SassyJ Dec 2017

Petals of the unknown boiled the clouds
flourishing in a gasolene bubbly smoke
lavishing in a contextual melody of good
the lures, those silences of push and pull
trails of the lost signals and flashes of null
the then that became a forgotten tragedy
the now when love twists its curl on a crux
it's all a delusion, a death of an abandoned body
that time when the table was set with love
straws lighted to try and make a heart happy
mercies of dedication and that invested time
tending to the home growns and the late nights
trims of tight, that lost gaze of the lost mercies
standing on the salty stone set to melt, an arrest
as rotten shatters rest on the barren grounds

Working on a new collection: incognito
SassyJ Nov 2017

There was the barren land
on soils ready and fresh
to make love to the bones
inside a stew that loathe
boiling to a place of peace
this palace of contentement
where all the walk is done
and the wrongs undone
sometimes pride is accorded
recorded on the unforgiven
vinyls of the paradisical scent
of beginning and self assurance
as the sun chases its warmth
right to the core of my very heart
the fineness felt is a mystery
blowm inside the breezy lux
in miles within millions strings
stranded in a unification force
bonding the unbound in love
rolling the tears to milled moulds
where rumbles of the unburied
lay in echoes of deemed silence

SassyJ Nov 2017

A new wind now follows me
It raptures this present moment
Cuddling my shadows to warmth
Right behind, shining beyond
as ugly faces snails sluggishly
hiding from the brightest rays
ohh these beautiful strokes noticed
as remedies so tantalized in beauty
Sit content on a haloed glorified wings
to places never dreamt or held
to a laughter never tasted or read
to a state where all memory lapses
as shades of black and whites blend
bent in a mass of the unfrozen mixtures
lines of the unsaved in-betweens
through the trees and momentums
where moonlight burns the sun
around where one awakes from death
as life becomes a chance of survival
on reflections in the shattered mirrors

SassyJ Oct 2017

A void of emotional loneliness
inside the empty glasses of pain
seared in mere shudders of anger
the shatters of depressive sound

It's a birth of many experiences
closed off between the ledges
within compactification feelings
suppressed in ill-suited stimulus

The hypnosis of unknown days
married by illiterate experiences
above the complexes of linear
meaning and the flashbacks of self

It's a void of the unconsciousness
planting the senseless needs
over and under, over again
solving riddles, of past emotions

poetry is a way of talking about references of experience that makes us emotional literate....... thus expressing our authentic feelings. Don't give your future away because you have past emotional complexes.
SassyJ Oct 2017

Surely keep me warm
right in the swift wind
where you are an anchor
solving the depths of me
through dampness of search
in steps backwards drowning
gazing for your lovely touch
the width of your kisses felt
as our hearts make love
to the oneness of our revolts
fooling under gallons of rain
where fever denotes amour
in dreams fairing parallels
let me carry our weights
as the cold fades, come closer
somehow even unknown
in this evidenced realism
we watched each other forever
peeping, gazing the grazes
come closer as I will recognise
the wrinkles fronting the forehead
the creaminess of a tender voice
your intricate firm-tender touch
I will hear your sensate whispers
Surely keep me warm

SassyJ Oct 2017

Yesterday was the day that I cried buckets of reds. The soul fainted and moon painted. Water me down, weed me so that I may grow. Deep where the root lay untuned, where the mire is an utter disappointment. Little girl rise above the water, swim to the shiny shores, where the reflection of the ripple is effervescent.

Grant little one, shine to the upper skies where kites fly and the nature of the true being narrates it's calmeness...... the compensation of the collective creation in the silent so pure and levelling. Run above the mind where aliveness is sculpured from the raw clay. Tears fade in the shores past the Gulf of Mexico.

In this moment, that present, the persistent of the lived reality. Where hurt and pain are a realization of the tablets of truth. Let me rise above it all. Beyond the reds to the amber where the purple remedies the views. As the clogging bells trigger, ringing echoes beyond the volumes of the acoustics. Take me above the dimensional vibration from the sacrum to the crown.

Old Diary entries in Mexico.......... moments of reflection.
SassyJ Oct 2017

Ten years in a fenced cage under the Nile
restrained from the dense of the fish
raided in eventful motions and constraints
disused from the beautiful living existence
miles of glories and hails of mysteries
the waters swallowed and the hollows
borrowed cries and ails of gloomy sails
green flashes, trances minced and hissed
transpiring the intuitive caskets of energy
the fanning rotor roared harder and wider
further down beyond the extension of being
colluding, protruding deeper and within
cutting lateral slices of time and space
matting the unknown on disused walls
where illegible and delible oaths lays
hidden on rocks and cracks by crooks
As we sat invisible, affixed... telling tales
Ten years now unfenced, flying over the Nile

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