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Oct 2015 · 828
Nandini Oct 2015
Lead me to the sun ...
Where the Crimson mist lies
May 2015 · 6.6k
Lighted windows
Nandini May 2015
When your palms melted into mine
I etched new lines
Leaving behind every sign
While distances grew in the darkest light
Look for the signs like secret written on lighted windows
It would  be so easy if we could write our secrets on each other's palms
May 2015 · 6.2k
Nandini May 2015
You left ...
And you left behind your silences.
Baby your silences I was reading
Some were grey skies waiting to pour ,
While some were raging storms
And your echoes thundered
I could read him only when I read his silences
May 2015 · 809
Nandini May 2015
She torched my dark skies
flaming smiles
Coloured rainbows
She dips me into
For My dog " princess " ... I luv her
Apr 2015 · 2.7k
Nandini Apr 2015
You can't see,
as I wouldn't show.
It's an art colouring,
with hidden secrets,
you are the one with the secret soul.
The false veil is taken.
Lighted secrets cast the darkest shadows....
Apr 2015 · 1.4k
Nandini Apr 2015
Sands clutched within palms,
now my oasis.
The Oceans share my destiny
I aspire for the sands to see the Oceans!!!
Apr 2015 · 5.2k
blue mountains
Nandini Apr 2015
In the heart of blue mountains
lies a star,
robbed of starlight.
Rises he with the faintest spark
between suns and moons,
he will be bright.
In pristine blue dwells he.
Stand before the sun comes,
beyond the horizons, he will be seen
In the heart of the blue mountains.
So many stars lost in infinity ....
Apr 2015 · 1.7k
I want to Dance...
Nandini Apr 2015
I want to dance, the dance
Of raindrops
Cavernous steps I'd put along,
in smoked hues of grey,
in clouded cotton.

Melting suns sublimed
o'er dew dropped leaves.
Romantic ballads
on every poets page,
passionate rain and fiery sun staged.

I want to dance, the dance
Of raindrops
While you play harmony,
on the harp.
Once like the wind played,
in my chestnut hair.
The tiptoe of the rain,
bringing childhood memories
of fresh mud alive.

I want to dance, the dance
Of raindrops
The solo they perform in cackles,
of the child nextdoor.
I remember the parched streets,
the thirst song of the kuckoo,
lips dry without you my love.

Oh! How I wish,
I could dance, the dance,
the raindrops danced.
To quench that thirst of rhythm,
My beloved I want to dance.
Dancing in the rain to quench the souls thirst ,
a drop of peace everywhere!!
Apr 2015 · 2.3k
Mild sun
Nandini Apr 2015
Fished the mild sun from the pond
In waters soothing let my legs float
The ripples gurgled
Soaking slowly the air tender

Floating phrases I sent with rays and ripples,
Sending away boats of sorrows
Bringing back harmony in days that dribble
When fished the mild sun
From the pond
Let go of sorrow to begin again anew
Apr 2015 · 887
Moon sketches
Nandini Apr 2015
Lay low sunshine
Carried on shoulders
Songbirds nestle
Wings lay asleep
Nights scent settled
O'er petals of dew
Sepia mosaics
Create streetlights
Wind whistles
My sheets giggle
Stars draw dim
The moon sketches dreams
In broken slumber he seems
Sweet sleep is rare
Sun has bid adieu
Apr 2015 · 2.5k
Misty morning
Nandini Apr 2015
Misty breeze
Hair speaks tongues
Crimson gold
Soaked soulful dandelions
Nature lives beauty* !!
New dawn the purest of the lights
Nandini Mar 2015
Yet he slumbers
In the unborn air

O'er the snow mountains
Where he gazes upon heavens

Sleeps the universe
With his half eyed gaze

Trance he brings
Rattling drums with **** and ashes

Rhythmic dance resonates
Between the infinite and finite

The hooded serpent is the charmer
Still in his masters matted locks
Where the Ganga flows in icy waters

Futile attempts have made many
To awaken the hermit
Slumbering in conscious infinity

He is the god
Whom the goddess shall awaken

Names he has many

Holding the poison blue in his throat
He's called Neelkantha

The angry God he becomes Rudra

In worldly affairs he assumes
The title Shankara

He's the God whom the Goddess shall awaken
He is Shiva
Mar 2015 · 2.2k
Darkest skies
Nandini Mar 2015
Arc of light that lit your tears,
couldn't  lighten the darkest of your eyes.

Last night it shone in the skies,
the same arc with the purest light.

My riddled mind failed to read,
the arc was nothing but the moon itself,

because darker than the skies ,
he found your eyes with darkest skies
Was just thinking could the moon be captured into a tear ... maybe !!!
:)  .....15/03/2015
Mar 2015 · 2.7k
Nandini Mar 2015
The pen has swallowed death,
needs magic to breath life into words.
The night sky holds the hidden,
so is poetry to ink...
hope the stars twinkle again ,
to send some magic mingled with the rain*....
writing after a long time feels like the magic is lost ... hope i get it back on HP again....*smiles*!!!
Dec 2014 · 6.3k
Nandini Dec 2014
Skies held in my palms ,
Filled my eyes with the blue ,
The sound of nature echoed .
The wind is the secret ......
........ !!!!
Oct 2014 · 1.2k
Nandini Oct 2014
I went to the waves ,
And my sorrows came crashing
There is a calmness at the sea you want to borrow , if I could with every wave I wash away the sorrow .
Oct 2014 · 567
Nandini Oct 2014
Every poet has a reason
Poetry he crafts
Healing in the hearts prison.

Every poet has a reason
Carefully he colours
His souls grey canvas.

Every poet has a reason
In his minds Infiniti
He sees every season.

Every poet has a reason
His hopes are his ink
Shattered on a paper

Every poet has a reason
Burdens he pens
That can't be told*

Every poet has reason
For Beauty of poetry
Is what he admires
Every reason has a reason to make a person write ....
Oct 2014 · 18.7k
Nandini Oct 2014
You eclipsed me like my moons,
In melted darkness I lie.
Suns gave away sheer,
My  lights gold you stole,
In Satined darkness,
your eclipse holds.

You eclipsed me like my moons,
Silver love you shined.
Cold whispers on curtains lingered,
Dusk you bring unto my eyes,
Here you eclipse,
in silence I sigh!

You eclipsed me like my moons,
I smell lilies bloom on my sheets.
Lifting the eclipse you,
You rise to leave,
Promising new suns you would,
again set in my eyes....

You eclipsed me like my moons*....
Spending thousand suns and moons ,
Lay worthless to your one sight!
Oct 2014 · 975
i see you ..
Nandini Oct 2014
I drink you with my eyes ,
You run into my veins ,
Like adrenaline rush .
My thoughts are louder ,
I whisper to my heart...hush!

I see you ,
Like fresh perfume,
You linger in my breath .
You finally appear here,
On my paper until death...

I see you*.
I hold you in my eyes though I can't be with you ...
Oct 2014 · 9.2k
love and lust
Nandini Oct 2014
love is most healing
Until it's not lust
Oct 2014 · 433
Nandini Oct 2014
Battered, bruised but not bent
My pens crushed, but not broken
Inks meek but hasn't lost its colour
Tears fall, sorrow seeps into my paper
Fingers don't dare to write
But words are my brains nerves
And in my blood run letters
You can hold storms
But can't incarcerate my lines
Don't lose hope .......poetry is life
never lose hope .... Life never stops living !
Oct 2014 · 1.5k
Nandini Oct 2014
Let me weave signs of love to you
For I want to dive into
Those glistening dark pools , your eyes
Where light dances

I lay words on your lips I want to read forever
For I smeared my prayer beads
with your name
Alas I weaved signs , signs of my love

Making you my dua while I bowed to the One
For I wish for your name to be mine
As you weave my signs back** ....
This is all I did helplessly .... Coz finally I knew " love is powerful tenderness which becomes at times almost in supportable" ....
Dua : plea , prayer
Sep 2014 · 3.2k
Nandini Sep 2014
There are poetic whispers
in your kohl rimmed eyes.
I"m always washed away on their shores
we kept looking at each other to let our eyes whisper secrets....
Sep 2014 · 12.2k
borrowed wings
Nandini Sep 2014
I borrowed wings ,
from the very wild unknown breeze.
im on adventures runway
taking off !!!
few lines i wrote while on my flight to Kashmir... before the flood ...dated 28/8/14'
Sep 2014 · 884
Nandini Sep 2014
Lagoons slumbered in your eyes
Had to be let loose
Soaking my canvas
In the palette of those pools
Aug 2014 · 1.3k
Fight till the end
Nandini Aug 2014
I want to fight till the end
Till I'm destroyed
My hopes would die
When the words and poetry wither
away from my books
Like the tree loses it's leaves ....
Here's where my mind and my heart  argue miserably ...
Aug 2014 · 2.3k
Nandini Aug 2014
Windmills of the shadows
Turn by turn they dance
Past the lost fragrance
Future is the mystic in trance
Today is the sun you hold
Hold it high to sparkle then
the shadows have no chance
The past is cold , future unborn in the mould , today is what you hold !!
Aug 2014 · 9.0k
Stranger ...
Nandini Aug 2014
Stranger I have roads in my eyes ,
The cement lies wet in solitude
Your footprints it waits to imprint

I robbed the sun from the world
In my eyes the sunflowers turn to him

On the sides I planted
Honeydew and daffodils
Their fragrance bids goodbye
to linger on my window sills

Come stranger visit them someday
While you resist your world to be on my way
Some lines I spilled thinking about the strange times ...
Aug 2014 · 1.2k
Nandini Aug 2014
Your my prayer
Rain Gods set you free
I soak you into the soul
I wish you were like the rain , let loose into my soul
Aug 2014 · 1.3k
Read me ... Miss me !
Nandini Aug 2014
Read me in the stars
When you miss me
I'll be there always when
Sadness hovers you're out of glee
Just look above and I'll be**....
Read me when you miss me ...
Distances weaken relationships , so let not the word part you ...
Aug 2014 · 9.9k
Nandini Aug 2014
Standing in the rains
Broken skies , Heavens unleashed
Sadness of the soul washes away
I'm standing in the rain it's very peaceful here
Aug 2014 · 1.2k
Fire in the moon
Nandini Aug 2014
Once I saw fire in the moon
On the raw night bout to ripen
As she sits on the great walls of night
Singing lullabies to the worldly kin
As I said I saw the fire
A ruby that rested in pride on her *****
As she wore the star lights midnight robe
Once I saw fire in the moon
How would the moon look ?
Aug 2014 · 4.8k
Nandini Aug 2014
Reality masters many faces
Which mask do you wear ??
Aug 2014 · 531
The dreamers
Nandini Aug 2014
Painting dreams neath fallen curtains of eyes
Vague colours blended ,
desires foods for dreamers
Desires birth dreams !!
Aug 2014 · 861
Poetry in minds room
Nandini Aug 2014
Writing poems bout you
I hang them in my room
The wind clinking the sound of words

Living in a glass house
I invite the sun every dawn to dusk
To dispel shadows of the dark words
Meaningfully they glaze on hopeful strings

But I let the water be the door
Where my  translucent  emotions flow
There the words roar and tranquil

**Last but not least on firm ground I stand
Where in my hands' clay the words mindlessly play
Moulding them in canvases to string them once again
Blending the elements to create a room where I want to write poetry !!
Aug 2014 · 943
Women she's called !
Nandini Aug 2014
Created from his ribs a women she's called
Nature rests in her powering to birth a life
Assorted roles she plays in life's wheel
You call her daughter mother sister or wife

Appears she in numberless faces and forms
She shape shifts in deities and humans alike
Recollecting are you ? Yes ! Women she's called
She can break you or make you with just a strike

She's the yin while your the yang
Venus she rules femininity her robe
She's not weak but calm
You may be the worlds , but she's every man's heartthrob !
Power to women !!!
Aug 2014 · 463
Nandini Aug 2014
Rooted in Time , events  unfold
Soul the bearer , decides to be or not to be .
Aug 2014 · 4.9k
Cups of tea
Nandini Aug 2014
In the frost garbed winter all I could notice was her
While delicately she let the tea fall into the cup
Her spell binding beauty magically won me over

Roaring oceans in her eyes
The sun bathes in them to
Birth dawns to embellish her skies
I noticed over the cup of tea

Spring sprouted alive in her smile
Fuchsia gave away on her cheeks
She tames seasons in her own style
I noticed over another cup of tea

Winds matted her hair with wild lilies
Her every step like favours on carpeted heavens
She commanded every breath in the stone alleys
I noticed over the cups of tea*....
I guess tea is not a bad idea !!
Aug 2014 · 1.9k
Nandini Aug 2014
Desires incarcerated in breaths
Writing messages on steamed window glass
Aug 2014 · 688
First few ...
Nandini Aug 2014
First love,
silky tenderness you bowed to, pure as a dove
First poem,
magically words aligned to your pen's motion
First hard earned penny,
like you earned a billion dollars unlike any
First friend,
person to know your mad secrets in the end
First diary,
your naive self writing away with merry
First date,
been awake entire night only to be late
First kiss** ,
never knew how but flowed with the bliss
First success,
happiness you bottled that came in excess
First marriage ,
adrenaline rush held in the veins with courage
First mistake ,
life's lesson to which you didn't awake
First heartbreak ,
memories and tears coiled you like the snake
First pain ,
the need to be strong for any gain
First you,
lost innocence learning lessons to live a new
Many more things I'm sure you want to recollect .... Just few things I list
Aug 2014 · 6.5k
Travellers oasis
Nandini Aug 2014
Blinded the dark
of her ebony hair
He shaded himself
in their shadows to care
Reflections of
charming pools he dived
Into her eyes coloured honey of the hive
Musical of the two souls
on soundless stage
Bees humming to flowers
the secret they caged
Danced her lips to
the travellers will
The travellers oasis of which
he couldn't tranquil*!
Aug 2014 · 6.2k
Third eye
Nandini Aug 2014
Dances the universe in illusional darkness
Recreates light his third eye
Awakes shiva from his celestial slumber
Third eye of shiva : recreates light destroying darkness of illusions
Shiva : god in Hindu mythology
Aug 2014 · 298
Nandini Aug 2014
Words stupidly melt into the paper
They dribble from the eyes falling
Falling to doom just to wither

Haven't these words known
My pains are resonating in them
Yes they are old out they have worn

Your fragrance hasn't left my skin
Reminiscing the times I laugh
My heart now alabaster not the earlier tin

You've faded like darkness from my hair
Why have I been waiting is the question ?
Why couldn't you wash away like the last nightmare

The petals in my diary you die
The colours of your red soak into my pages
Only to seep into my eyes as I cry ...
Just few lines I had written .... He he he he just remembering old times !!
Aug 2014 · 346
Did you live ?
Nandini Aug 2014
Why have you journeyed
yourself to mans ways ?
Paying prices to live
amidst the world you say

From the brightest light
are born the darkest shadows
Why not then let life take hawklike glides
into verdant meadows

A tiny root could lay a crack
into the most solid rock
Then why not be YOU
into the double dealing world  you flock ?

Don't you know you have masked
yourself to life's essence
She awaits like a helpless mother
longing for your presence

Be there in time before
life's innocence is all lost
Though it's late never
but it all comes with a cost
It's not important how long we lived .... But it's important how did we live .... Or we lived not ?
Aug 2014 · 462
The block (10 w)
Nandini Aug 2014
Mind cursed to silence
Confines the writer
To Thoughtless prison
Even when not writing we think about writing... Strange actually for a person facing writers block !!
Aug 2014 · 743
At the sea
Nandini Aug 2014
Let me know when your at the sea ,
And we will hold hands together
When the waves try to get to you
I'll absorb them into my chest
While you protect yourself behind me .

Let our lips whisper underwater
The ripples our messengers
Take our stories to the other ends
Sweetheart there's a world beneath
Where the sun sleeps in the oceans' cradle

At sea there is a calmness I tell you
Where the haziness of the heart
Will flow away
When we leave our footprints on the sands
The sea carries them away
And frames them for the creatures to see
That yes !there are some stories written on her ***** forever to be
The seas and Oceans are path less woods , that hide wonders ... Just the perfect place to let love have its way
Aug 2014 · 1.2k
The artist and his muse!
Nandini Aug 2014
Rolling over with desire
Lay neath the fuchsia petals

Morning sun sets ablaze
Your cinnamon hair let down

He wonders how ? that ,
That perfect porcelain face caged  him ?
When he has painted it

The fragrance he can't sense
Becomes his captor .

He stroked those almond eyes
With the dark of the night

She lay in his picture , his muse
Like aphrodite herself came alive on his canvas

Wishing he could just lay there
He curses saying ....
He's just an artist and he'll find another muse !
An artist can breathe life into his work ....or he could also condemn it to death
Aug 2014 · 645
Nandini Aug 2014
hide the day and night in turns
Come like the wind
Break your towering memories in me
How many secrets can be hidden calling them memories
Aug 2014 · 878
Cocoon (10w)
Nandini Aug 2014
Threaded textures of mystified love
Garbed time in silkened  cocoons
Love held time ...slipped from the cocoon on beautified wings
Jul 2014 · 12.0k
mystery (10)
Nandini Jul 2014
Your smile unveils mysteries
I'm the traveler to unravel them ...
Never stop smiling ..
You never know who's falling in love with it !
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