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"One lie weakens a thousand truths."

"Time heals, steals and reveals."

"Karma finishes what revenge neglects."

"The future is uncertain, but we play a part in its design."

"Help when you can, pray when you can't."

"If your life is out of focus, it's time to change the lens."

"Honesty is in the alcohol."

"The only thing better than a second chance is never needing one."

"Sometimes the most valuable company is yourself."

"Instincts over impulse, always."

"The greatest comeback is the one least expected."

"Fear is a light sleeper."

"You can't change the past, but it can change you."

"Some are born with a silver spoon, others with a pitchfork."

"Even the smallest of pebbles has its place in the sand."

"The humble voice resonates the loudest."

"Write your failures in pencil, your triumphs in ink."

"Scars speak every language."

"Two things you should always trust: your gut and your God."

"Every tear leaves something behind."

"Courage brings you to the fight, wisdom wins it."

"Relationships start and end, but the lucky ones get to begin again."

"The devil doubts. The angel accepts."

"Biggie makes you dance. Tupac makes you think."

"Justice is money green."

"The only thing better than good friends are lifelong ones."

"I'm in a fight with life and I'm losing on points."

"We are remembered for three things: the times we did good, the times we did bad and the times we did nothing."

"Every underdog wants to be top cat."

"Love never travels alone."

"Dreams reveal what thoughts conceal."

"The problem with the world is the wolves outnumber the sheep."

"You can't spell tragedy without rage."

"Focus on the valley and the hills will disappear."

"When you ignore pain, it ignores you."

"The past and future are distant cousins."

"Hope is always listening."

"Moonlight is for lovers and devils."

"Nothing will get you in better shape than a breakup."

"Time is a tattletale."

"Sometimes all that's left is a penny and a wish."

"There's a special place in heaven for those who suffer on earth."

"We are connected by smiles and tears."

"The mirror mimics what the mind imagines."

"If infidelity was a crime they would have to build more prisons."

"What the blind man sees, the sighted man seeks."

"The ego is a phony friend."

"Luck will take you as far as fate allows."

"Two things that never forget: elephants and broken hearts."

"My train of thought has no conductor."
Heidi Shavill Feb 2013
My wilted heart beats,
and quivers inside this cavernous hole
Crying weakens me
and salty tears drench my soul
I believed in this,
I guess the jokes on me...
the love of my life you are
I cannot look passed our time together,
  I could have loved your *** forever!
hopefully my impression on you will linger
it feels wrong without you here  like a song without a singer
remember please time and again
this brave broken heart that let you in...

Heidi Shavill
Marco Carlos Jul 2018
Devils amongst us, painted in a glisten, dipped in gold. And thus, if to them, you truly listen, thou shan’t make it to old.
A patter of steps, trailing, lurking, never rest. For if guard is lost, with her eyes, you will get undressed.
A slither of a tongue, a caress or two, scrounging around for what it is, that weakens you. May it be ambition, may it be vanity.
The appearance of it, a delusion, for something so innocent, could wield your sanity.
Like a fisherman in calm waters, peering about into the blue sea, an encounter, lies a test for thee, beautiful it is, promises empty as hollow.
Peer closer he does, a goner he may, in the waters he is swallowed.
For she lured and prevailed it be, beauty is no longer hailed, as to him, it and the devil, are now a simile.
slr Oct 2018
Sweetheart you need to be have a flatter stomach
Put down that soda pop
Or one day it will make you pop
Put down those puff pastries
Or one day they will make you the Pillsbury Dough-girl.
Take up crunches and sit-ups
And just ignore when your body screams for food
Take up ******* in and waist trainers
And just ignore that ******* in all day weakens your muscles pushing you further from your ideal

Hey good lookin’ you’d be prettier if you had smaller thighs
Stop eatin’ them donuts
They turnin’ you too dough
Stop ordering your pizzas in larges
They turnin’ you large
Start doing some squats
Just ignore your back screaming in pain
Start running sum more
Just ignore that bigger thighs mean a lower risk of heart disease and premature death

And a simple request from everyone else: make sure your hair always looks like a girl from a movie, that your skin is flawless, you dress perfectly, are always happy, smiling constantly, have an aesthetically pleasing Instagram, be in an adorable relationship, know all the newest music and shows

You know what

just be perfect
not to perfect

-love society
Don't let society tell you anything about yourself. You are you and perfect just how you are.
Umi Mar 2018
By my dear angel Sandalphon as he has been lead in my hand, leaving a clear trail of a cursive writing on a transient sheet of paper,
A crimson sight, so black that one would be caught in trance, reflected by unnatural light of a lamp flickering in the dark of the night, as his feather releases a sweet scent of fresh yet unused ink,
Together with Zadkiel's blooming and happy memories I then am capable to write such down, in an attempt to create poetry, focused,
The sound of scratchy, itchy, rasping echos through this room I inhabit, but already left spititually, engaged in the world of fantasy,
Word by word, the paper is penetrated by this pen, pleasantly, thoughtfully, gently sliding over it to not damage it by accident,
There is no need for haste, heartache nor rush, not is there the need to be concerned about this angels work, duty and his mission to accompany me throughout each and every writing which unfurls,
Alike a story from my mind, from my emotions, deepest wishes, cast on the physical realm with his help,
And once his strengh weakens, fades, loses might and goes out alike an dying ember he will be dunked in fresh ongoing determination, so that he can repeat his duties with exuberance, joy
Casting a smile on my face once literature has been created,
As then I lay my dark knight, my servant for the night to rest,
Until another poem has to be written and his duty awakens him,
After all, in this dreamlike tale it is well to remember;
You don't have to die in a dream

~ Umi
Omi Mar 8
It starts. He stares.
A ferocious beast she sees, a human he is.
He strips her
Slowly gliding his hands from her neck to its base
Electrifying each nerve, she shivers.

In her vortex of deepest waters, he goes.
Eyes locked.
She remembers to exhale.
You make me weak, she whispers
as the tension intensified with each ******.

He maddened
Pulling her in, wrapping her legs around him.  
Lost in her moans as he reaches for her peak,
he sees her; she is his clair de lune.
The river flows in her.

And as she weakens
he holds her firmly till her waters flow.
For she is his redemption.
ZzyiP May 2018
there are chains on my desk,
you cant see them but i can,
in fact i can feel them.
i can feel them tight around my neck
pulling me away from my soul.
they slowly drag me 'forward'.
my grip on freedom weakens as the links tussle my neck,
the singing of birds fade and become more distant.
singing choirs cease to sing.
the sun shines differently,
its a dim light with no glimmer anymore.
i see less colours now and my muscles ache.
i move less, smell less, feel less.
its cold as i subdue to the pull.
my clattering and rebellious steps form rhythm
my legs conform as i march in sync with all the same misfortunates around me
dragged and dragged we march
there is no point to resist
now we march
confidently we march
but our souls were left behind
school, exams, educational system.
Grace E Jul 15
I have woven into me, an inherent sadness. One that drills my mind and weakens my bones..
I have a notion, I’ll end up the family tragedy
You know the one.
The one that everyone says
“but she was always smiling.”
Lane Bohman Nov 2017
Back street of where I'm from
Love the music,
and the air.

This funky taste
I can't get out my mouth
I want,
I need.
I'm begging please?

Round the corner,
where I grew up.
This girl I'd never leave.

She lights my fire,
weakens my knees,
an evil woman
don't stop, won't stop.

I get this feeling
(I'm bout to blow it.)

My pulse is racing
(I've got to know.)
I'm begging baby,
wont you distract me?

(Running down the way.)
Hand in hand,
(I'm your man)
I'd never leave you,
(nowhere to go)

You're my spirit, soul.

(frozen in time)
Makes me think of you,
in my life.

and I could not care less

*Just fill my lungs
with your hot breath.
Addiction, personification
vik May 2018
Thats the color they always say describes me
I forgot of the fact that being green can also be very mean
Green represents the envy inside of me
I try not to but then you talk and talk so much about how you know you're going to be famous, know how you're going to be rich, know how you can just get any guy you want. Know you're that thang.
I try to let it be and not let the envy fuel inside of me
but I'm green of you. I wish I was so confident I was going to be famous, wish I could get any guy I want, wish I could speak/think so highly of myself everyday. Confidence is grace and I can’t pick up with your pace. But you explain your confidence so much it weakens me and makes me question if I'm the color green because of my energy or of my envy.
Or maybe my energy is envy, and deep inside I'm the only one that knows.
I know this isn't good, I use this as my online journal. Apologies if it makes you cringe
Ryan Rylee Sep 3
A hollowed tree
Like the air in a haze of silence
Like a sunflower seed in the palm of your hand
Like a child anticipating Christmas morning

It starts faster than you’re prepared for
At first you’re falling
Terrified, uncontrolled, holding your breath
Eyes closed
Wind whistling past you
You’re shaking
Now you’re screaming
Heart racing
Teeth bared
You’re smiling now
As you catch yourself
Adhering to a branch
Swinging from side to side
Weaving through everything in your way
Intertwining with yourself
Braiding your own silk
Don’t stop for a moment
If anyone saw you they’d tell you to slow down
But you don’t know how
You’ve given up control of your body
You’re the creator
And the follower
Constructing your own masterpiece
Time is a fictional concept
The world is a cloud of fog
And you have never seen more clearly
The patterns dancing before you
Growing in magnitude and detail
And it’s exquisite
You hear the murmurs as people walk past
Admiring your quilted work of art
It’s all that’s ever mattered
It’s all that ever will matter
Past, present, future, as one

Now for the first moment
You take a breath
Lucky to have been given this talent
Satisfied with your efforts
Blessed to be a part of something so great
So breath-taking
Twists of sweet silk wrap around you
Intertwined with your self-made comfort
Wrapped in your blanket of security
Tangled in your thoughts of happiness
Gum on the soles of your feet
Captivated by your own distractions
Bound by your expectations
Smothered by the necessity of love
Glue on the tips of your fingers
Trapped by the need for control
Suffocated by your pride
Choking on the admiration
Rubber bands constricting your neck
Bound by the fear of change
Knotted by the unwanted consistency
Imprisoned by your own design

Your legs strapped, unable to move
Your hands cemented to the transparent rope
Tightening around your wrists
Your hair becomes the sheer silk
Your clothes are now tangled twine
Encompassing the entirety of your body
Adhering to your ankles
Strangling your neck
Drowning your thoughts
Suffocating your free will
Vision blurs
World dulls
Sounds muffle
Struggling only weakens you
So you become stone
Unable to move
Unable to breathe
Unable to find the motivation
The purpose
The drive
You once had
You’ve lost possession of your worth
Surrounded by beauty
Your stomach remains an empty glass jar

You’re swept
You’re spinning
Out of control
Trying to grasp onto a thread
Something recognizable
Reaching to hold on
Arms flailing
Hummingbird heart
As everything you’ve ever known disappears
Ripped apart
Torn to shreds
And you’re left
Gasping for air
Controlled by the wind
A single thread
Cinched to your leg
Dragging along
The crushed dream of what once was
Ache lingers
Birds flutter
Ants scurry
And you’re left stranded
Abandoned by your past
Unable to begin again

Like the air in a muddy cloud of noise
Like a sunflower dehydrated to a crisp
Like a hopeless child, brought to reality

Until one day
It will snap
And you will be nothing again
A take on the feeling of being trapped in something that once was great but blindly became unhealthy. Written 11/3/19
Jenny Umansky Feb 17
What do you see when you look at me?
Cause I see a little grain of sand lost in a sea.

This little grain of sand thats so small and tiny you can barely see it.
Floating in an infinite pool of blue,
being pushed by a faint current.

This grain of sand isnt like the rest,
its not laying at the bottom of a reef.
It has floated from shore to shore,
and has seen all sorts of fish.
Its floated in fresh water,
then in salt water.

But what if this faint current weakens,
and this grain of sand begins to sink deeper and deeper into the sea.
Where it begins to feel colder,
and then it becomes darker,
till the last ray of light begins to fade away.

This grain of sand is left floating in nothingness.
Feeling no current.
Seeing nothing but darkness.
Just sinking down to rock bottom.

So when I look at myself you know what I see?
I see a person that has potential.
A person that has been places and has seen things.
But a person that feels so small and insignificant that they think they dont mean much.

Just another grain of sand thats lost in a sea.
duncanwrite Aug 2018
I cannot stand it, it weakens my core, it stifles my breath

The thought of him, forcing himself inside you

Making you whimper, unutterable sounds

Your unconditional complicity a gift, a given

Your abandon knowing no bounds

My manhood shriven

While I have dropped off the edge of your world

Your shapely limbs around him furled

And he, firmer, faster, harder, smarter, younger

Scoops up your jewels and riches with ardent hands

And hungry tongues, to burst your lungs

And all you can eats from your smouldering smorgasbord

And I don’t know him, nor where he lives

But I know he lives

And dies, and dies again in your scented garden….
Naomi Mar 6
Some want you because they like who they become around you.
Others hate you because of how much others love you.  
And sometimes, only sometimes you're just too much for some people.
And you: well, you can't even see it.
A picture perfect boy with a clean background check.
I think I know what you're hiding. But I don't dare assume. I don't want others to mistaken my admiration for jealousy.
And I watch you. My eyes always seem to rest on your knowing face.
And you know this. You feel my gaze. You know so much more than what you want us to see. how dare you trick us this way? You love how others see you.
So pure and kind yet so demanding and unkind.
Your trick us. You create this image of yourself that is so unnaturally perfect it weakens everyone's heart. I wished somebody would have warned me about how fake your magic is.  But I see through you, I really do. You want what doesn't want you because you don't understand why they can't see what everyone else is supposed to see. But you don't see it either? Can you?  You search for the answer that you have never understood. What's missing? Why don't they want me? You know what you're missing you are just waiting for someone to point it out for you.

No one will ever treat you better than you treat yourself and this is what I wish to scream inside your ear.
Caterina Correia Aug 2018
The slow breathing,
Before the fast;
Until my body is shocked with the sudden reaction.
My mind that takes over my heart,
Will never learn to be controlled.
I will never know what it feels like to be relaxed.
Just to be unworried,
& to trust.
& through the darkness,
The light appears dead in silence.
Only the sound of fear,
Plays in my head.
Only the sound of my breath,
When I try to gasp for air.
My mind pushes strong;
There is no limit.
My heart is pushed so far;
It works so hard.
& then the air within my body,
Cannot be controlled.
My breathing,
So hard.
So heavy.
So fast.
& Im at the point where I cannot breathe.
It feels so harsh,
So painful.
My body weakens.
My body is dizzy.
My fingers & toes are so numb as I shake.
It just feel like there is an earthquake.
Im unable to walk.
These attacks are controlling me.
& with the dehydration my body goes through,
The water that is finally taken into me,
Drowns me when I need the moisture.
Its so hard to think with confusion.
Its so hard to focus with distraction.
Its so hard to try and catch my breath,
When hyperventilation takes over.
Andrew Guzaldo c Nov 2018
“I wish to seek the feeling on the banks of our enclave,
It has been a part of our procurement of happiness,
Just my words cannot repair all that is now lost,
The copula as of our time together cannot be repaired,  

My thoughts is all I now have to ascertain moments,
Those fortunate moments we shared in passion,
Bitter is the voice of calamity and sounds of anguish,
A bemoaning of once flourish will destroy ones heart,

Remorse weakens strength from within where love has left,
Cataclysm sounds nothing in the ears of those once loved,
Vacillate music of sadness has no fortitude for the heart,
Delve not the sun above until it sets away from surge,

You were the chapter that I was unable to construe,
I knew it existed then finally upon highest mountains,
Yet were always there to help walk on stormy mountains,
As days pass the nights wear on it is only harvest days,

I strife with the rationale as you grovel in my mind,
I Strife now no more I shall bow down my weary eyes,
Eyes which to all these woes thy hearts have guided,
Adjacent the agitated brine the aqueous banks beat,
Soul tethered debacles in aqueous banks of the brine,
Thus home I draw as death's long night draws afore”
By Andrew Guzaldo 11/04/2018 ©
By Andrew Guzaldo 11/04/2018 ©   #Poem#136
I sit in silence.

This Never ending pain.

Where the dark clouds follow.

A never ending rain.

With every thunderous boom.

Its Causing me to shake.

A shivering sadness

From the water on my face.

My voice starts to quiver.

I simply cant keep up with the pace.

You see these thoughts are just racing.

They howl like the wind

Just twirling around

With no way to win

As these tears flow freely.

Staring out into the storm.

Striking deep in my perception

Of how I see the world.

With every bright flash

A different perspective percieved.

The thoughts they are now slowing

And so is the breeze

The thunder it weakens

Just a low grumble now

The soothing smell of the water

I put my knees on the ground

My mind starts to ease

A gentle wind at my back

I put a mask on my face

So that I can head back

To a world that seems broken

Until once again

The storm is awakend

And it's time to fight back.
Noah Smith Nov 15
A small child toddles across the sands of an infinite, nocturnal beach.
            His eyes glisten like the moon as he admires the wonders of his world.
Everything so simple—good—pure.
                        His mind, the inner being, reflects his outlook; all is in reach.
            The child’s heart is young, filled to its brim with Gold untarnishable.
For the sickness, innocence is the cure.

He was content, and life was complete for him.
But as he walked on the sand, and spied those who were ahead,
He wanted…
And his heart of gold began to drip.

                        A youth, only just a man, ambles across the beach’s grainy powders.
            His demeanor is confident, his face fresh, yet his eye sparkle lacks.
He keeps on, and the world, his friend, offers him promise limitless.
                        His mind is vibrant, seemingly invincible, he never shirks nor cowers.
            His heart still pumps Gold through his veins.
For the sickness, youth is the resistance.

As he continues his walk, step by step,
His ambition grows.
He feels utterly untouchable by any evils around him.
Becoming the God of his own world.
He yet still wanted.
Shaken, the young man begins to cough up the Gold.
And his heart began to bleed.
For the sickness, youth is the fuel.

His inner man watches as the polished yellow liquid seeps
Into the barren wasteland that is his mind’s.
Deep into the dirt it creeps.
The sickness, once harmless, now binds.

With each compromise, the man’s moral skeleton cracks.
Step by step, his integrity weakens until,
With the nauseating snap of bone,
It breaks. Like a soundless scream,
Reverberating undetected in the recesses of his mind.

He no longer wants as he did before.
Regret slowly takes its place.
Shame, like an old friend, wraps the inner man in an embrace.
He offers a solution.
Vice, he promises, will fix all in time.
The man, desperate and lost, took it,
Failing to notice the chain Shame silently placed around his neck.

                        An old man, wrinkled and bent, stumbles across the beach sand.
            He is cautious, almost fearful—his eyes are dim, and his brow is heavy.
The waves rise, his body to take, he staggers and falls, unable to go further.
                        His inner man also cries ceaselessly, too weak to stand.
            His heart, now empty, aches.
To the sickness, he gives in without a murmur.

His inner man falls silent, the tears, like ghosts of his emotions,
Float silently down his face.
Frantically he sinks to his knees and begins to dig at the dirt,
Searching for a single remaining drop of Gold.
But none is to be found.

Shame stands smiling grimly as
The sickness overpowers,
And the inner man falls into the dust,
Lucid eyes staring searchingly at the empty hole,
His tears form streams as they flow into it.

He stares,
As from the hole,
A seedling flairs,
With leaves of Gold.

A hand, too warm, too soft to be Shame’s,
Falls on his arm.
The tears vanish from his face,
And a majestic warmth fills his body.
Regret gives way to content once again.

                        The old man on the beach rises slowly to his feet.
            He stands straight, as the wrinkles retreat into his skin, and his eyes fill with light.
His countenance becomes regal as youth returns to his step.
                        His mind renewed, he sees with a wonder that he will keep.
            He runs, seeing the end of the beach in his sight.
His heart refills, as the seedling matures, and he remembers, with a solemn thankfulness, of the man he left.

As he finishes the race.
© Dysphoria, 2018
Robin Carretti Aug 2018
Hearts another beat a second
A+ made the grade rare meat
Why is everything told to
us in a heartbeat
This is getting way too sweet
"Lips took Beeswax" bittersweet

Someone got stung B-
Strong sound muffler
Joyride Owl Hoot clever
Sweet and sourpuss
honey babe

Her mustard lips of custard
Hot temperature rising
The spicy lady opening
up new horizon gate

Too many sad rides
empty plates last joyride
Gas empty blame the county
Why did we call this joyride
without knowing
your fate

The others are more noticed
Fashionably they came late
Dine and the Wine joyride
romanced money upfront

Lips like jewels left their stale
You were the chosen one taken
for a ride from
a crooked male

Like bushel big loot basket
Rock the Kasbah rocket
Golden joyride ticket the
Getting away with ******
****** lips in the gasket

The joyride so beat looked
disheveled new love
So messy but **** neat
looking, Lexus,
She looks mighty fine like
Venus, I beg you to zoom

And the love after all the treats
Sherlocked in his room
The devil made me do it
All flushed and deep red
Hearing his joyride of beats
What was really going
through her head
Hard rock ambient
painter deviant

The holiday like racing hot rod
Harvest Halloween of a joyride
Two peas in dark maze pod
Igniting a hot fire
Her lips need to decide
Who was underneath the
fumes of his fire

The coffee taste accelerating
Do we feel the pulsing beat
What a high anxiety peak
High intense flavor
You waiting for his joyride
Christmas and Hannukah
Tree to decide that's easier
But wait for true love above all
the gifts to deliver
Like bedrock meeting
Monster ride plant-eating Bug
More slugs my chinch
Inchworm of books at Joyride
College Dorm horn alarm
Manifestation enjoying
her joyride
What a conniver
Greece with my niece
Basil New rival tea
Pomegranate Cherry-bomb
Blonde Bombshell
Culture novelty joyride
Ring my servant bell
Met their sanity tomb

Her hand's dainty they shine
and sparkle
Her lips know how to jingle
Arace for hearts of stories
and memories
Always the death hand takes
a ride to the winding road of
the cemeteries
Just stay for the moment
think about the
Joyride forth of July
Our firecrackers went off at
the same time
Brie cheese favorite time
English tea and crackers
Like two lips sublime read
her diaries in his designer dockers

Going to the end of the earth lips
light up New York City galleries

Needing the fresh corner
Sunset taking lowrider Boulevard
Hollywood Oh! No world
Wildly satanic or the carefree type
Her joy smile he's sold on skype
Benevolent triad remembering
The mad magazine
MLM Maserati longevity Master
Of the joyride gun blaster
"Lips build like a Pyramid"
Becoming irresistible
Not to humble

Lips race Joyride to gamble
Nothing weakens to crumble
Baking a crumb cake its
doable stays together but
things unnamed not like
a marriage

We get blamed joyride
got damaged
We become gullible
What becomes of the broken heart
someone isn't reliable
Lips are not responsible
Leadership has you cornered  
To stumble upon her lips
Rendered steamboat surrender
How he tumbles
Mr. Grey Poupon Mustard seed
He plants her like his
only joyride
In need
We are all Jupiter the moon
joy to the world
All the boys and girls being
taken for joyrides

The Beach boy's video games
Spy lips whose to blame
Phillip screwdriver
But they take a ride
All you could pick a hot buffet
feasting she is still wearing
hot lipstick
Men have their choice of
they're next
Joyride Bride about the money
Wall-Street cars of hobbies
Yeah right?
Lips take a joyride can we all please take a moment lets decide what we will do.
Is it really up to you for the road always him light that fire trim lips glow joyride fires out you tell the world what it is all about?
Lily Jan 30
The things he said hurt her terribly,
His words cut like knives,
But she wasn't allowed to scream
Because then people would see what was happening,
And they would know how terrible he was.  
No punches were thrown, no slaps were
Necessary to bruise her heart.  
Now with every beat her heart grows weaker.  
Her mind weakens with it thinking,
“What if he says it again, what if he hurts me again?  
What if it turns physical?”
She doesn't trust him, doesn't love him
The same way she used to.  
Her heart is damaged, and his words now have
Done too much damage for him to fix it.  
So she must find another, one who has
The capability of fixing her heart without hurting it more, someone with the true skills of a surgeon.  
She finds him, and grows to love him,
This one who has mended and enhanced her heart
In ways she cannot explain, but
She is not destined to be with him,
As her lover drags her back to the
Dark recesses of her mind where
She grows to hate herself because of his hurtful words.  
She prays that one day that
She will have the courage to break out of the cycle
And keep her heart intact and whole;
The way it was supposed to be.
A thought to all of those caught in an abusive relationship; you don't deserve this, and things will get better, but sometimes it's hard to find the courage to let go.  I believe in you <3
SassyJ Jul 2018
I though he carried the light
where words would illuminate
driving me to a euphoric ******
a man without a face or a trace
unhindered in a double live and lies
a bubble of psychotic psychic surety
his passion was an addiction
my reservations moved a notch
addicted to a body of ideology
the stances of philosophical terms
uncovering ancient possibilities
the unfelt mysteries of history
veiled in icicles of pretence and lies
as if a Marxist, a closet bourgeoise
The stoicism of present bargains
questioning Socrates and morality reasons
a fatal dose ,examining the unexamined
as colourful as his mind blew my inner glow
he was lost in sad and low dialogues
afraid to face the earthly shallow shadows
yet his spirits moved deep within mine
and it paralysed and fed on my energy
and his delusion became my seduction
but he woke my inner poetic tongue
letting it caress all his inner wounds
A shadow hiding behind Frankenstein’s
a sly monster who lied to my eyes
ghosting in with the a pen that weakens
romancing with letters of a fiery doom
a penpal whom I met within my lowest
but whose words lay in a deep unending quarry
his warmth I could never ever tell
his kiss only a draft on the dewy grass
Thom Jamieson Jul 2018
Keep treading
Exhausted I swim
against a relentless undertow
gasping for breathe
while the brackish depths
beckon below
with the promise of sleep
Flickering visions
as I cycle between
the raging storm and icy winds above
and the cold dark silence beneath
Each time I surface
Another loved one
friend or family
is gone
drowned or rescued
and each time my heart breaks
and my resolve weakens
To surface once again
For soon I will be alone
with nothing
but the raging storm above
and the bowels of uncertainty
Thomas EG Aug 2018
One bite is never enough for you
You take the time to taste it all
And won't stop until you're full
But when your jaw weakens
The frustration sinks in fast
So when you kiss me,
Tell me,
Do my flavours dance on your tongue?
Because the finality of that moment,
When you complete a task and start to breathe again...
I just don't know if I can provide you with such relief
And you tell me that I can
But how could I possibly deserve a cherry like you on top of the mountain that is my heart?
But that's the thing
There's no one like you
Because you are the sweetest grump
Whenever frustrated, my sugarplum
And the remainder of you is glee
That can sink its teeth right into me
So bite off as much as you can,
Leave me to sit on your taste buds,
And take your sweet time
To savour me
We've got our obsessions
Amanda Nov 2018
I always hurt by caring too much
Expecting similar effort in return
This time thought I could maintain control
Some habits too deeply rooted to unlearn

There seems to be no magic number
Of heartbreaks able to change my ways
Come back to the very thing that destroys me
Resolve weakens in a matter of days

Each time I crash a little harder
The throbbing gets worse, injuries more severe
Plunged into a deep pool of denial
Would rather live a lie than face you not here

Although the agony is somewhat unbearable
Weight of dishonesty too heavy to hold
Know without a doubt it does not compare
To torment of watching our romance unfold

The most difficult decision I have ever made
Has been to give up on what I poured time into
Level the skyscraper that took eons to build
Clear unsalvagable wreckage and begin anew

Though all that remains are tiny pieces and dust
Of love we were so proud to call our home
I desperately scramble for answers in the ruins
Mind broken, I relentlessly comb

Looking like a pitiful fool
Witnesses point, scoff loudly, and stare
They don't understand how it feels to lose your heart
Should be embarrassed but I'm far too unaware

Oblivious to disarrayed surroundings
Aching nerves scorch muscles with greif
Any semblance of time long ago flew away
Have been trapped an eternity in a stupor of disbelief

****** sore palms red from scouring sharp sections
Hunting the same oversifted handfuls of our past for a trace
Of intimacy once lacing our brittle tired bones
Is it the feeling or just familiarity I chase?

All I know is functions halt when I'm on my own
Unsure if I can survive without you by my side
Whether its your soul or simply your presence I need
Or something else all together I can't decide

I was not clingy until you carried me on your back
Was not jealous before I discovered your power
One glance leaves head dizzy, drawing in with your charm
Emotions grow wild, stronger by the hour

So I'm stuck here stumbling mumbling incoherently
Staggering zig-zagging directions soaked
Love left me beaten, too ****** up to form a sane thought  
Mental state disturbed by the lies on which I choked

Conscience becoming numb, withdrawn into my shell
Long to close eyes for a semi-permanent sleep
I've not yet felt such emptiness before
An old hole reopens for each promise you failed to keep

Hopefully this will be enough
To secure chains constricting my heart
Lift the veil so my stubborn eyes can see next time
Stop the flood of high-pressure emotions before they can start
How did we get here?
Somehow we came undone
So busy trying to fix you
Didn't see us breaking crumb by crumb
Dkb Oct 2018
Please understand that every day i go to war and my body is left with battle wounds that can't be fixed.  When i try to explain you only get mad because you don't understand how I'm tired from doing nothing.
I'm exhausted because physically and emotionally I'm drained my body breaks down so when i lay in my bed my chest feels heavy and aches while every other part of my body feels like it's covered in tons of bricks and i can't move.
Dear mom, please stop asking where you went wrong and saying you should've done better, you played you're role correctly but it doesn't help when you say cruel things hoping they will cause a positive affect.
Dear mom, I'm sorry i still haven't figured out what i want to do with my life. I have so many ideas and i want to do so many things but I'm scared i won't be good enough at any of them, I'm afraid I'll mess up or make the wrong decision and you'll say "too late your stuck with it" so please give me a little more time to figure it all out.
Dear mom, I'm not lazy , I'm depressed. You have a broken daughter and that's not your fault but i thought you could understand. Sadness weighs down my body, my head is always full of doubt and i can't look in the mirror without noticing every flaw and wishing i was in someone else's skin because i feel I'm wearing a suit that's not meant for me.
Dear mom, i never sleep because i can't stop thinking my mind never shuts off i lay there with millions of things running through my head all at once and i have to stay up because I'm scared if i dont keep fighting my demons they will swallow me in my sleep. Getting out of bed is hard because depression weakens my bones so it's hard to move, i feel so alone but my depression lays next to me and holds my hand reminding me that's my only friend and i can't let go.
Dear mom, I want to go out and do normal every day things but every time i try depression slowly puts it's arms around my waist an says "lets stay in all day together" then I'm pulled right back in.
Dear mom, i thought you could understand, i watched you battle with depression himself, i saw the way he made you cry and broke you down. You pushed everyone away and isolated yourself , you were so scared of social interaction and you hated the way you felt in your body so you were embarrassed by your looks and always turned down an invite to go out. I saw how broken it made you so i thought you could understand but instead you pretend my depression isn't real.
Alex Sep 2018
All i can hear is the sound
That echoes in my head
It's full of darkness
I'm straining to reach
To escape
The light on the surface,
light on the other side
i feel the pages turning
As i write what happens in my mind
The candle of time is burning down
My time is running out
As the wax starts to spread
my hand weakens
And my eyes fall
I can write no more
I have lost my strength
I will soon be gone
When the light of the candle stops flickering
And the ink turns red
I will soon be dead
Charlene Oct 2018
In my darkest hours or in my brightest light ,in my sadder days as well as my happy ones I will be there for you.

During my sorrow or through my joy, through my anguish or through my pain I will be there for you.

As I grow old and my strength weakens, I will be there for you.

When my mind fades and my vision isn't as sharp in my heart I will be there for you.
A new beginning
An optimistic start
A warm embrace

Let yourself smile
Be thankful
For another day of life

Take it in strides
Be the warrior
You were meant to be
Fight till the very end

Once the daylight fades
Your energy weakens
Your desire fades
Exhaustion takes over
And you give in

Time to close your eyes
Let the darkneds envelope you

Praying to see another day.
corazon Jul 21
A lovely nightshade
Alone with the crowd.
The deadly Queen of Spades,
Gazes with her porcelain shroud.

An ambitious explorer,
Searching for his prized clover,
Stumbles upon an enigmatic aura.
She had finally caught her Joker.

Grace and solitude clash,
Leaving nothing but ambiguity.
Her unrelenting wrath
Against his unrivaled impunity.
Nothing but ambiguity.

Her venomous glare weakens
At his touch, cracking her porcelain shield.
His radiant confidence seething
Through her defenses as she yields.
Nothing but ambiguity.

The Joker had caught his clover.
The Queen’s shroud stripped bare.
Our Joker’s odyssey now over,
Ending within the arms of his new maiden fair.
Nothing but ambiguous love.
Nothing but ambiguous hate.

— The End —