin as you play with my emotions.
A vortex of sweltering heat turning
a diamond,
an opalescent crystal,
Into a compliant putty in your hands,
Soft and yielding after your warmth shattered the frost encasing it.
I’m fragile.
Though even if I am engulfed by flames.
I can't promise I won't covet the burn.
May 2015 · 374
After November
Stormy Bailey May 2015
Person one
We thought we were in love,
and you made plans for our future,
and I put up with all your faults,
as you put up with mine.
but then it all started to fall apart,
and you wouldn't tell me what was wrong,
and I started to hate you for the way you made me feel.
I felt I was doing something wrong,
or maybe it was just you,
was I abusive in the way I treated you?
should I find someone new?
And as I told you it was over,
you were expressionless, you didn’t seem to care,
and I was angry cause I wondered if love was ever there,
we had been so happy,
and life was okay.
then after November,
everything changed.
Person Two
I loved you with all my heart,
and I think you loved me to,
there were no fights between us,
and our love was bright and new,
you were so perfect,
and you still are I guess,
but then that November,
my heart was torn from my chest.
I was waiting to see you,
and I was so happy that whole time,
and even now some part of me wishes you were still mine.
cause that night when you spoke to me,
you said it had to end,
and I was in tears and sobbing,
but you said it was for the best,
and I accepted you didn't love me,
and I supported you wanting someone else,
because though I still loved you,
and you had loved me,
after November,
everything changed.
Person One
Now your a point of anxiety,
not to be mentioned, because it hurts so.
I may have hurt you, but you hurt me to,
and you still don't seem to want to know.
its like your a cloud, a fog in my past,
blurring the good memories and bad,
and we had been happy,
then November came,
and it was all torn apart,
now everything has changed.
Person Two*
I still speak with you,
and I still love you so,
I would still die for you, if the moment came.
though you have someone else,
and I want to know them too,
because my love has changed from how it once was.
you broke my heart,
but our friendship healed it.
and I don't quite trust love,
but I know I love you.
and though I wouldn’t come back to you,
you're still dear to my heart,
and our memory’s will always be cherished.
cause we were in love,
and though we may grow apart,
November came,
and not everything changed.
This poem I actually wrote after my best friend and her girlfriend broke up (Person one) and my girlfriend and I broke up all around the same time (Person Two).
May 2015 · 2.2k
Stormy Bailey May 2015
You move.
You shift,
you groan,
you sigh.
Your hair,
you lips,
your eyes,
I am wrapped
your thighs.
And I like it when you move.
May 2015 · 946
Stormy Bailey May 2015
Your sweet and seductively,
Singing these words to me,
The demon in your angel eyes.
You're kissing my heart back to life.
Lighting fire in my veins,
I lose myself in you again.
Cant stop the way you make me feel,
So make me feel.
I need to feel.
May 2015 · 389
No One
Stormy Bailey May 2015
seeping out of me and running rivers down my face,
like the rain as it collects together and weaves its path through the land.
Pain that forces its way through you to show the people around you that you hurt.
Choked sobs that make people ask questions,
“What's wrong?"
"Who hurt you?”
No one.
No one hurt me and No one is still hurting me.
No one is tearing deep into my heart and ripping it to pieces,
shattering it like fragile glass and wiping my tears with the shards.
No one is hollowing me out,
making me feel hopeless and alone.
Because no matter how many people come to me to tell me they care and will always be my friend No one stands in the shadows waiting to hurt me again.
its washing over me as I sleep,
alone in a bed that wishes someone was there to bring warmth.
It causes me to shiver as I look into the eyes of someone I know will never warm me like I want, will never hold me close and whisper they love me.
It shoots through my veins in the form of adrenaline,
as hope rises in my chest like the sun only to be suffocated by the cold when someone turns away from me to find someone prettier.
No one stands to the side to welcome me back into its arms because it knows I will always be alone.
No one hurts me because No one cares enough to take a chance at us.
Even as the day ends and I climb back into bed with the cold waiting to surround me again I know that the next day will be the same.
And when people ask me who hurt me and why I cry I will always have the same answer.
No one hurt me.
Because No one is the only one there.
May 2015 · 785
Super Nova
Stormy Bailey May 2015
Tongue twisted,
in your galaxy.
Mouth roaming throughout your
Fingers gliding across the milky way,
seeking the silky folds of your
Stars shoot through the sky with your cries,
of epic,
Super Nova.

— The End —