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Spriha Kant Jul 2020
Shedding tears and laughing in her memories is a movie watched on loop by me.

Story of granny about the deceased shining as a star is the force driving me into asking all stars the reason for her deviation from the path of her promise of never leaving me alone.

Silences are her replies if she really exists in any of the stars.
Silhouttes of dark circles under my eyes is the waiting for her reply.

Her betrayal is a fire and I'm its victim.
©Spriha Kant
White Lily Jul 2019
Semua begitu suram,
Semua begitu kelam,
Semua begitu buram.
Kupu-kupu tak lagi berkumpul di kebun,
Lebah tak lagi menghasilkan madu,
Burung tak lagi berkicau merdu.
Ditanyakan pada alam,
"Apahal semua ini?"
Ditanyakan pada malam,
"Apa yang terjadi?"
Ditanyakan pada siang,
"Mengapa seperti ini?"
Tapi percuma saja,
Semua hanya bisa membisu.
Bagai abu sisa bara yang masih menyala.
Amanda Kay Burke Jul 2019
Between silences
Things seem okay
Can't find problems anywhere
Always have a smile on my face
Until I remember they're still there

It is easy to forget I'm mad
If I dream about your eyes for too long
Usually I get so distracted
Not even sure who's right or who's wrong

So there is not really much point
Fighting if it is all a waste
Arguements will slip my mind
No matter how bad the distaste

So next time we disagree
Let us not raise our voices to a shout
I can almost guarantee
We are just going to end up working it out
Written 9-4-12
Nis Jun 2018
"Manos crispadas me confinan al exilio.
Ayúdame a no pedir ayuda."

Cuervos negros me prohiben mi alegría.
Ayúdame a no pedir ayuda.
Armas siniestras, seres aciagos.
Ayúdame a no pedir ayuda.

Mi muerte se acerca, mi mano se acerca.
Ayúdame a no pedir ayuda.
Mi pálida reflexión me prohibe la vida.
Ayúdame a no pedir ayuda.

"Me quieren anochecer, me van a morir.
Ayúdame a no pedir ayuda."
-"Figuras y silencios" de Alejandra Pizarnik


"Contorted hands confine me to exile.
Help me not to ask for help."

Black ravens forbid me my happiness.
Help me not to ask for help.
Sinister weapons, fateful beings.
Help me not to ask for help.

My death gets closer, my hand gets closer.
Help me not to ask for help.
Mi pale reflection forbids me my life.
Help me not to ask for help.

"They want to night me, they are going to die me.
Help me not to ask for help."
-Extracting the stone of madness, by Alejandra Pizarnik
Segundo poema basado en un texto de  Pizarnik, esta vez de "Figuras y Silencios", espero que os guste!


Second poem based on a text by Pizarnik, this time "Figures and Silences" , hope you like it (and my translation of it).
Nylee Aug 2016
Silence speaks to me,
Speaks more than words.
It hides no lies,
Just hard to understand.
It can give peace,
Or can depict pain.
It can give solace,
Or emotion drain.
It has many shades,
Lot many faces,
Devoid of charade,
Gives enough space.
A lot can be told by silence,
And this Silence can be heard,
With an eye glance,
Things that can not be told by words.
Nylee Mar 2018
Still movements
the dangerous games
all it takes
is the eye gesture
fueling the deeper silences.

Their quiet fight
without the usual bites
drinking the mugs of coffee
face to face away
slipping into
the created tension.

Waiting for someone
to bow down
be the first one
to admit
it is not worth it.

and wait
continuing building
the wall of brick
which will break
when the first one will blink.
CJ Manoos May 2017
it was a beautiful starry night when we were both drunk, lying on the sand
you told me bout your ugly and weird fascinations
i was intently listening to your most peculiar thoughts
there were moments when we could just shut up for a minute
but feel no awkwardness at all
i can hear you breathing
and that, i think, is still the best melody I've heard so far
sometimes i'd take a quick look at your face
you looked so happy, i almost thought i was dreaming, as if everything's not real
but no, it was profoundly true. we felt infinite. that was the only time i ever felt alive.
but that was then, life happened. and i don't know where you are now.
i wonder who's lying with you on the sand now, listening intently to your most peculiar thoughts
listening closely to your inhales and exhales
sharing the most comfortable silences with you
staring at the beautiful moonlight, feeling infinite. wishing the night would never end.
he must be so lucky.
How I felt
How I wondered
How I dealt
How I plundered

Towards the roaring river
In the thunderous storm
The animals dodge nature's aimed quiver
As I stood on the upper cliff form

Marveling the rain, clouds, lightening, wind, and thunder
The screams of my head
Were overtaken by these blunders
Greater noises up ahead

Here is where I can finally hear silence
For all that yelling inside my mind turns mute
And all external hullabaloo are but a ring in noiseless
For if I can match each one's volume and ******, a pure, beautiful quietness goes on as a loop
Nandini May 2015
You left ...
And you left behind your silences.
Baby your silences I was reading
Some were grey skies waiting to pour ,
While some were raging storms
And your echoes thundered
I could read him only when I read his silences
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