Julia kRu Feb 2012

There was a famed Missus in Amherst,
Who married three times in her home nest;
Her two Lords - ere the third -
Lay low deep in the dirt
And were probably cussing in earnest.

(c)kRu, 12.11.2011

Julia kRu Feb 2012

you bite my toes -

that evokes
a wondering frenzy
that all of the
previous lovers
were (are)
just a bit (?)
selfish and lazy...

you tickle my feet
and all over a bit
and lap up
and lap up
and up my belly
and press foreheads
and my insides rally
for -
that there may be
more wondrous heedful lovers
who'd find
(or to look for?)
me -
quite possibly.

you softly grab
my leg in sleep,
and i almost weep
realizing cautiously
that maybe,
there is merit in me
for an even more
wondrous and heedful
relationship -
whenever that
comes in free.

and i still feel
your spirit on me,
and hope
it will flee
as soon as
i cross the ocean -

safe in the notion
that none of us

really needs running...

(c)kRu, 07.11.(on the plane)-09.11.11

Julia kRu Feb 2012

there's a pain in this heart -
it won't let me sleep,
it won't let me weep,
and it's so fucking deep
that all the insides still creep
each time i see you,
with my eyes
or my mind...

and when it does let me cry,
there's a moan in that throat -
it's a gutteral growl
it's a wail from within
it's the yowl of all wolves;

it's the deepest of wounds...

but you'll never know that;
so i do hope, at least;

but if you want to be safe -
just a hundred per cent -
don't look into these eyes;
they are never my allies...

(c)kRu, 17.10.-09.11.11

Julia kRu Feb 2012

i am tired greatly
of this haughty country;
of its unfamiliar weird ways;
here -
children must be raised
towards bright riches,
and directed t'wards
predictable set phrases...
they make friends real fast,
but never stay too long;
their whole "friendship" notion
is askew
(is askew and eerily contagious):
they smile widely, saying,
"hey, i love you!" - every day;
they smile widely and persuade you,
"hey! you're awesome!" -
but those feelings end
just as they leave those bosoms.

but that haughty country
sure knows how to make life better
Predictable -
for everyone involved...

spare me, save me,
and release me and
relieve me
from its harrowing, morose, humongous strains,
from the fascination for its glories!..
from its incandescent,
flashy stardom;
from the titillation
of its "havens"!!..

(c)kRu, 05.08.11-04.11.11
* remake of an old poem written in 1995.

Julia kRu Feb 2012

i am not in the mood to write...
my head is in piercing pain;
emotions are sore and haphazard;
resistance is doubling its might;
slain eyes are about to rain...

yes, my eyes have been slain -
like two lovers
by a jealous and envious third;
been rid of all chances
and glimpses -
so yenned for, like air -
of you...

they rain clear showers,
they rain crimson showers,
they flood all terrain and
shape rivers -
deep crimson-clear rivers of need,
they let my soul bleed
through their chambers...

i am not in the mood to write...
because - you've both hurt me like hell,
because - you've both played with my feelings;
because you care naught for my reelings...

i am not in the mood to write...
what did EVER i do to you?!

or, maybe, - you're simply a coward
for being a friend AND a lover?!

but that would be
artlessly easy...
or, maybe, i'm - simply - just blind?

i am not in the mood to write;
i am not in the mood to fight;
i am not in the mood for my goodness;
and for backstage-politics wooers...

(c)kRu, 03.07.-13.07.11

Julia kRu Feb 2012

you've left a scar so deep
it makes me wonder -
"what the fuck?!.."
and "why"
"why the hell..." -
has it so deeply struck?
for -
you are NOT
never will be...

NO other lover
EVER will be.

but you...
have left...
the scar:
so deep - it hurts
from utmost far;
excluding everything
and notwithstanding tolls;
it's not genteel -
a curtain call
like that.

the heartache-bloodstained oars
still paddle that so-wobbly
whose are they? -
mine or yours?..

you've left the scar
so deep...

here - take it
back to
sort out
and to keep:

i've got...
no use...
for it!..

(c)kRu, 19.06.-27.06.11

Julia kRu Feb 2012

you jumped
(or flew?)...
and everything
for us?
for you?
you smiled,
supposed that
it's better.
so -
is there peace?
we certainly hope!

thanks for the
harsh lesson -
it should
serve us right;
it should
stress our plight;
should make us
stop squeeze
lives out of

quite a cruel

cross carefully,

(c)kRu, 09.06.-10.06.11

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