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5.3k · Aug 2019
Starry Aug 2019
Live life with love
Live life with joy
Live life without hatred
Be kind
For it will haunt you.
4.3k · Aug 2019
Starry Aug 2019
This is no
Ordernary bus
You do go on it
To go to work
Or to school
Work and school is
Battle field
And your job is to save the world.
4.3k · Aug 2019
The axe
Starry Aug 2019
The guy looks like he is going
To climb Mt Everest
But that axe isn't for ice
It's for fighting off enimes
And saving the world
Swing he will
If you get in the way of
His goals.
3.5k · Aug 2019
Pretty in pink
Starry Aug 2019
This pink teddybear
Is not like all
Pink teddybears
You don't want to take
Her to the hospital
Or to a sleepover
For she has
An additude
A foul mouth
667 · Sep 2019
Postmodern kiss
Starry Sep 2019

read at your own risk

The dream
I had
Where I walked in
With only lab coat on
And langier
I see you
Where cleaning up
After an autopsy
I went up kissed
And pulled
Me closer to you
And take my
Lab coat off
496 · Aug 2019
My sweet Love Lea
Starry Aug 2019
Your semi short
Fairy dark red  hair
The freckles on your face
That kind smile that
Indicates that you're a doctor

I know I have a boyfriend
But images of us making love
At night in your office
Our faces and bodies outlined in moonlight
Makes me go into
A frenzy
With love and pleasure

Then it a disappears in a snap
Your a ripped from me
Sold to a wicked man
Living in squalor
Have you forgotten
I come to find you
In this sorry state

Learly of who I am
At first you recognize me
Then runs with me to back
To normalcy
Only to die
At a young age

They say that your heart was too weak from
Years of torture
But I know you died from a broken heart
430 · Aug 2019
Starry Aug 2019
As the could rain
I  amagibe being in your
Arms cuddling
With you
Kissing you
But instead
I walk drawing
Finger marks on
The store windows
370 · Sep 2019
Love letter
Starry Sep 2019
Dearest darling Hill Morty
I am writing this told tell you them I wasn't able to talk to you my love. Our loving conversations  that which we have keep me sane. I cannot til we me and have that first real kiss. I can just feel it now.

Your lover
This is my love letters to my boyfriend.
361 · Aug 2019
Angry poem of dizonement.
Starry Aug 2019
Dear Karen Benvie
I right this to say that
I am very upset about
How you changed my life
Not for the better but
For the worst
You ****

If weren't for your bullying
And bad behavior
I wouldn't have been
In more trouble that I nearly was
Sent to guantanamo
Instead I would have been
A medical examiner
And you.....
In gitmo

If it weren't for you
I would not have
A dangerously low self-esteem
And inferiority complex
You ******* racist thot
Yes thot because you
Nearly stole my boyfriend
Because of what
I am Arab.

***** yourself
In hell.
Girl who caused me more problems than bin laden.
355 · Aug 2019
Dipper moths.
Starry Aug 2019
When I sit on
the front deck of my
One September evening
I see
Seven moths
Fly up and form
What looked like
The Big dipper
326 · Aug 2019
Starry Aug 2019
My friend
From long ago
Told me
The path to success is
To build blocks
Each day I add to the barrier
And soon find out
There were complications
To this advice.
315 · Aug 2019
Starry Aug 2019
A festive time of year
That literally
Yums in a vains
And shows up on our skin
In wild yet beautiful
Talk leaves tattooed on us.
314 · Sep 2019
Starry Sep 2019
As I walk
Into the forest to calm my
Mind it does not work
And so I screem
So loud that my soul
Leaves my body
For being in
Because I wouldn't cool off.
Starry Aug 2019
On a late summer
Night in the prairies
The Big dipper
Is bright
Clears as a swear word
Turn up the volume of the
Sounds of nature
And night.

How can I sleep
302 · Sep 2019
The end
301 · Aug 2019
Ptsd poem 26
Starry Aug 2019
The doctor smile
So gently yet
Full of joy
I am smiling because of I good
For the was no drama
For me.
291 · Aug 2019
Bright stars
Starry Aug 2019
Not your average little ****
But bright kids
Go out under the stars
To stargazer
And have their own
Star party
Instead of causing trouble
And causing drama.
283 · Sep 2019
Red darkness
Starry Sep 2019
The bodies of my love
And I are outlined in red
By the flickering
Red motel sign
We kiss in red
As if in a noir film
282 · Aug 2019
The it - my love.
Starry Aug 2019
I love you more than I can bare
With you so much that math can't measure
I want to spend my life with you
As so as we meat
So egger to show my love
For you off of vu
For once
But please
Don't suffer in silence.
282 · Aug 2019
Tokyo trick or treating
Starry Aug 2019
Trick or treating in tokyo
Better watch out for
Them yakuzas
As you enjoy collecting Canda
And go for a relaxing
Walk in the night.
I know that Japan doesn't have alloween... It's artistic liscence.
276 · Sep 2019
Starry Sep 2019
Dear zockkes

I hope you
Enjoy the Ninth
circle of islamic
Hell for there is not
better place for you
For what you
Do to the
Poor creatures
God's creatures.
260 · Sep 2019
Starry Sep 2019
God is the ultimate
I can not creat something this cute
Or delecate
Swim fish swim.
259 · Sep 2019
Martial arts
Starry Sep 2019
I am not acting
Like a jscksass
I am practing
My art for self defense
As there Is unsavory kind out there
I fight for a bright lense flare on the world
253 · Sep 2019
Starry Sep 2019
As I look
At the constellations
After a bad day
I see the patterns in the sky
I real that
Everything is
Going to be OK.
246 · Aug 2019
Love or illusion
Starry Aug 2019
Have you ever
Had a dream
That seemed
So real
I have
About a young sweetheart
Named Love Lea
Whom I lost
Is she real
Or part of the illusion.
244 · Aug 2019
Starry eyed
Starry Aug 2019
As I look up
Into in
Nights space
The Dippers
And glow
Brightly that
They reflect in my eyes
239 · Sep 2019
Blood on lips
Starry Sep 2019
Hey squashhead
See that blood on your lip
It's not from a fight
It from a fight you
Are going to have
With cancer
A fight
You mostly not win
If you keep on freaking smoking
That blood is from your damaged longs
236 · Aug 2019
Jihadidt oath
Starry Aug 2019
I want to know you hurt me as a lover
I want to know why your hurt innocent people
Who did your people no wrong
Why do you have to hurt innocent children girls
For what
The hippocratic oath????!!
More like jihadist oath.
233 · Sep 2019
I want to believe
Starry Sep 2019
Before you
Hill Morty MD
I was thinking to my self
To believe....
In true love
216 · Sep 2019
Warmth and love
Starry Sep 2019
It's getting colder
And colder outside
The leaves are changing
But with you
My darling
I am surrounded
By warmth
And love.
216 · Sep 2019
Do you
215 · Sep 2019
Starry Sep 2019
China Russia.
The west
I will say this through poetry
The vainnakh
The uyger, Turkish
And tibetans
We All have 46 chromesomes
Saying we are
As human
H u m a n like youu
So why can you accept us
As that
213 · Aug 2019
Troy burns
Starry Aug 2019
As the Trojans remain
In troy
As it burns
To the ground
The Greeks win the battle taking Helena of Troy with them.
213 · Sep 2019
Fuck tantra
Starry Sep 2019
Hill Morty MD
As we talk on imvu I can feel the desire you have for me for I am an empath. I can feel nothing but love or connection with you. What ever tries to ruin us only makes our love for eachother stronger.

210 · Aug 2019
Imagine space
Starry Aug 2019
When I see a
Clear dusk sky
In the evening
I like to imagine
We have more neighbors
In our solar system
And that we have more moon
Like that of a scifi or fantasy novel
Back to reality.
203 · Sep 2019
Starry Sep 2019
This world is
Crowded with
But still we managed to find
Just as
I was going to
Lose my faith in
The male gender
There is you
Darling doctor.
201 · Aug 2019
Fire flowers.
Starry Aug 2019
The flowers
Of fire blossom
In full bloom
As the great Dipper
Nurishes them
As the burn
White hot
What a summer's night.
198 · Aug 2019
Ode to the Dipper
Starry Aug 2019
197 · Aug 2019
Suzy B. (aka Russian pain).
Starry Aug 2019
Poor little Suzy
Going around calling people
Derogatory medical terms
For fun
Don't you know that
Makes more enemies
Than making more friends.
Beautify yourself with
195 · Sep 2019
Starry Sep 2019
The lightning
The sign
Of nature's furry
And distain for man kind
As it hit the building
Next to
The space needle
193 · Sep 2019
Dark love
Starry Sep 2019
As I hold
The roses
That my
Love gave me
And hold it up to
The milky-way
It turns into
Black rose
Romantic yet
193 · Aug 2019
Helpless forest
Starry Aug 2019
As the fire burns mercilessly
I am saddend that
My favorite forest is dying
Along with
The tarantulas
I can hear the screaming for help
This reminds me of a day I lost another beloved
Forest behind my house.
191 · Aug 2019
Innocent gazer.
Starry Aug 2019
Lone guy
On the old lovers
Serial killer
Just an
Stargazing looking
At the sheer beauty
Of the stars.
Nothing else
190 · Sep 2019
Love note
Starry Sep 2019
Dearest Hill
I am writing this to you my love to prove my mom wrong... I there's is more then swearing that connects us. We have Kindred spirits who have simular experience and interests and goal. That and feel safe telling you my secrets.
188 · Sep 2019
Fading Colours
Starry Sep 2019
As the anime thinker
Is contemplating
On her pas
Different things
The good
To the not so good
But she sits and stares
In to
As if catatonic
Or ******
But then
She realizes
Let your
185 · Sep 2019
Starry Sep 2019
Ah Toronto
The place of many
Why I met my
First celebrity
Saw momma mia
And went to a university
That's where my goal where
Given birth.
180 · Sep 2019
Strange stone
Starry Sep 2019
In a sea and mountain of liquid mercury
One of the toxic elements
There on top is a yellowwish
Orangery topazy with
Silver spheres
Problebly baodings of  varying sizes
Is this a dream or did I take my meds
179 · Aug 2019
Moon Picnick
Starry Aug 2019
As the fullmoon comes
Out of the cloud
Ever so eerily
While most people are asleep
Two lovers have
A midnight
Picnick on the beach
To view the moon
In all its glory
As they kiss.
179 · Sep 2019
Moon kiss
Starry Sep 2019
As the sliver
Ove the moon
Over the city
You kiss me
under the moon
The experience
Just as beautiful
As the moon sliver.
178 · Sep 2019
The smile
Starry Sep 2019
"I want to see you smile darling coroner"

"i won't smile for myfamily
But for you loving doctor
I will".
Sends selfie of me smiling

"it beautiful"

"Thank you"

"your cute"

Kisses me
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