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SassyJ Oct 12
We deserve and night of debeuchary and unrest
a night in the dark haunted laundry
where the sins of the linens awash
some pleasure in the hidden crescent moon

We deserve it in that nauseated mind of thee
to merry where the drunked sacrifice
their bits for a sunken irrepeutable bite
some leisure in the unfathomable snow

We deserve to die and lay at rest in the grave
where silence is the forgotten anthem
and friendship is a ruthless uncoath paste
some treasures that get lost in a trodden path
SassyJ Oct 8
On the ranges of the icy glacier
a reflection of what I become summits
mirrored glass of moments in time
centuries flown above all the skies
loveless but yet fully explorable
openness but yet activated in the clouds
unreachable but yet wearing a clown

At the peak of Fizt Roy questions as posed
a reflection of how time turns down
sometimes the closeness of a soul is elusive
a slippery shimmer on the mountain tops
loveless but yet wandering around
openness but yet sheltered in delusions
unreachable but yet in a crowded defence

The ice compacts and breaches a bond
again and again it looses the unknown touch
revolting with a known hidden treasure
loveless but yet in untold stories
openness but yet in un-winded resounds
unreachable but yet caring a little more
Written staring at the peak of Fitz Roy, Argentina
SassyJ Oct 8
There are peculiar houses everywhere
shelters of a wooded promise erected
yet the stillness of the moment wave goodbye
to all the lost fairly valentines
those invalid promises of a yesterday
those unaided requisitions invented

Once I wanted to fill my life with empty houses
a house of ruly prejudice and contemplation
a space open to delinquents and saint alike
a pasture of that open ended gesture
alas, it was such an illusion, surreal conclusion
of objective tension and undue consideration

Today the house is filled with love
an acceptance of within a decision without
for love has become unreachable, unforeseen force
to hold, to cherish, to share in one accord
a life of aloneness, barren of any passion
yet alive and open to the adventures of life
reflection of life whilst admiring the pink houses in El Chalten village, Argentina.
SassyJ Oct 8
If I had you here
watching the sunset pride
I would gaze in your eyes
and feel your soul
sing softly to this of mine
in my dreams you are an anthem
the rythym inside my heart  

How I wish that I met him
that summer paradise of mine
I would gaze in his eyes
and let his energy awash
drowning me to all the mysteries
of the unforeseen synergy
the rythym inside my heart
I wish I would meet him ......
SassyJ Oct 8
Iguazu falls is like a thunder
stone pillars of brilliance
all upon a mass of waters
flowing as nature intended
wake her up to a rapture of conciliations
in a sequence of rapid resonance
of what shall I learn from the rivers?
that life can blow that unformed spear
sorts that erode and precipitate
some that wound and bleed to bruise
others that are an unfold of happenstance
others that are an uncovered shadows of sheen

Iguazu falls is like a thunder
stilled over the stable rafts
separating trinities and nations
adjoining promises and torn peace
illuminating soul fed ample hearts
in a sequence of a rapid resonance
of what shall I learn from the rivers?
that life is a continuance of adventures
sorts that breaks then rebuilds firmer
some that lose control in fear and love
others that get lost in a rhythmic flow
others that are uncovered shadows of sheen
written at the Iguazu falls
SassyJ Oct 8
The snow trends from the mountain tops
on a window ledge by the peak trail
submerged on a train of eventful thought
compounded by a sail of unlost memories
resigned to see an arousal of a soul
hearted in a summit of the unseen dust
yet the aliveness of your energy rebuilds
silenced in the calmness of an un-wasted night
lost and resumed to care a little bit more
yet the brightness of your heart sings
echoed in the rhythm of the unheard hymns
founded under a layer of a consumed night

…… and when the night falls my heart races, like a horse galloping in a field of daffodils. ****** under the view of the city lights, set on a valley of a precious flow.

…… and when we kiss the world ceases to move. All motion of time lapses, tranced in a space of un-woken dreams.

…… and when sobered in a time closer to 2020, no reformed regrets darling. Lately I have been lost in your within. Soaring to dreams of unfading forevers.

…… and when I say "I love you" its unconditional, it passes time. It's a mystery of innocence. It's as easy as the world exists. It's not an obligation but an existence.
SassyJ Oct 7
At the end of the world
Overlooking the atlas
where the ice fells
and snow treks

kissing under the stars
the crescent moon
smiles on the icecles
another born dreams

watching sea lions
mother seedlings
as they prowl in islands
owning the sea and life

sailing on the beagle channel
drowned by the Les Eclaireurs
such a red prey on the sea
lighting the penguin walk
Ushuia .... Beautiful experience and memories at the end of the world
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