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Starry Aug 2019
Live life with love
Live life with joy
Live life without hatred
Be kind
For it will haunt you.
cesia Oct 2018
the darkness swallowing the light,
the walls coming close,
the eerie sounds filling the room.

the sweat running down his forehead,
the sun nowhere to be seen.
the loneliness,
creeping in.
and grabbing your neck,
from behind.

the pitch black soul,
losing everything.
his eyes slowly blurring as everythings starts
to fade.
and then…
he drops.

unknowingly controlling every single
and making everything go wrong.
the body is slowly dying
as the human brain gives up.
and the fear
***** in
your soul.

the body hitting the floor,
with the dead phone clutched tightly in his
the face
and filled with
for everyone out there struggling with anxiety, depression, cyber bullying, suicidal thoughts, and everything else--- please don't let the demons of darkness get to you like the poor boy here. keep holding on, and reaching for the light. I believe in you♡
Daisy Rae Feb 2018
You don’t make me sad
It’s those monsters in my head
That tell me hurtful rumors
About what one girl said

I listen and I wonder
How could someone say those things
When not a one is true
Yet look at the pain it brings

You don’t make me hate myself
It’s those words on that screen
The ones that say I’m *****
When I couldn’t be more clean

Cyber bullying is not a joke
Yet no one does a thing
They let it happen constantly
And I feel the pain that stings

You don’t make me give up on life
It’s the fists that give my bruises
I’m not strong enough for this life
My pain it bleeds and oozes

I tried to be brave
But this life just isn’t for me
I gave up on this life
And there’s no place I’d rather be

She was a lovely girl
Who cared so much for others
But the ones she cared for most
Are the ones that watched her suffer

Her bruises are visible
Her heart is broken in two
But no one did a thing
Because there was nothing we could do

Now the rumors are dead
The words are deleted from the screen
Her bruises are heeled up
And now she’s forever unseen
Rumors, cyber bullying, and physical harm can cause a person to have low self-esteem. Think before you speak and act. You never know the affect it will have on someone. Suicide is real and it’s hurting our society.
Rylie Lucas Dec 2017
Middle School
Full of friends and love
Hate and lust
Being thrown under the bus

Doing the right thing
Is harder than it sounds
Harder than it looks, too
Always wanting to be found

Rescued from the abyss
That feeds off of your sadness
That doesn’t know when to stop
That will make you collapse

Needing support
Wherever you can find it
Taking it from others
If it means peace

Life upside-down
Never know how
To turn your life over
That frown upside-down

So when you find peace
Wherever you find it
You never want to leave it
But sometimes you must

Coming back to resurface
After all the sadness
You see the world differently
Then you saw it before.

People can help
But sometimes they don’t
Sometimes they think their helping
But really they’re not

Don’t fall for the lies
The deceptions they place
To try and make you come with them
And do the wrong things

Because in the end, you’ll find
You never wanted to be with them
You just want to be you
And not just some hologram

Embrace who you are
And what you’ve gone through
No matter what it is
Walk up with open arms

Take what you have
And don’t worry about what you don’t
Because in the end, you’ll find
There’s nothing wrong with you

You’ve been through high times
And low ones, too
But no matter what had happened
You found your way through

Through the darkness, you emerged
Opening your eyes
To a new world of color
Without wearing a disguise

Learning who you are
Can change how you act
Change how you feel
Even change how you react

Because now you know
How to see in color
No longer in the darkness
World seeming brighter

Every day can be a good one
If you know how to live it
All you have to do
Is change how you see it
Writing a poem for my Passage Personal Statement. What do y'all think?
CC Oct 2017
The photos were leaked today
They were of a **** woman with brown skin
Love making as she stared straight into the lenses
I was showed by a man who did not know how to react once I had been shown
My reaction was not shock
I merely stated "That's baad"
I did not know how to react to the staunch cyber-bully who was sure he was doing himself a justice by being so open about his anger at the naked, brown, humiliated, naked, shamed, beautiful
I am shamed by his shaming
I am naked by his *******
I am beautiful by myself sometimes
Sometimes I take the tape off my camera and position it near my bloom
I am not alone in this activity and yet I feel alone in an intimate situation, feel less alone, in a private situation.
Sometimes I work it so that every part of my dark lips are shadowed and my fingers seem to work for a living rather than play
My body is not a string
It is a temple of dark things
It is a ossuary filled with the dust of former lives
It is not to be dangled for cats for play
It has no puppet hands
Or puppet face
It smiles because it sees you smile
And she frowns when she sees you laugh
It is alive
The misfortune you hope her body will bring her is shame
I hope it will bring other people enlightenment
The fault is not in her
The fault is in the malicious, villainous, caricature of man who is hallow and made of maddening bells
Every time you disturb him he rings in announcement "This lady I had once an intimate relationship and she abused me. Here is her punishment."
We are all cavernous tunnels with lights to shoot out of the pins and needles sensational feelings we do not desire this but we must desire to be freed from being owned by this
We all think we're exempted from shame until we are ashamed
There are no exemptions, only more bells
They ring, until background noise renders them obsolete to us
James Court May 2017

(meanwhile, on
earth) ... what
i do
about it?
Hailey Ngo Jul 2015
I look online
at this virtual world
we all live in today.
And I find a hidden war
that never seems to end.
Cruel words hidden as bombs.
Barbaric comments hidden as guns.
As I walk through this torn battlefield,
with blood spilled everywhere,
I find not a single page
with peace instead of war.
People seem to become so mean
just because it isn't face to face.
People turn into monsters,
monsters that bite and ****.
It's like people seem to think
their words have no impact,
their message is just a joke.
But this war on the Internet
is more real than before.
There are crying people,
bullied people,
who catch these bullets
that people have sent,
and decide that maybe life isn't worth living anymore.
There are wounded people,
wanting for just some love,
only to find hate and anger
written wherever they go
in this Internet war today.
This war may be virtual,
but it's real and alive
even as we speak.
Some people wonder why
suicides are so often.
Some people wonder why
teens are becoming so depressed.
All they have to do is open
their computer and their minds
to this Internet war we have today.
Lottie Feb 2015
Hello and welcome to the internet,
Where everyone is brave enough
To say what a face wouldn't,
Because looking into tears,
Makes it much harder to hate,
But a glaring screen and autocorrect,
Gives you cowardice coated in bravery.
Just a thought, everyone goes on about how its easier to tell someone they're loved if you can't actually see them but we tend to forget that the anonimity of the internet that makes people 'brave' enough to say the horrible things, even though the result is always the same. Misery.
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