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I am a traveller
Carrying food
Carrying oxygen
Carrying water
In my rucksack
I travel on a continuum
One lakh kilometres
Without stopping
Citadel of love, emotions, tender feelings
Keeps me going
I cannot be located
At one point
I extend throughout
Continuum length
The articles, I carry
In my rucksack
I distribute to millions
The building blocks
So they sustain and survive
And keep a living entity alive
I am simultaneously
Present in eight billions locations
Ever increasing is the number
So I am located in as many Is
As told by genome decoders
Origin traced to a single ancestor
Progeny of the Progenitor
Yet many of multitudinous entities
I make survive and thrive
Hell bent to destroy each other
Shedding me in red colour
Soiling the soil of its colour
My head is hung in shame
Times umpteen
I am the greatest traveller
The world has ever known
Let me disclose my identity
I am the BLOOD in everybody
Our blood circulatory system propelled by the heart ❤️ is made up of veins and arteries one lakh kilometres long. 90% of blood is water. Rest blood corpuscles etc. It carries oxygen and sugar/ energy non-stop to millions of cells for them to to sustain so that we sustain. We live oblivious of this fact. The greatest traveller travels millions of kilometres on a labyrinth of one lakh kilometres continuously to keep us alive! We the eight billions!
There's nothing special about my greedy utopian dream:
I'm not off grid, or more ecco' friendly;
I still order luxury goods from overseas, hoard, engage in cliques, use the internet, dream about my own bit of land, claim any benefits I can.

I use the same drugs, minerals, roads, hospitals, banks, and I pollute the same air; with the same stink of self righteous elitism; because just like everyone else; I am unique!

(Off-grid irony)
There is nowhere off grid, our human place in the world is a human construct a reserve ffs
I lost myself in your quest,
Fate denied what was mine..

Burning within was a heart that died,
Leaving scars that did not lie..

Leaving me helpless,
In this world full of dead..

You went ahead,
Driven by your desires..

I was left alone once again,
Not to be ruptured but trained..

Finding myself was again a task,
Losing to you wasn't that hard..

Hath not I let go of my emotions,
I would still have had the chances of resurrection..

Nobody could enter this prickled heart,
The reason you were lone inside this ruined turret..

You awakened me, repainted my soul,
Made me strong enough to hold myself..

Then left me alone in the wild sea,
Never to come back..

The first few days were hard,
The struggle real with the wretched pains..

Love is not a bed of roses but of thorns,
You showed it right and held me tight..

For it helped me rise and fight again,
Tame the waves and tide again..

You left me to thrive,
I soared higher to cry..

You set my soul ablaze,
And cut my chains..

You were a traveller who settled,
And I became the restless bird of passage….
The restless bird of passage..
Deep Jan 10
Like a passenger sitting on a bus
Surrender your life to me,
I'll guard it like a driver steering
In the darkness, and
After dropping you to the destination
Will move on, happy with the FARE of Memories.
Humaira lodhi Dec 2020
I'm a traveller,
I travel through this universe,
14 billion years ago,
When the big bang happened,
My atoms were burning,
Somewhere, in a distant star or galaxy,
I was roaming freely in universe,
For so many years,
I was orbiting the sun,
Floating in the cosmos,
Diving in the sea of hydrogen,
Sailing towards my destination,
Drifting alone, witnessed the infinity,
My compound eye
Was seeing the colors of the universe,
I saw the formation of the
different celestial bodies
The sun, the moon, the stars
And all of the galaxies,
I saw everything
It's my universe,
diverse and colourful.
I'm it's eternal part,
It's incomplete without me
Shevaun Stonem Nov 2020
I want to run away from you,
like running away from home
and I know you will not chase me
for a while, you’d like to be alone.
But I’m sure one day, you will
wander out too, in this world
of colour, art and pain.
And all I ever taught you,
will finally sound sane
and when you navigate this on your own
seeking out ‘you’
at every destination,
you’ll find me there too.

Find me | shevaun stonem
Druzzayne Rika Aug 2020
It is much suited, isn't it
the separation
it brings its own melody
the only thing
Everyone who listens
feel the same
It is the same longing
we all feel
all the same for all the difference
deserted in middle
met again in the same boat as travellers
finding place to soothe the thirst
rhythm of the same beat
echoing in the same heartbeat.
afiifa Jun 2020
Behind that composed look.
Behind all of those shades.
.....................There is me.
A traveller on a journey.
Searching for more.
For a meaning of some sort .
Searching for peace & tranquility.
Love, devotion & all that's in between.
Q Jun 2020
there are colors yet to be seen
and stories yet to be told
so i must set myself forth,
the traveller in the dark,
to pick up the loose threads
and see where they go;
leave the door open,
i will return soon.
Angel Mathew Apr 2020
I can feel my soul, the one of a traveller,
Like those fallen leaves, blowing away with the wind.

Searching for something, that I've been longing for,
Something that's missing, for I don't know how long.

For all I know, I love the journey
Full of hope and ever refreshing memories.

One day I'll get there, God knows when,
But when I do, I'll be content.
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