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SassyJ 22h
She is a girl, whose face radiates
above all extremities she faces
far beyond any complications poses
she smiles, she signs, she is a wonder

The star on her eyes guides her
way into to deeper illusions
steeper inclinations to the edge
where the sun illuminates on her

She is the beauty I see
even when lost, lonely and distanced
she comes back to the place of bliss
where one season surpasses another

and life becomes but a journey....... one of adventure and bliss
SassyJ Apr 12
Such a sunny day unshielded from rain
and I have so many spent days alone
whispering to cornered phantoms
some of ago, others taunt and appease
to melodies of utter bitter sweets
If I could turn the clocks back I would
walk back to that perfected day
standing right there beside you
but love is not unconditional
and many people die drowned in it
trying in resolutions to make it work
and you could never fight for me
neither stand up shielded in misery
and my heart is ice cold and frozen
unable to feel, digressed from love
because in my eyes, it’s a waste of time
and my soul cries with an incurable ail
as if hit with a nail,unbailed a thousand times
deep within I stand as an unpolished iron
rusted and collected in sediments
ores of amber slime tapped as a ****
but the loathe on your skin tells it all
and all I wanted is to be better friends
but in your eyes, all is faint and insecure
and the cyclones of the past outweigh the present
SassyJ Apr 11
There are no houses here
just hills with billabongs
sheep raiding pastures
each contained to its own
and the greeness of the valley
is submerged within my being
bearing the streams from the sun

There are trees smiling
attired in greeness and sheen
whilst others are withered
unbranched, unclothed, branded
each to its own paradise
unaware of the other’s existence
reserved in frames ponds

Thoughts to Cootamundra
where reasons are sacrificed
and the words muted are said
and each passageway is a memory
that reforms my tapestry
awaiting the hushed winter winds
at the heart of the autumn breeze
SassyJ Apr 10
In the city lights of Canberra
a place so steadily slow
away from water currents
a night as this so cold
and the breeze sets in
taking away the layers of warmth

In the city hub of Canberra
right at the middle of the walk
trails of mellow towered heights
and your face shows a bliss
in hues of unhindered shadows
smiling as if to save my soul

In the city pass of Canberra
I miss the touch I never felt
eyes that I never ever gazed
and yet your smile arise
right within my tender core
to the temple where we melt
SassyJ Apr 7
I will spent another daylight hour
looking deep in the ember of your heart
where love oozes droplets of life
covering my all with dazzling sparks
those remedies that want to crave
caving for your heart to fill my curves
right to the core of our time
where destiny revolves and resolves
and as your tounge fills my jaw
crusing to the depths of my inside
my soul captures the depth of yours
pausing in memories unsilenced
our whispers carried by sirens
to the den we claim to taste
the drooling icicles of honey
Inspired by daylight hours and the idea of love. It’s plausable.... indeed
Love denies itself until it feels like it never exists.
SassyJ Apr 7
The green eucalyptus were in array
as I walked at the edge of the earth
consumed in the midst of the unknown
or was it just a figurative forced mist
illusioned on pictures in depths of mine
whilst the sun rays shone light
through these windows into my withins
and my eyelids were steady in the middle
at the centre where all the spirits awashed
and life vanished like an uncertain rainbow

Yet I was so young at heart, unable to see
and looking back, I can’t seem to understand
or even hold tight to that mystery angel
the one that brought me to the city of the sun
in another time, after another rapture
where psalms whispered of an eternity
and sonnets were effervescence and marginalised
and the questions were sought and internalised
and happiness became the solid I consumed
at the heart of paradise where it all fades

Come yee symphonies arise to the skies
above the sun each holding to the other
Let me just follow merry and nourished
hoping to be tangled in the lost rhythms of the sun
SassyJ Apr 6
Halfway through the year time crept
Days seemed to flash like thunder
each vanishing by to its paradise
Sometimes I wonder about the days
If they will reappear above the mirage
far beyond the ever breathing skies
above the unreachable starry skies
above what is unfathomable and unattainable
and if these days sat on a mountain?
would it ever sink or be weighed down?
submerging below the strata and volcanic tension

aren’t we all stuck in a driven world
where souls are trying, prying, crying
each trying to find a place, some freedom
a resolution above all the substitutions

Yet as she sat at the fountains of love
all she could find was second class crowns
rusted copper coins sunk at the bottom
and all their wishes echoed eons ago
articulated with tainted rosy promises
pardoned within a series of mysteries
as if happenstance as delicacy was outpoured
and as she sailed, willowing voices unfolded
and all she could visualise was the future ahead
Inspired by a day out at Wagga Wagga, NSW AU
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