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Ash Wilhelm Jun 2018
With the world crumbling we pick this time to fall in love.
Oh my love, You choose when the wildfires are burning and the murders of educators are happening. Diverting my focus and throwing me off track when you know where my passion lies. My beautiful distraction. My love, my only. Though I promise for only one more night will I let you rule my mind.
ekta Oct 2017
got a new life..
After you left Me..
I realized my importance
in your absence
Only one thing to say
My family is my true friend..
And for Me whole world
lies in my parents....
Martin Narrod May 2016
My wife. I call you that already even though
We're only just engaged;

It's no difference
Day One, I already have the most immense love
Moving from me to you
You thru me, unto us two

Like the psychedelic threads and riffs of the Jimi Blues.
Howimmensely I love you.
Maestro: Jared Deinlein
For Sarah Gray
Mikayla S Lewis Mar 2016
love is artificial;
a synthetic drug everyone
craves, although it seems to
always be out of reach.
love is bland;
where are the sparks?
I feel this immutable nothing
with hands laced
in the hands of others,
containing nothing but time between.
I am uninspired
and unexplainably tired
as I mutter each soft spoken breath,
time is slipping through  
as each fictitious word is withdrew,
and I stand alone
and inevitably
out of use.
Prashant Verma Jul 2015
Don't know where you are..
In my heart or in my eyes
Every morning when i open my eyes..
            I find your eyes looking at mine
   Every night when i fall asleep..
I find your eyes still awakening in me.
   Wherever  i see.. i see them

Wherever you are or wherever you will be
You will be in my heart..
still confused
In heart ♡or in eyes.. ?
Ann M Johnson May 2015
I count the minutes until we can be together
You are missed my friend
  My first love
  I knew it from the moment I first picked up a pen
You never judge me
  You seem to always love me
You make sense out of every silly thought
  In fact at times you turn the weirdest ideas
  Into an inspired work of art
  For these reasons and so many more
  I will love always love you
  I will come visit you soon  
   When  I get to take a study break
   Hopefully soon for sanity's sake
   Lets plan for June
   I will meet you soon
   I will bring a notebook and pen
   My love and friend
    Your name is like a sweet melody
    POETRY <3
This is dedicated to  ALL OF YOU< POETRY FRIENDS
Who also love the written Art of Poetry!!!!
Nandini May 2015
She torched my dark skies
flaming smiles
Coloured rainbows
She dips me into
For My dog " princess " ... I luv her
Trenton Hartford Feb 2015
Goodnight pumpkin, I luv you. L-U-V U.
Dear mom,
Nothing ****** me off more than misspelling the word Love.
If you’re not willing to put two seconds into a text or even a letter
to spell it correctly, then you need a ******* dictionary.
The only time you looked into a dictionary was to find words big enough so they could fit through ears but not into my brain making it easier for lies to flow out of your mouth like it is second nature.
The only truth that ever spit out of your mouth like lemon juice, was when you told us, not all lives have happy endings.
But when you were still here, and I was only eight,
you let me watch disney movies so I could learn my own fate.
One of the movies taught me that if I said Ohana means family,
that you’d respond with,
family means no one gets left behind, or forgotten
But you left your kids to pursue Your happiness,
Now every time you leave to Pennsylvania another memory of us flies away from the airport you call a body just like the planes you get on,
Your lies create a tornado that destroys everything in it’s path,
and my life is a flat ground so this spiral of emotions won’t stop until you do.
You circled your yin-yang arms around me for the first time in the hospital, that was the same night people in white coats handed you a certificate with my name written on it, Now anytime my name is brought up in a subject you pull your hoodie over your head as a sign of embarrassment.
I want you to feel the pain you have been giving me for the last 2
years when you hear this poem.

I want you to realize that you’re the reason my feelings are
scribbled down to make a mess out on paper.

Every night I make a new river with my tears and when I realize you are
lying to me, it makes waves of depression
and those waves, are created by earthquakes of anger.
These waves are strong enough to break through any hoover dam
made up of antidepressants and pills that will only make me what
you want me to be which is “normal”?
If you tell someone you love them at least have the audacity to
mean it.
Be a the definition of a mom and care about us and our
feelings, and not just your own.
Mom, I-L-O-V-E-Y-O-U
Ohana means Family, but no one said family would last forever. But
you always will last forever, in my heart
A poem About my mom
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