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ChinHooi Ng Jan 15
Little dog running hard
toward the parked cars
looking and sniffing
then rushes to the next one
eyes filled with anxiety
seeking the owner who abandoned it
big round eyes all teary
it must be thinking sadly
"if i get to become a human in the next life
i will do anything to be kind
adopt a cute puppy
and stay with it
until the end of time."
Sophia Jan 1
Would any body like to adopt my grades?
Cuz I can't raise them myself.
Ksenia Vickery Dec 2020
in my dreams you wear a yellow dress
A color of innocence
You speak to me like you really know who I am
& I’m looking at you wondering if I see me.
But it’s just a dream and I guess
We will really never know
If you wear a yellow dress
Or if you even ever wanted me
If you ever wanted to
Know who I was.
Today I sit here
And can only visit
You in my dreams
Whenever mind allows it
& this time this is such a
Happy dream, you in a yellow dress
Leaning you head on me.
But in my reality, its
Still a terrible nightmare
That I am scared will
Never go away
Maria Clary Oct 2020
My girl don't sit next to me and play on the swings
She's in my mind just doing those things
Sometimes I wish I wasn't a chicken and I could see you more
Should of pushed harder but how can you when its a c section
Running around alone when you should have a family
Giving all your baby clothes away
Its like better than a miscarriage but its not because you know she's somewhere laughing in someone else's house
Your scared to tell people your feelings because we are all supposed to get old and have kids
What if you didn't have your kid no more and your not "mom"
Then you know how it feels when everything's gone
Jealousy's  a deadly sin but I am already dead inside
I know you can't have what I can but why does it mean you can take it in the first place
This is eating me inside but I think about is you sitting on the swing set outside.
Jenie Sep 2020
Pacing up and down I call for the gentle cat
food in hand and slippers on I walk to be kind
to the small black and brown looking lost
the young hungry female wandering our street

For a name and a home to our neighbours I chat
until petting hands to the child left behind
we offer warmth amidst the rising frost
a listening ear a cushion to lay on and food to eat
Iska Sep 2020
I was a broken branch grafted onto a different family tree.
Broken Pieces Apr 2020
For a while I've been trying to write,
But when I finally have an idea it's night.
I just want to write my thoughts out,
I want to talk, I want to shout!
I want more than anything to show you I'm real,
To show you it takes a while to heal.
I wish I had the right words to say,
To tell you how it made me feel for you to walk away.
I have nothing left,
I've become very depressed.
The colors I see are dull and gray,
This is my poem of the day.
Broken Pieces Apr 2020
He was my father, I never thought that would change,
But then things began to rearrange.
I love him still to this day,
I'm just said to say he wasn't able to stay.
I never thought he would give in,
So when he said yes my mind had begun to spin.

He was my dad, and I thought that meant forever,
He left though, now I don't talk about things just say whatever.
He was the most important to me,
Because I thought he would never think to set me free.
Now he hasn't reached out in awhile,
I've begun to lose my smile.

He's nothing but a stranger now because he's gone,
He left, he even managed to beat the dawn.
I wanted him to be there for me no matter what,
But then he left and the door slowly shut.
I guess I wasn't a good daughter,
Because you just forgot her.
Broken Pieces Mar 2020
Why did you give us up?
                                                                     Am I not enough?
Why did you give us up?
                                                                     Did I not try hard enough?
Why did you give us up?
                                                                     Should I smile more?
Why did you give us up?
                                                                     Am I not pretty enough?
Why did you give us up?
                                                                     Was I not a good daughter?
Broken Pieces Mar 2020
Mom, dad? I'm home to play,
Gosh it's just been the very best day.

Mom, dad where have you gone?
Why have you decided to leave by dawn?

Mom, dad? What do those words even mean?
Because mine have managed to go unseen.

Mom, dad, are you coming back,
Or will I be the one to crack?

Mom, dad? I'm older now,
Many people ask me how.

Mom, dad? I really miss you,
I hope you do too.

Mom, dad? I'm falling faster into the dark,
I've begun to lose my spark.

Mom, dad? Why did you leave me?
I'm sad to say I won't be the key.

Mom, dad? I guess I must say bye,
Even if I know you won't reply.
Sometimes parents aren't the ones to be with you no matter what, I'm sad to say my bio parents left me and never bothered telling me why.
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