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Kymberley Apr 27
For a while I've been trying to write,
But when I finally have an idea it's night.
I just want to write my thoughts out,
I want to talk, I want to shout!
I want more than anything to show you I'm real,
To show you it takes a while to heal.
I wish I had the right words to say,
To tell you how it made me feel for you to walk away.
I have nothing left,
I've become very depressed.
The colors I see are dull and gray,
This is my poem of the day.
Kymberley Apr 7
He was my father, I never thought that would change,
But then things began to rearrange.
I love him still to this day,
I'm just said to say he wasn't able to stay.
I never thought he would give in,
So when he said yes my mind had begun to spin.

He was my dad, and I thought that meant forever,
He left though, now I don't talk about things just say whatever.
He was the most important to me,
Because I thought he would never think to set me free.
Now he hasn't reached out in awhile,
I've begun to lose my smile.

He's nothing but a stranger now because he's gone,
He left, he even managed to beat the dawn.
I wanted him to be there for me no matter what,
But then he left and the door slowly shut.
I guess I wasn't a good daughter,
Because you just forgot her.
Kymberley Mar 9
Why did you give us up?
                                                                     Am I not enough?
Why did you give us up?
                                                                     Did I not try hard enough?
Why did you give us up?
                                                                     Should I smile more?
Why did you give us up?
                                                                     Am I not pretty enough?
Why did you give us up?
                                                                     Was I not a good daughter?
Kymberley Mar 3
Mom, dad? I'm home to play,
Gosh it's just been the very best day.

Mom, dad where have you gone?
Why have you decided to leave by dawn?

Mom, dad? What do those words even mean?
Because mine have managed to go unseen.

Mom, dad, are you coming back,
Or will I be the one to crack?

Mom, dad? I'm older now,
Many people ask me how.

Mom, dad? I really miss you,
I hope you do too.

Mom, dad? I'm falling faster into the dark,
I've begun to lose my spark.

Mom, dad? Why did you leave me?
I'm sad to say I won't be the key.

Mom, dad? I guess I must say bye,
Even if I know you won't reply.
Sometimes parents aren't the ones to be with you no matter what, I'm sad to say my bio parents left me and never bothered telling me why.
Kymberley Feb 28
Hello mom and dad, I'm so excited today,
I've got no time to go out and play.
Today I will make you a present,
I hope it's very pleasant.
But then the bell rings and there is a call,
The words I hear make me feel so small.
What papers are you talking about?
Please, I beg you not to shout.
Why is everyone crying?
What are you implying?
Why are we not at our house?
What are all these doubts?
Finally someone explains to me,
Mom and dad wanted to set me free.
I'm not going to see them again,
They tell me take a deep breath and count to ten.
But I don't want to breathe, I want to cry,
Because all I ever did was try.
But I was not enough,
Why is life so tough?
I did everything you asked of me,
But now I'm locked without a key.
Now I'm all alone,
Stuck in the unknown.
Will I ever get to know,
About the trouble so long ago?
Mom and dad I thought you loved us,
Did we put up too much of a fuss?
Goodbye mom and dad, I'll sure miss you,
Because I never got to see what's true.
Poetry Addict Nov 2019
Who left you
On life's doorstep
And ran away
And colored your young face
With soft rage?

I will
Ruin the parasite
Who maimed childhood's
Originally called "adopted".
Ju Temo Oct 2019
Can I find you past Mount Hua,
After crossing Cao’e River,
Through the fields of Longkou,
Will I be walking for long?

Sat, waiting for the train to go
To take me where I am supposed to be
Head pressed against the cold window
I want that seat.

Lost among the frames
And paths between stones
You should be somewhere among
The busy laying down of flowers
I want to know

A fickle not fitting anywhere
A missing piece,
Just wandering.

Who do I owe my existence to.
Who brought me here.
I would kneel down to you
And offer my deepest gratitude

Tired of floating up in the air
Just whisked around by the wind.
The tree with roots is stronger
The clouds so lonely.

Breezing by, the single leaf
Stuck in this one state
I’ll walk alone with my two legs
Don’t worry, I’ll continue to go
But where are you?

The people who came before me
Blocks of my past
You’re going too far
I’m lost.

This voice,
The voice formed
Trying to reach out
It’s calling out
It can’t let go,
Where it came from.

Every sunshine,
Every storm,
It surrounds us
Brings us to life.
I’ll always look up
And see it like you.

Going past Mount Hua
Alone among the clouds
Who put me here
I want to know.

I’ll travel long
And so far,
I’ve been walking for long.

I’ll put my respects
Will you see me
I won’t be disappointed
I’ll lay down everything
Just to have my place.

Left away
Those a part of me
I’m walking through the path
But where are you?
Ju Temo' is a freelance poet that is inspired by songwriting.      
All other poems can be seen at:
Starry Aug 2019
This empty
Bottle of Lemonade
Though ankockious
It my minds play thing
I can set it up
Take pics
The way I want to.
Starry Aug 2019
On the stone wall
There stands
An empty bottle of
It was throughly
By the person
Who left it there.
Starry Aug 2019
I am a prisoner of my head
For most of my life
Since being born
In a warzone
I want out
I seek help from professionals
None but ourselves
Can free our minds
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