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Do I consider myself a heathen?
What is the definition of a heathen?

A friend?
A Loved One
Or Enemy?

We are One!
All my friends are heathen. S take it slow
Michael Marro Dec 2019
Firelight, fire bright,
  Brilliant glow of Love's true might.
Warm her heart, give her sight,
  Let her dream of me tonight.
Be my mate, together by fate,
  Come to me, end this wait.
My true devotion you will have,
  This I promise to the stars.
Our lives together, as if as one,
  Then all happiness shall be ours.

- So mote it be.
Was asked to come up with this by some friends a little over a year ago.
I hope it worked better for them than it did for me! ;-)
Sydney Nov 2019
Purple, shiny with edges, nooks, and crannies
Light bounces off and dances along the walls
Mitch Prax Sep 2019
The witch of the woods
makes a home in my heart and
conjures her magic

4:06 PM
Starry Aug 2019
A Wiccan woman
At her witch ball
And off to space
As she contemplates life
fray narte Aug 2019
we do not
burn down
with the fire —
we become it.
fray narte Aug 2019
the world will go down the same way it tried to hurt her —
through fire
and she will dance
in the debris.
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