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Starry Sep 2019
Hill Morty MD
As we talk on imvu I can feel the desire you have for me for I am an empath. I can feel nothing but love or connection with you. What ever tries to ruin us only makes our love for eachother stronger.

Starry Sep 2019
Dearest Hill
I am writing this to you my love to prove my mom wrong... I there's is more then swearing that connects us. We have Kindred spirits who have simular experience and interests and goal. That and feel safe telling you my secrets.
Starry Sep 2019

read at your own risk

The dream
I had
Where I walked in
With only lab coat on
And langier
I see you
Where cleaning up
After an autopsy
I went up kissed
And pulled
Me closer to you
And take my
Lab coat off
Starry Sep 2019
Before you
Hill Morty MD
I was thinking to my self
To believe....
In true love
Starry Sep 2019
A friend of mine
One said
That "we are like mulder
And scully."
Now I pass that on to you
We are like
Mulder Scully
Though I was a skeptical
About romance
Instead of aliens.
Starry Sep 2019
This world is
Crowded with
But still we managed to find
Just as
I was going to
Lose my faith in
The male gender
There is you
Darling doctor.
Starry Sep 2019
It's getting colder
And colder outside
The leaves are changing
But with you
My darling
I am surrounded
By warmth
And love.
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