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It is much suited, isn't it
the separation
it brings its own melody
the only thing
Everyone who listens
feel the same
It is the same longing
we all feel
all the same for all the difference
deserted in middle
met again in the same boat as travellers
finding place to soothe the thirst
rhythm of the same beat
echoing in the same heartbeat.
afiifa Jun 29
Behind that composed look.
Behind all of those shades.
.....................There is me.
A traveller on a journey.
Searching for more.
For a meaning of some sort .
Searching for peace & tranquility.
Love, devotion & all that's in between.
quiel Jun 4
there are colors yet to be seen
and stories yet to be told
so i must set myself forth,
the traveller in the dark,
to pick up the loose threads
and see where they go;
leave the door open,
i will return soon.
Angel Mathew Apr 26
I can feel my soul, the one of a traveller,
Like those fallen leaves, blowing away with the wind.

Searching for something, that I've been longing for,
Something that's missing, for I don't know how long.

For all I know, I love the journey
Full of hope and ever refreshing memories.

One day I'll get there, God knows when,
But when I do, I'll be content.
I'm ensnared in Life,
And I can't wait to try my hand
I let my pain drift around me,
As I begin to dream

I entranced by fantasies,
Of far-flung worlds, and secret locations.
I plan out my hopes and thoughts, as I take out my pen.
As ink blossoms on my paper,
I realise I've drawn a map.
Past, future and present,
And the worlds that I know.

I hear a call from the world,
as it expands beneath my feet.
I am a restless traveller,  
And I will learn my world.

Have peace,
As you see my walking by myself,
Talking to myself.
Have peace.
I am a traveller
Mickey Dec 2019
You have to let me go.
Set me free.
Let me go and I will come back.
I will tell you all the incredible things that they have told me.
I will let you watch the beautiful sights through my eyes as if you were there.
And I will let you taste the culture and richness of my travels by kissing you.
Juhlhaus Aug 2019
Maybe you find your center
On a couch beside a divided highway,
Where asphalt ribbons melt together
In the beautiful mess of the day's last fire,
Where light falls on upholstery
In a manufactured Southwest pattern,
Best suited to drier air but somehow
At home on a Wisconsin shoulder,
Watching the world go by in metallic paint
Colors and autoglass reflections,
Moving too fast to catch all the names
Of almost-forgotten rivers crossed:
Rib River,
Rat River,
Jump River,
And any number of State Name Rivers.
Or maybe you find your center
On the other side of a plume of red granite dust,
Where the asphalt ends and the rivers
Are more than almost-forgotten signs
Beside a divided highway.
Inspired by an actual couch beside a divided highway.
Siddharth Yadav May 2019
If I could, I would capture you in my eyes and turn blind out of the fear of losing you
but then there is this thought
that opens my eyes.

If I could, I would cuddle you all day and all night till eternity
but then there is this thought
and I refrain from touching you..

When you smile
I simply want to freeze the time
but then there is this thought
that takes away the time from my clutches.

I want to spend countless sleepless nights
by just wondering about you
but then there is this one thought
that envelopes me with slumber of despair.

I want to write a lot,
express tons of feelings
but then there is this thought
and I feel helpless.

  "Kyon *** main tera raahi,
                     Jab tu hai kisi aur ki manzil"
I was amazed
By different countries
And their different states

I'd hop on a plane
Hitch a car or ride a bike
To be on a different land

I'd see architecture
that took my breath away
Made me hungry for more

I have tasted food
Different from my own
By different cooks

I would take photos
So whenever I am away
The memories won't be lost
My take as a traveller, the world is beautiful
Asia Mar 2019
Madness was his master
Regret a foreign name
He shone in depths of anger
and cursed in reefs of shame

Beware his twisted gestures
The smiles that leave one burnt
Behold the streets he walks down
Shadowed alleys of broken trust

Soon will he return home-bound,
Once bound to a home he is
He will not wait for guidance,
That which veers him from sweet bliss

Along a crooked path he wanders
With no destined place to reach
He will stop, pray by the alter
Where faith did once give speech

Give pity to those in bedlam,
The ones who live to die
May all their souls find comfort
Within the ground they lie

Be there no pity for the forsaken,
For the man who seeks no home
Let his reckless soul be fractured
By viscous morals set in stone
Wrote this when I was feeling more like an outsider than usual. The typical sad story of a person who doesn't feel like they belong to any specific place, whether it was where they were born or where they happen to live. The Nomads, forever wandering.
Hope you enjoy <3
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