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Starry Sep 10
God is the ultimate
I can not creat something this cute
Or delecate
Swim fish swim.
Starry Sep 10
I am not acting
Like a jscksass
I am practing
My art for self defense
As there Is unsavory kind out there
I fight for a bright lense flare on the world
Starry Sep 9
The lightning
The sign
Of nature's furry
And distain for man kind
As it hit the building
Next to
The space needle
Starry Sep 9
The melting pizza
Noen sign
Seems to be hanging
On its own
As if
No gravity
Will it change colours
Starry Sep 9
The bodies of my love
And I are outlined in red
By the flickering
Red motel sign
We kiss in red
As if in a noir film
Starry Sep 9
As I hold
The roses
That my
Love gave me
And hold it up to
The milky-way
It turns into
Black rose
Romantic yet
Starry Sep 9
Is this a hight line
And order in jewelry
What the....
Starry Sep 9
As the sliver
Ove the moon
Over the city
You kiss me
under the moon
The experience
Just as beautiful
As the moon sliver.
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