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GQ James Dec 2020
Why hate on me when you can love on me,
The hate is getting deeper and deeper,
You don't wanna see me win,
Only happy when I'm down bad,
The way we treat one another is just sad,
We are brothers and sisters,
Let's make a friend instead being enemies.

It ain't gotta be so animosity between us,
Let's get along and not go to war,
Put the guns down and pick up the bible,
Homicides increasing,
Economy decreasing,
Let's create a new season.

The community bleeding,
Let's stop the bleeding,
Why your family starving and you eating,
Let's all eat and break break together,
Let's stand together,
Stop the separation.

It's a war zone out here in America,
We some animals in this jungle,
Caged in,
Locked up,
Throw the key away like we ain't humans,
We humans so let's stop acting animals,
We are better than the how the world see us.
Andrew Rueter May 2020
I found my call of duty
inside your warzone
after leaving my pressurized cabin
and dropping in randomly
I started collecting money and items as fast as I could
to match the competition’s capability.

Everyone’s an enemy, everyone is hostile
I fear them and the weapons they’ll use on me
barraging me with dragon’s breath shotgun blasts
to put me down quickly
or silently sniping from far away
so I can’t defend myself.

The only way I can survive is staying in your circle
which keeps moving away from me
so I sprint through the fields and forests
making my way through already looted homes
hoping no one takes advantage of my vulnerability
racing to your circle before I suffocate.

Once I finally get to your circle I realize it’s too small to hide in
because everyone is so close together
I must engage them before they attack me
but they all lay siege to the small shack I’m trapped in
lobbing grenades and firing at me
I can’t even poke my head out.

So I stay inside
donning my gas mask
letting the circle overtake them and pick them off one by one
as I wait inside anxiously worried someone may try to join me
but eventually they’re all gone and I’m the only one left
and in that moment I have achieved victory royale.
Starry Aug 2019
I am a prisoner of my head
For most of my life
Since being born
In a warzone
I want out
I seek help from professionals
None but ourselves
Can free our minds
Harsha Jun 2018
When I was in hostile environment training in Manchester
I picked up this butterfly pendent for you but never presented it
Because of your ludicrous inkling, that true friends should never exchange gifts;
When I first met you working at that coffee shop back home
I was trying to woo you by writing poetry but I failed and read them on my own;
When I was 20 occupied in Dubai I was rationalizing what adventures you might have ventured in to
While observing the city ***** ****** monoliths of sand cement and glass;
When I was stuck in an airport in Pakistan, I saw a humming bird and a blue plastic bag
Arbitrarily floating in the air, then thought of your indigo hair band
Which you use to wear, hopelessly on your left arm
When I was watching the Formula 1 back in Bahrain I watched the race cars firm pass
And wondered how our time together also expired just as fast;
When I was 23 - enduring in the war tore city of Baghdad
I meant to write but there was nothing stimulating
In that hell hole to write for your innocent soul to have ever grasped
Hence I held my silence steadfast
I spared you the misery when I failed to communicate the wounds I received in Ballad (a US Air force base in Iraq);
Then when I was in the ***** fields in the Kanoon province of  Afghanistan
I discovered that ****** is almost as intoxicating & addictive as you
When I was in a discotheque in New Castle, I saw a girl with a butterfly tattoo
Reminded me of how you spread your wings and flew away with someone more attuned to you
When I was in a seafood restaurant in Singapore, I ordered a Unagi sushi (I did not even eat it)
Only to induce the aroma of your favourite dish as it evoked the sweet memory of you
When I was in a 15 hour layover in Male sinking my feet in the sea sand
I simply wished that you were there with me holding my hand
When I was once stuck in the metro in London I allegedly meant to send a postcard
But got distracted by the fact that you were engaged to another hence it was excruciatingly hard
After a Coldplay concert ended in Liverpool I saw this little Irish lass
And thought how beautiful your children might take after your beautiful stance
When I was visiting a castle in Edinburgh oh! How I wished I have secured a castle for you
And how I should have said those 3 words more often than I ever moved around without you
I can hear them
Voices being raised
As each shell detonates
And I know I'll be
Walking in a field of landmines
For the next few days
As is always the case
Since I was eight
Each time my earplugs I grab
Drowning the sounds of the blasts
Shielding my memory form its shards
But only a while this could last
For a knife I brought to a gunfight
I was dragged
And the blasts over and over
Explode in my head
As my mind a war zone it became.

©Belema .S. Ekine
being doing a lot of wordchallenges lately. this poem is a 3 in 1 piece.
1 poem 3prompts- 1. shell 2. grenade 3. earplugs
Druzzayne Rika May 2017
All things were thrown
dishes were broken
paintings were destroyed
chairs were upside down
photographs were torn
hands were injured
walls had fists design
pillows were all feathers
this place was a warzone
power of passion of anger
nmo Mar 2017
Hell is this house.

Your phone calls
dropping at 4 am
like bomb blasts.

Your perfume,
like a refugee,
living between
my messy
bed sheets.

Your stuff,
strategically forgotten,
in every **** corner.

Each room a minefield.
Each drawer a thread.

I finally finish packing up the last boxes.
Load them in my car.
Close the front door.
Turn the engine on.
See you waving from the rear-view mirror.
thegirlwhowrites Feb 2017
Please don't log in here.
Our walls are our heart's war zones.
No casualties, please.
Arcassin B Sep 2016
By Arcassin Burnham

Never shy from the drama but I'd rather take the new pacifist
Guts and glory , not sorry for all the things that you've lost
When you deal without,
I'm so stuck up with changing people's point of views , it's a waste
Even in itself,
I got no room for people in the past that brought me hatred , you
Get no help,

             So tell me what's on your mind right now,
             Do you wanna run from home,
             You wanna be on your own,
             Escaping through warzones,
             Your dad left you alone,
             Is your pedestal so high for life to move on,
             So your thinking now that you're really fit for the throne,
             If anything....
I've recollected the bad memories and learned from everything I've
Been through,
There's no freedom , no courtesy and no light , every man wanna be
The best dude,
Saying what's on mind cause the fight will begin like the preparation
Of life,
I was lost but God found me in a sea of sins , time to make it right.
My head is a warzone in itself.
Sometimes there's no victors.
Sometimes there is.
I hate to convince myself that i must confide
A amoeba that's restricting me so i can abide
There's no true purpose in where i hide
And taking unnecessary sides
I just want something tasty on my side
Nothing too dazzling
But that's exactly how i describe myself
And i want to run it away
Not so it can come back another day
I tend to be vociferous
And it irritates me
Why can i have a mind that entices the thought and not berate it?
I feel disjointed, jaded
Far from elated
Somehow my reinforcements become instant vaporization
Nothing adds up to a stimulation
What was i put here for?
To quarrel, to entrench myself with misery?
I need something to distract
Keep me in humble tact
As a bee
But i don't want to sting
Or the frivolous bling
Why can't i figure it out?
Nobody can for me
As easy as that pleases the ear
I must adhere
To my own belligerent madness
And find some sanity in it
It's a unembellishing feeling.
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