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As I stare out
unable to spot out
a light,
a spark,
or a sun
on this starless night
as I start to feel
the numb,
arive and take control
of my insipid body,
I wish.
An act I stopped practising ages ago.
I wish that I could paint
a moon
and splash some
on the dead sky
outside my glass window,
and stare at it.

-A fake reason to hope-

I can fathom the black into shades of white and grey
but I can't fathom myself.
Jonas ernest May 12
abstract esoteric line
like a crescent moon bleating in shrouded light
the warm kiss
evaporates on fluttering moons
I hold you close, and whisper secrets to your scars
so long
this was a poem about something that happened to me, its really deep and your welcome
Cherokee Proverb
loose translation/interpretation by Michael R. Burch

Before you judge
a man for his sins
be sure to trudge
many moons in his moccasins.

Originally published by The HyperTexts
hazem al jaber Sep 2019
Moon's eyes ...

i wish you could look into my eyes ...

to see what i hold and sit inside ...

it's your moon's eyes ...

it's your face inside always there ...

it's your face inlaid within your eyes ...

i wish you could know ...

about the one who always swims within mine ....

swim and dacing between my eyes ...

and singing a poetic whispers to my mind  ...

breathing a warm breathes to my hung ...

giving the sweet melody with every beat to my heart ...

and a happiness to my soul wherever you are ...

while no one could be there ...

only through only you ...

i wish you could know ...

the one whom i hold into my eyes ...

the one whom i talk about ...

it's you my sweetheart ...

it's your moon's eyes ...

come and look so deeply into my eyes ...

to see yourself my sweetheart ...

hazem al ....
Joyce Joadiyce Aug 2019
Way far
The stars
A Martians star-lighting

You may share my poems
Copyright 2019 Joyce Joadiyce
Starry Aug 2019
As the sun sets
I find that
There emerges
Two different moons
In the blueish
Pink sky
hannah in spring Jul 2019
I'm not sure when
I flew
At first
A simple night
Dark with
Starry skies
I rose up
From the hole in the earth
Birthed by the ground
A child of nature
Sent up into
Continuation of my weird meditation. I'm not sure when this will end.
m h John Jun 2019
day by day
i lie awake,  
sometimes i pray
for a day where you and i
could reconcile
and everything could be okay
and we wouldn’t be stuck
in this black hole
with no moons and no stars.
i know god can hear me
yelling and screaming
asking for peace,
but how could my peace increase
when my peace no longer lives
within me
peace lives within
Alicia Moore May 2019
Space is peaceful.
In space you can float amongst unknown stars.
But, in space, you stand as the open-minded Mars as I, however, caress the dust that are the no longer shining stars.
As another star bursts, so does a small fragment of me.
Though, little by little I wonder closer to your atmosphere.
Eventually, your atmosphere envelopes me.
An attraction develops and now I stand proudly beside the open-minded Mars.
I stand with a purpose and with every fragment lost, now found.
I now shadow you, as the open-minded Deimos; trapped in the warm embrace of your atmosphere.
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