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Who can get out the charm

the belle of the chilled

glacial waters of heavenly sapphire

love dipped, sanctity filled


I sat beside them

which impervious to express

like the occult hallucinations of one

compelled me to sob

To cry beside the waters

not on my sins

but on my known viles.
Mansarovar feelings
Dinesh Padisetti Sep 2019
For days I wandered
In the mountains green, white & brown
Drinking from cold water streams
Eating berries & watching slugs
Sharing my tent with people from strange lands
Walking steep trails & lighting camp fires
Walking with sun & gazing at snow mountains
Sadly I walk down from heaven
Back to humanity all alone
Wondering what I found in nature
That I couldn't find in people
Starry Aug 2019
As an ice River flower
The locals
Say it was from the gods
And goddesses
Of the Himalayan
For each peak
Is the home of either.
So when you see a river
Think where it came from
Starry Aug 2019
In lue of a sun
The rises in a triangle
A piece of fruit
Over the simu Himalayas
The day
The best time
For pictures.
Starry Aug 2019
I was there when
We All saw the
UFO float over Mount Everest
All of us where
Shazed and amazed
As we pointed it out
To eachother.
It disappears.
Ruch Jan 2019
I found the sky beneath my horizon
I flew to the plains majestic and vast
I rang the bells of the god in the mountains
I breathed the air of the valley enchanting
I saw the wanderers throught their quest and thirst
I saw the men fall for the valleys at dusk
Ive seen the love that grows beneath the trees
Like the shadowed cloud on a monsoon eve
I felt the drench and the drops so hard
And the mother river flowing very deep and far
I had no doubts And I also believed
I was still curious I was still keen
I had to wander I had to dream!!
Snehith Kumbla Jan 2018
you are like the
great mountain
in my heart,

distant, elusive
in a snowstorm,
melting, gushing,
a stream apart,


melancholic among
snail glide clouds,
fading ****** of
the shepherd's call,

you are like the
great mountain
in my heart...
Mark Wanless Nov 2017
"Wet Man"

Wet man walking in the clouds
In the Himalayas dripping nectar
Of the gods upon all equally
Monkeys and monks travel purposefully
To buddhahood
One compassionate moment at a time
Who arrives first?
The answer is nearer when
We see the question as
Indian Hippie Jun 2017
the Himalayas rise
there is snow on the peaks
I watch it from my bed
I gaze and gaze at it
in the morning
as a little village girl goes by
sniffling with cold
I too am cold
it is chilly here in Tosh in May
but a young Israeli boy
took off his shirt
and stood on the fencepost of the guesthouse dancing
down was the deep green valley
all of us watched in admiration
the next day I went down to the waterfall
which from here is a beautiful whisper in the air
there are donkeys and a path
and pretty houses on the other side of the valley
and everywhere there are people smoking hash and relaxing
in the cafes and the guesthouses
it is almost like a pilgrimage smokers keep coming
and sit around smoking talking
I pull down my woollen cap my arms and back
feel the chill despite a thick sweater
despite a blanket and a four inch thick quilt
I roll my joints and smoke them alone
sometimes smoke them with others
I look at the hills and the valleys and the wooden houses
I look at the white peaks glowing in the sun
and talk about CCR and stained glass art with Michael from Norfolk
who’s going down the valley to another village for a party tonight
with his young Spanish friend
I talk about Bombay with Puneet and Manya from Kanpur
who’ve come here on a Bullet
Hash Heaven Manya says reading my mind as the joint passes on
to the four engineering interns from Delhi
and all the time I sip on ginger lemon honey
for my sore throat until on the last day it disappears
unlike the young Israeli girl’s pink laptop in a pink cover
found by the part time caretaker in the garden on a pink chair
she left behind last night because it was too dark
come again the guesthouse boys say to me as I pay them
what a scene I think how cool as I begin to leave the village
down the dung-clotted stone steps nodding to the smokers coming in.
Tosh is a small mountain village producing great hashish in Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh. I dedicate this poem to the village, its people who run a great show and all the hash smokers who flock there. Bom Shankar!
Gaye Feb 2016
My shoe bit my skin
He pulled me up
We walked the snow
Singing; foot on foot.

The home out of sight
He hardly felt his lungs
But we wanted to be home
And read My Brother Jack.

He plucked a cloud
Whispered a wish
Drew a diabolic smile,
"Some other day"
Gar firdaus, ruhe zamin ast , Haminastu, haminastu
Meri jaan rooh dil se ba-basht, Haminastu, haminastu

I've used lines from this poem to create another poem which will not be published in Hello Poetry.
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