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Starry 44m
On a late summer
Night in the prairies
The Big dipper
Is bright
Clears as a swear word
Turn up the volume of the
Sounds of nature
And night.

How can I sleep
Starry 1h
Forensically they say
That no two things are the same
Nor simular
But that is wrong
For the Pleiades
And the Big Dipper
Look a like
Like twins.
Starry 1h
Instead of
Other constellations
I am struck
At the sight
Of infinite
Big Dippers twinkling
And shining in
The sky
Starry 1h
By day I am
I am surrounded by

By night I am
I am surrounded by stars
Of the Dippers

Then one night
The two mixed the butterflies
Replaced the stars
And the dippers
A butterfly

In lue of a star
Starry 1h
As I shopping for
A new set of baoding *****
In China town
I find the the oddest pair
One clear and white with yell and orange
flaming dots representing
The Big dipper
And blue one clear with white shiny dots
The Dipper
At night.
And so I buy.
Starry 2h
As I look up
Into in
Nights space
The Dippers
And glow
Brightly that
They reflect in my eyes
Starry 2h
It's partly cloudy
Yet not enough to hide
The great Dipper
As i go stargazing
And trick or treating
Ahhh multitasking
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