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Starry Aug 2019
Trick or treating in tokyo
Better watch out for
Them yakuzas
As you enjoy collecting Canda
And go for a relaxing
Walk in the night.
I know that Japan doesn't have alloween... It's artistic liscence.
Masha Yurkevich Apr 2019
Every time when you
my heart breaks.
Every time when you talk
about leaving,
I think it's because of my mistakes.
Every time that you
hurt me,
I try to hide the scars and make them fake.
Please don't do this to me...
Poetic T Feb 2019
We degrade our planet
     treating it like a stripper.

             Paying for every layer removed.
Putting worthless paper
in our last breaths.

And when she is peeled,
we will see the failure
of our desires..

As we will be but a faint layer
on her.

Why did we think she
wanted to be used like this.
As we paid the last price
Masha Yurkevich Jan 2019
It pains me
to see
someone being treated
so poorly.
should be treated even.
After all,
everyone has an opinion.
has feelings and
has the right to keep on dreaming.
Farhan Ahmed Dec 2018
I speak to myself to get an agreement, to hear what I wish to, things I dont understand..
But I never wrote letters
Never texted
Never blinded

I did try to hug myself
I did try to comfort
I did slap hard and stared at my response in the mirror..

I did hit the wall and whispered it hurts...

I did think I could, I would and I should die..
But I did love me, myself and I
Julia Mae May 2017
i taught you
that it is okay to treat me badly
because i always
accepted and accepted it
hoping it wouldn't happen again
but that was just showing you
that you can do it
again and again
until there was nothing left of me
and i hated
for teaching you to treat me
like i was nothing
Nox Feb 2017
You would hate me if I were like you,

making scars deeper than oceans.

Treating me like I never knew,

with no regard of my emotions.
Echoes Of A Mind Mar 2016
You might see me as a stranger
But I won't stop seeing you
As a friend...

I'll still offer you a hand
If you ever ask for help
I'll still care about you
Though you treat me like air
And I'll smile at you
Though you won't smile back at me...

Your back might be turned against me
And you might give me the cold shoulder
But once a friend of me
Means always a friend of me
And that's a rule
After which I live...

So keep treating me cold
I don't really care
But you can't stop me from worrying
About the people I hold dear
And yes, even after all this mess
You're still one of the people
Which I care about...

So though we might be back
At being strangers
And though we have hurt each other
And that bridges have been burned
Then I won't try
To treat you differently...
I don't know what to say about this poem...
svdgrl Jan 2015
You fear
that someone might love me better-
and        that's        why        you're        scare­d        of        everyone.
I don't see much in you anymore and the less love you give, the more I realize you're just an ******* not worth my time.
Kagami Jul 2014
I am not a worthless *****.
Stop treating me like one.

I am not an unsuccessful, lazy person.
Stop treating me like one.

I am not a snotty *****.
Stop treating me like one.

I am not a stupid know-it-all.
Stop treating me like one.
Just let me die already. im sick of everything.

— The End —