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Marissa Apr 8
Oh Suzy, where do I begin?
We met only briefly and it’s sad that our time together was so thin
Our small conversation meant something to me
Even though there was a lack of mutual cooperation

“Vaccines,” you said “were the works of the devil”
“Brought no good to a world already full of evil”
I tried to persuade you, let you see the other side
But at the end of the day, you decided it was best if I was denied

“I’m still here, Suzy”
My thoughts are clear now
Life feels so beautiful that I can almost imagine I’m in a symphony
“There isn’t any vaccine that’ll get rid of me”

Suzy, I’m sorry, this was a losey for yousy
Suzy Berlinsky is nonetheless a role model.
Starry Aug 2019
Poor little Suzy
Going around calling people
Derogatory medical terms
For fun
Don't you know that
Makes more enemies
Than making more friends.
Beautify yourself with

— The End —