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SassyJ 6d
Foot steps upon the height of a hill
a mole down a lane in just a mile
as I escape in the dense of the night
with each step traced close to yours

If the midline was a graced venture
would the sparkle fade and frown?
would the lonely rainy day awash?
would the wonder grow in thunder?

As the shadow get displaced in hues
supposedly trapped inside neat seams each a fixture of unknown secrets
set in unfounded, yet searchable folds

If such a time comes, my dearest
My embrace will be coat you wear
all the words of this love will live
and carry us home to our bed
SassyJ 6d
When every night becomes a lullaby
On the trail down the trended woods
under the conifer tree that withers
euphoria overlooks inside the trance
a transverse of the crossed distance

When summer surrenders at the eclipse
and the embers of your light ignite
I feel your breathe nearer, closer to thee
where our souls speak and puts the world to rest
lost under the treasures of undiscovered seas

These days I stay at the same point
drenched, lost in the subsidized slide
Searching your heart ohh my love
the whispers burnt out in the cold
together with unsaid words and mysteries
SassyJ Aug 25
The dawn awakes to see the light
and realisations simmers deeply
that his heart and soul is another
tis time to fly and forget the legion

At the table where sacrifice is evasive
and conditions are a brew that rise
I evade this physical form and levitate
tis time to fly and forget the legion

All I wish is to never see his face again
to evade his shadows and meander
escape to the valleys that welcome me
tis time to fly and forget the legion

All the faults I adorned to myself dissapear
Farewell dreams silence the lullabies
calculated in fractions and rejection
this time to fly and forget the legion
SassyJ Aug 24
You are the love song that replays
that constant echo inside my heart
a resound of the dreamy remedies

You are the eyes that reflect grace
a soul that embrace mine at night
as we wander on clustered clouds

You are the September knocking the door
creating chains of lustful songs
as we dance on moon-shaped arcs

You are the morning bird that chirps
inside this drastic nostalgic tones
penetrating in tendered symphonies

You are the shadow holding mine
as the darkness take a bountiful stroll
in paths that we ought to survive
SassyJ Aug 24
What a predicament?
them spent days realigning my thought
and for each one the penny turns
presenting a double face, subtle tales

All the days I hid not to be seen
avoiding to be discovered, unclear sight
digging caves so deep and unreachable
sailing to shores, chasing invisible dream

In such moments when I wash all the dust
settling densely in this far away land
tinkering in shrubs and unwithered pinewood
recollecting the haunted songs into anthems
If the stars realign........ the blood of me, the harvest of my dreams, the silence won't cease....... keep running, keep hiding.
SassyJ Aug 22
In the cool of a winter night
when the rain travels eastwards
filled with cups of love and laughter
a simmer to evoke all unkempt feelings

How so? the striking contrasts
with all the missed conversations
inside shadows of celestial quivers
tamed in uncovered whispers of mysteries

If thunder was all I could feel
I sacrifice to sharpen your tides
sending beats into the currents
as my soul is boxed in the wind of love

How so? that you shine brighter
dazed in the glow of your silhouette
as days turned into unending months
I see you reflection as clear as day
Until this feeling eases. Your esse continues to shine
SassyJ Aug 21
Truly so and I can't cease to see your face
a smiling gift to the universe that deciphers
rolling deeper within the contours of my heart
I permit even if your eyes is all I will see

Inside my mind yours smiles as we drift in the wind
your song encounters the depth of my soul everyday
I can't make portions to make it our possibility
but as the moon wave I will blow a kiss every night

Someday we will  wait for spring as mystery unravels
beyond any bridges that limits the depth of a river
in another thousand years will this pause change?
as I wrap myself in a ribbon of bravery done for you
This boy I like so....... but the evasion?
Feelings and all the embrace that encompasses................
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