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theladyeve Apr 2022
i dream of oceans and half moons;
lips against my ear, whispering empty promises;
hidden power dripping between the scars;
forever tattooed on my body;

in the end, i sigh as i finally, finally fully bloom;
no longer a mystery.
CIN Mar 2022
I'd like to say i'm doing better
That i'm being productive or feeling good
But mostly i just feel tired
And think about seeing them again
I had a dream about them last night
I decided one day to just fly out and visit them
Seeing them again was surreal
Like eating after starving for days
Or breathing after choking for so long
We embraced and i felt my heart stutter
My smile bright like moons
And for a while i was drunk on their presence
Wanting to only be with them
And thus spurred a realization within me
I love them
More than anything i love them
Platonic, romantic, neither
It doesn't matter
I love them
This is all i know
this must be more than just care
Raven Feels Jun 2021
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, an old draft from last week:>

is there really a future for this misery
a new page that heroes the plot as a decent start over apology

craves distance and knows that would be known
angel like plastic sensations to the dawn

kept on stove to be loathed into a tomorrow
for the heart to yearn for the mind to dwell for the feels to borrow

midnight skies not even there not been predicted
lulled on the moons they say so I stay anonymously protected

Raven Feels Apr 2021
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, waste before you taste cries:\

holding me this way      

     never thought id never wanna leave

Raven Feels Apr 2021
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, life is a bliss in hell:}

your letters

spits I never want to breathe forever

knuckles you shoved into my back again never

but things may trail things may leave may dust

aiming for the swoons in my appeals an everlasting lust

skies upon the blues and the purples they stain

dances on seven hells of moons to remain

notes on ears on papers in the awake

heart and soul bared no more here at a paling so called stake

brushes braided in the befores

on this night

on this day

Raven Feels Apr 2021
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, colors are the reason we're alive---at least for me;>

purple purple

in my mind forced hurdled

been scraped on my timeline

been worn on my curves fine

yes the archer in the water associated

stupid but for the imagination to retake it

on those eyes that looked into my defenses

affection in the caresses

of my defined tenses

rather than that of the skies illuminated on beach

or hairs on backs so hard to bleach

now I see clearly

nothing but the signs that come freely

butterflies that I hate secret narrows

walls already painted threatening arrows

already loving for them hollows

                                                     ­                                 -------ravenfeels
Raven Feels Apr 2021
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, our reality is covering the stashes of our unrealistic fantasies:}

take me away wherever you say

I am prone to your plead and dismay

hold me tight under the bright

just where we are undercover out of the hideous sights

pull me another and linger on me and my covers

for what will you deprive me of your taste of winters

and your shine of summers

Raven Feels Apr 2021
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, just random stuff to share from my notes:>

                            twinkle twinkle in my head

                           a fairy tumbling into my bed

                      on a quest to the escape trips the feet

                     laughter spread wide on the concrete

                                hidden from the unseen

                              yet for the magic to appear

                             a glisten from afar not near

                                  holds before the gone

                        before the adventure or the run

                         silenced on trickles of embraces

              tattooed to the lips in drips from those chases

           unfunded to the dimples of the backs of the faces

                             to a welcoming of a nation

                            a whole new legacy a creation

            symphonies to my ears an incredulous fascination

                I rather the harmonious dancing pleasantries

                  that bring the chaos and back the pastries

                                  not of cakes not of candy

                                           of memories

                                     in a twist in a frown

                       the enchantment betrays and drowns

                      the lover into a fictional immortality

                           the kind that sweeps from reality

   to the hands of seconds on the visual symbols of conspiracy

                                      flustered by snow

                     into margins drunk on the laws of penalty

                       and the encounters of past familiarity

                      hums into the heights smoothed frights

                                     bet you a comeback

                                      in the final scene

                        the again everlasting so called calamity

                        not even knowing the costs or the price

                               hence on the steps they wise

                               an adornment so pure so nice

                                       simple for a ball

                                       unique for a fall

                                       on the toilet wall

                                    and the myth in the hall


                                                               ­                   -----ravenfeels
Anais Vionet Dec 2020
She knew she wasn't the
first shy girl conned beneath
a scintillant moon.

Why do boys lie so
- inveigling fabrications
- hoping to impress?

Why interlace fibs,
when, from first sight, she had longed
for his carnal lips?

Now doubts danced - as if
evil spirits were called and
asked to watch, and gloat.

"I can't talk to you
again," she said, "after all
- you’re a stranger."

She doubted he cared
- she doubted everything, like
she had a soiled heart.
What's worse than finding out you've been lied to - tricked?
Jay earnest May 2020
abstract esoteric line
like a crescent moon bleating in shrouded light
the warm kiss
evaporates on fluttering moons
I hold you close, and whisper secrets to your scars
so long
this was a poem about something that happened to me, its really deep and your welcome
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