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jade May 2021
she loved him
and he loved the way she loved him
like giveon once said, "you do me wrong but it feels right"

thank you for reading:)

why is that word so alien on paper?
why is that word so foreign to my lips?
why is that word unrecognizable to my eyes?
why does that word leave me empty?
l o v e
Jay earnest May 2020
abstract esoteric line
like a crescent moon bleating in shrouded light
the warm kiss
evaporates on fluttering moons
I hold you close, and whisper secrets to your scars
so long
this was a poem about something that happened to me, its really deep and your welcome
Jay Jan 2020
You know what’s crazy?
The older you get,
You will understand that things are temporary
Now you probably wondering why I said “temporary” and what, or who is,
Life is temporary,
We literally live to die
It’s like when a flower blossoms it’s so beautiful
Come back to it in a month..... DEAD!
The flower lived it’s purpose and,
so it must DIE

People are temporary,
Can you remember the little girl or boy you played with in summer camp,
Think about it,
Or the person you sat by in class when you was in school,
I believe that people are introduced in your life for a specific purpose,
Once when it’s finished,
The person is now temporary

Relationships are temporary
This is tricky because it will always be a handful of couples who make it forever,
But the word forever,
is *******
I remember When finding someone was my biggest goal as a kid
To have that ONE person till the day I die
Move a mountain for them, sacrifice for them, be there backbone, be the man of there dreams.
That is so much ******* because when you die the relationship is over...... “TEMPORARY”
Relationship now in this generation is now looked as a duty,
If you don’t fulfill your significant other duty,
They lose patience and start to blame you for a lack of
Happiness In the relationship
The minute they start thinking this,
The relationship is temporary because they already thought of ending it with you,
Forever is out the door and you can kiss that dream goodbye
Finding a diamond in the rough is impossible,
And we have social media to blame for that,
because it molds you into thinking of how a typical world relationship should be
Instead of thinking what you want

People are easily influenced by the world and other people ideas
We lose the trait of our own morals and what we want as a man or woman
Which leads to everything in this world.....
aya Dec 2019
i miss u so much
too much
im losing focus
(m in class atm n i miss my bb :(( hopefully he's sleeping well)
Ash Wilhelm Jun 2018
With the world crumbling we pick this time to fall in love.
Oh my love, You choose when the wildfires are burning and the murders of educators are happening. Diverting my focus and throwing me off track when you know where my passion lies. My beautiful distraction. My love, my only. Though I promise for only one more night will I let you rule my mind.
ekta Oct 2017
got a new life..
After you left Me..
I realized my importance
in your absence
Only one thing to say
My family is my true friend..
And for Me whole world
lies in my parents....
Martin Narrod May 2016
My wife. I call you that already even though
We're only just engaged;

It's no difference
Day One, I already have the most immense love
Moving from me to you
You thru me, unto us two

Like the psychedelic threads and riffs of the Jimi Blues.
Howimmensely I love you.
Maestro: Jared Deinlein
For Sarah Gray
Mikayla S Lewis Mar 2016
love is artificial;
a synthetic drug everyone
craves, although it seems to
always be out of reach.
love is bland;
where are the sparks?
I feel this immutable nothing
with hands laced
in the hands of others,
containing nothing but time between.
I am uninspired
and unexplainably tired
as I mutter each soft spoken breath,
time is slipping through  
as each fictitious word is withdrew,
and I stand alone
and inevitably
out of use.
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