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Elouise Roux Feb 2013
If only it was so
to grasp claim bottle
What is so
evasisive yet direct
as those mesmorising swirls
of memmory
such a sizable spectrum
shifting softly
caused by so simple
a trigger
Invading that grey
previously lost
Elouise Roux Feb 2013
Did you hear?
Did you see?
Do you enjoy a cup of tea?

Why yes extremely loud.
Of course its hardly missed.
Indeed i do, multiple as the case may be.

What about the quiet?
What about the young?

Its a pleasing luxury rarely available.
Intolerable rude disrespectful.

Are you aware?

Of what my dear?

The colour of your hair.
Elouise Roux Jan 2013
Water is safety
It is comfort, clarity
A transparent friend.
Elouise Roux Dec 2012
Filled with such glee
A grinning idiot
Fuel'd by nothing more
Than a nostalgic tune.
This song holds such happy memories that i found myself grinning :)
Elouise Roux Dec 2012
Running wild like a galloping stallion
Inappropriate amazing arousing
Leaving one breathless paralysed
Yearning both for its end and power
She jumps in gives and takes it all
Any Strength I Had I'm willing take it
Take me away here now.
Elouise Roux Dec 2012
What I want is not apparent to me.
Is it to others written on my face?
They seem to know better than I
Or is that I know but refuse to vocalise?
Of course, life is only as complicated as we make it.
So why don't we act change what is needed?
Simple, lazy cowardice.
Elouise Roux Dec 2012
Ripe the comment was
A point at which to start new
Ready for picking.
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