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Jose Remillan Feb 2021
The Sphinx was alive when
The blackhole emerged
Somewhere in the galaxy of

My dream.

It was an ode to immortality,
I presumed, built to mystify
The mind of Hawking, winding

The roads

Of everything left to us by chance
Or rebirth. We knew it by now.
We, too, are stardusts.
Jose Remillan Feb 2021
The drizzles, upon our skin, akin to
Crystalline dews streaming down
The window pane. Plane as it is,
Except for some stories told over

A cup of coffee, we remained strangers
In a strange midnight, nameless,
Faceless crowd of aloness. But the
Stolen gaze is a thousand words,

Unspoken yet understood, unheard
Humming in solitude. So we stood in
Silence for there is no better name
For all there is in this moment but

Midnight sun.

Just lend me another cup of creamer
And caffeine, for I have forgotten the
Art of remembering, for all there is has
Become a poetry of your presence.
Jose Remillan Feb 2021
Na muli tayong pagtagpuin
Ng sakali, sana'y nariyan ka
Pa rin gaya ng saglit nating

Paglagi sa sulok na ito.
Hindi ko nais na naisin mo
Ako, gaya ng naisip mo nang

Agawin ka sa'kin ng tadhana.
"Bahala na," sabi mo.
Ang mahalaga'y natuto tayong

Maging tayo, sa kabila ng lahat.
Sa kabila ng bigat. Sa kabila ng
Sanlibong pilat na kailan ma'y

Di ko na masasalat.

Huwag **** kaligtaan ang sulok
Na ito, kung sakaling igawi ka rito
Ng ala-ala't pag-aalala.

Kung sakali lang.
Jose Remillan May 2017

And I saw her silhouette, backlit by a
make-shift sun, her hair draped
around her shoulder, her eyes


in tears, her smile I haven't seen for
years--it seemed. I have forgotten the
dirge when the bridge was burnt by


flaming hearts. Nothing was left but
ghosts and an urn of love letters. And here
again, I dreamt last night. And I saw


dress still resting on my restless chair,
as if no one left, nothing is lifted, not
even her goodbye, and my hello.
So I have to leave it to the clock to


for it confesses that I am weak.
Jose Remillan May 2017

the glare didn't make it to my eyes,
perhaps not anymore till this hour.
darkness has swathed this cold
corpse of throbbing heart's
longed-for forlorn
freedom from

numbness of the night, of all that is
human left in me, that has left me,
that has forsaken me. that
it could have been fate is
nothing but a question of
faith; now a question of
happiness. passing.
so this day.

so am i.
Jose Remillan May 2017
I breath but I don't bleed in
Her world. Time ceases to
Unify my senses, seasons
Change according to purpose.

Once the reason for being
Has been consumed, the being
Dies and a new beginning
Lies above the character.

That is the first world.
A word in the creator's mind
Is reality in hibernation.
And it is always beyond good

And evil, for even the process
Of beginning is a function of
Pursuing happiness, of pursuing
Rebirth amidst the oceans of

Variables, of chances.

Changing planes of plain existence
Is all but question of reason of Being,
For being here, for being there in my
Version of truth and reality, in her

Vision of love and eternity.
Jose Remillan May 2017
Marahan niyang pinitas ang
Huling gumamela sa hardin.
Kasama ang liham at lihim
Ng puso, inialay sa paralumang

Matagal-tagal ding itinangi,
Itinangis sa tadhana, ng walang
Hanggang paghilom at pag-asa.
Anuman ang mangyari, patuloy na

Idadako ang paningin sa pagtingin,
Hindi sa hapĆ³ng damdamin, hindi
Sa mga lamat ng puso, bagkus
Sa alamat ng bagong pagsuyo,

Paulit-ulit mang danasin ang guho.
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