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We possess a hidden bucket
And we thrive when it is full
We hurt when others reach inside
Our bucket to dip and pull

We soar with loving energy
When our bucket’s overflowing
It just takes a little kindness
To keep our spirit growing

We possess a hidden dipper
Which we use to fill or take
From the buckets of each other
It’s a choice we daily make

And it’s how we use our dipper
That defines our path in life
So let’s choose to fill each other
And spread joy instead of strife

Notice when your bucket’s full
You feel prosperous and strong
But if your bucket’s low or drained
Despair comes speeding along

You’ll find that when you fill a friend
Your bucket gets filled up too
So keep your bucket ever full
Filling others always fill you
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Each of us has an invisible bucket. It is constantly emptied or filled, depending on what others say or do to us. When our bucket is full, we feel great. When it's empty, we feel awful.

Each of us also has an invisible dipper. When we use that dipper to fill other people's buckets -- by saying or doing things to increase their positive emotions -- we also fill our own bucket. But when we use that dipper to dip from others' buckets -- by saying or doing things that decrease their positive emotions -- we diminish ourselves.

Like the cup that runneth over, a full bucket gives us a positive outlook and renewed energy. Every drop in that bucket makes us stronger and more optimistic.

But an empty bucket poisons our outlook, saps our energy, and undermines our will. That's why every time someone dips from our bucket, it hurts us.

So we face a choice every moment of every day: We can fill one another's buckets, or we can dip from them. It's an important choice -- one that profoundly influences our relationships, productivity, health, and happiness.
Heaven's cup that overflows
Trickling light into yonder black
Traveling the universe
Until the seasons brought you back
To me,
Mine eyes to see
The warm and glowing sight;
The stars are all a'shine this Eve
Your visage, burning bright.
My eyes could ne'er tear away,
Though other bodies dance;
Captivated, I am paused-
Intrigued, I am entranced.
For Ive counted all the stars above,
All friends, I hold them dear;
But the silver light that doth delight
Only comes when you appear.
O Tiny little dipper,
Tipping streams that pour-
The heavens look so full tonight,
But I am counted yours.
Starry Sep 2019
The love we shared
With each other
Has gone to hell
And back
Now our love
Forms the stars
Of the Dippers
Starry Aug 2019
It three
I see the
Great dipper
In the day time
Is this some rare aroura
Or my imagination
Seeing the Dipper
At high noon.
Starry Aug 2019
When I sit on
the front deck of my
One September evening
I see
Seven moths
Fly up and form
What looked like
The Big dipper
Starry Aug 2019
I take a cup of coffee
With sugar and cream
When I look
At my cup I realize there is night scenery
In it instead of coffee
Should I drink this art.
Starry Aug 2019
In the desert
Of khazhstan
A shamaness
Calls up the great Dipper
To raise the dead ancestors
To bring down the monguls
But only ended up with a fire flower
Starry Aug 2019
The flowers
Of fire blossom
In full bloom
As the great Dipper
Nurishes them
As the burn
White hot
What a summer's night.
Starry Aug 2019
Starry Aug 2019
I come across
A rose. Pink that is
Holding the big dipper
Though with the
**** I am on
Everything is
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