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Marília Galvão Mar 2015
Now I ask you to join me
Now you celebrate
Not being me. Not being you
Only Us for the great



Some steps I will take
Be my guest
Pull your anchor
Out of the lake

In the room
In the building
In the crowded city
In the country with thousands of cities
The country shares the continent with an enemy nation
The two rivals are carried round and round by the Earth's endless rotation
The Earth obeys the master’s magnetic line, burning since uncountable clock time
The sun is blind to his insignificance too, ignoring billions of other star mates, it can’t see through
Immeasurable it seems, magnifying! All of them such tiny little parts in one of Miss Milky’s arms
Some light years away there they are: Pinwheel, Cartwheel, Black Eye, Andromeda and Cigar
Unmeasurable it seems, humongous! All of them such a fading little part of the cosmos

There you are
Floating from a distance
Feel the empty ground
Drink from the fountain of existence

Still blind to insignificance?
Still convinced about the rightness of imposed beliefs?
Still judging others’ defects according to our pretentious and vain mind?
Still punching away the different, protecting the mold?
Still reinforcing illusory antagonism and insignia?
Still seeing only two sides?
Still holding to the pride?

In the ******* room

Am I? Are you?
Let's try it again
“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness." Mark Twain
Jordan Ang Jul 2017
astrophysicists have a thing with black holes
that mass, their chalked out event horizons.
i always thought i could be an astrophysicist
i could peer through my telescope
equations would litter my chalkboard
i would map the celestial bodies and
black holes.
i think i am an astrophysicist.
every day i peer through my telescope
lenses millimeters thick
i sit anywhere
equations litter my head, my parchment
the black holes are strangely visible with
my telescope, the pair of them
they beckon at me
i can feel the gravitational pull
no, you're not fat
but your pull tugs at me, my strings
so does my vision that naturally gravitates towards them
i think i will publish my findings soon.
i think i am an astrophysicist.
aurora kastanias Jun 2017
Come with me, I’ll show you where
The wonders sparkle beguiling blessings
Arousing perceptions of gratitude innate
To heedless humans in lack of deceptions.

Irrefutable eternal verities unfolding
Elegantly before disallowing eyes
On the expanding canvas made of space
Moulding elements of plasmatic grace.

Wind back the hands of time with me to witness
The emergence of the first and most abundant substance,
Hydrogen out of recombination epoch
Finely orchestrated by physical laws to form and fuse in stars.

Stellar nucleosynthesis where nuclear reactions
Are boons in disguise for new combinations
To bear lithium, carbon, neon, oxygen, iron,
The entirety of the essentials on the periodic table.

Indulge with me in the mesmerising marvel
Of watching those incandescent stars go supernova,
Their shock wave thrusting silver and golden nuggets
Throughout infinity creating planets.

Now return to Earth with me and look around,
At the stars’ debris under your feet, feel the ground.
Take this glass of water, a cocktail of hydrogen
And oxygen, breath in! Gaze at all that exists.

Stare at yourself, made of trillions of cells,
Nourish the awareness that you are part
Of the bewildering opus yearning for you
To live your life and honour with consciousness

The wonders sparkling beguiling blessings.
aurora kastanias Jun 2017
Though some believed that just as beauty
Space was in the eye of the beholder,
An abstract justification for human experience
Of matter and its motion,

An ancient thinker, by history called the Great,
Asserted with conviction, it simply did not exist.
Nothing was not a concept of nature
Abhorring vacuum, and all agreed.

As nothing came from nothing,
Nothing couldn’t be. Empty space
Out of consciousness’ reach.

Deprived of objects it had no purpose,
For what would its purpose be
If not that of being a place
To contain all that exists?

The mind puzzling game concocted
If space could exist independently of matter
Matter could not exist independently of space,
For where would it be?

So came another thinker questioning
‘Is space something rather than nothing?’
As indeed deprived of the object, undeniably
The place de facto would still exist.

Time passing by replaced thinkers with scientists,
Defining its nature for it to be infinite and absolute,
Existing independently of objects and the mind of the observer,
Observing its balancing force, counteracting that of gravity,

To keep things apart. Dark energy, Energy of space.

Now searching for particles to fill in the voids
To justify the dynamic and expanding quality
Of a Universe which might as well
Be a plenum.

Retracing back the steps to initial perceptions
Of inexistent space for a Cosmos filled
With fundamental particles elegantly orchestrating
The motion of all that ever was, is and will be.

All that exists, a plenum of energy.
Galaxias is greek for milky
Your skin is Galaxias
It is the root word of galaxy
I drink milk because it tastes like space

Twentieth-century american theoretical physicist john archibald wheeler summed up einstein's general theory of reletivity as, "matter tells space how to curve; space tells matter how to move".

I guess you are space
and I am matter.
I tell you how to curve
and you tell me how to move on.
I cannot kiss your forehead,
Until the mass of my love
Satisfies your Gravity...
Neen Jan 2017
You: A nebula.
Vast and far-reaching.
Ionized gasses, pink and blue
An ode to passion, and depth.
You. Are. Unfathomable.
Nestled in your tendrils,
A cosmic safe harbor,
I am born a star.
Consuming your words like hydrogen,
I shine bright,
Radiating warmth into the cosmos.
David Proffitt Oct 2016
Twist ye not the tendrils of time
frame dragging by any other name
black holes ergosphere sublimes
pulls spacetime to its slow down game

Those clocks and our clocks not the same
Time's vector smeared along its timeline
speeds along its X axis game
Remains longer on its own line rhyme

Then around and around she goes
For this clock so smitten runs so slow
And where the hands stop nobody knows
Spacetime's drill bit twisted so

This black silken dress of spacetime
Wrapped around this gravity vortex
Twisted infinity sublimes
on the singularities’ cortex

Redshifts starlight to infinity
Photons below values of C
Their orange trails of light I see
These curved, stretched, these twisted banshees

Frozen in space these tendrils of time
My heart beats on ever so slow
This time signature of space aligns
reality to its ***** clocks of woe

In front of me coasting along
a singular photon it’s brilliance
flitting like a firefly’s lonely song
wave-like in its own resilience

This photonic duplicity
particle now and a wave the next
surrenders its reciprocity
to this block of spacetime so vexed

Such are the tendrils of time here
to the black holes seductive embrace
These time signatures skewed so *****
From the Dark Mother’s fingers trace

As she smiles at me saying:
“Oh my beautiful child of wonder”
“Blessed be your love and curiosity”
“Of all my spells that you fall under”
“To you all of my precocity”

“So I bless thee and thy lady “Star”
“Your undaunting love of Michele
“Shines on in O Class from thee so far”
“I release thee from this spacetime spell”

These tendrils of time wound round
These whirlpools in space
These wonders of space found
In Michele’s beautiful face.

Dave Proffitt
3:01 PM
how frame dragging from a black hole affects spacetime and time itself.
David Proffitt Oct 2016
Doppler shift frequency is equal to the change in velocity
Of the source divided by its velocity, times the observed velocity
And in electromagnetic radiation has a different name
Of  Redshift or blueshift coming or going its all the same

Redshifts , blueshifts answer to the letter “z”
And others in wavelengths too short to see
And so the universe is flying apart
Doing nothing more than its preordained part

Gets a boost from dark energy  and dark matter
Whose high energy photons scatter
And sometimes back to us and some we never see
Running away from us whose sight can never be

For there is a light barrier at 4906
Whose distance holds photons just for kicks
Four thousand nine hundred and six
Mega parsecs sticks

Light from ever reaching you and me
It’s sixteen billion light-years you see
And the galaxies redshifted past Z<=1.4
Are faster than the speed of light forevermore

Just beaming towards us caught in a cosmological undertow
That pulls it ever-on towards infinity whose celestial wind blows
It till the very essence of time standing still
And the stars all wink out and energy becomes nil

Dave Proffitt
4:58 PM
We have all been told that faster than light speeds are not possible that mass become infinite as the speed  increases. This is a relative term. It just depends upon the place the two events occur. There are galaxies that are redshifting with "Z" factors exceeding Z=1.4 This recession is faster than light.
Paul Butters Jul 2016
“Nothing” is so hard to imagine,
For even empty space is something.
Nothing means “no thing”,
Which means it cannot exist
Without Existence.

There must be Something
For there to be a Nothing.
And then we have the anomaly
Of sub-atomic particles
Winking in and out of existence:
Something then nothing then something then…

We are partly made of such particles,
So we too are winking……

The wonder of it all, of course,
Is that I sit here
Scratching my head about “Nothing”,
A sentient being trying to make sense
Of the miracle that is Life.

Paul Butters
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