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I was a child then , but now am a teen , um in the stage where my life is strange , hopping to get better but getting bitter , um not a child, not yet an adult but in the middle of them all, in the middle of the ocean where i have to fine my way out, where i have to make choices that my life will depend on them "wrong or right"choices      um a teenager and um a thinker , i think of all the bad and wrong things that evry sec of it will change my life as a whole , i thnk about my life now, but what about it in future? I think about myself but what about others? I think about the new days but what about the newer ones?                                 Im a teenager and my days of being a child are long gone and soon my days of being a teen wiil be gone too , the day will come for me to face the real world  , my days will come when my choices will lead me..            Im a teenager , um in a crazy stage where nature drives me crazy my life as a teen may seen good..but its not , being a teens is like living in a horror movie , lts like the world has shown me its worsts site its like the world has turn its back on me.             I am a teenager and i have a future ahead of me and i have to make my country a better place tommorrow coz my decision now can build my future and shape the person i am tommorrw and make me the person i wanna be    "thats my teenage life"
Teen   future....dicisoins   good  bad   child
My love for you will never i promise to all i need is love and um happy we made it to all i need is love and to forgive and forget becouse together we can make our new generation and stop living in this movhango and now garedumele gore people can tear us apart..we will show people at our ekasi that our scandal is over,,only love come upon us...we can even go to home affairs to register our love even when we enter at family bounds they will only see "best couple" rhythm city is our past city where it destroyed our love and now we came around even need to go to society to tell abomzala that we made our love strong and come up very stronger...
Poem about few soupies hahaha lawl
The only thng that keeps us the young people going is our dreams..we never give up , our dreams are so powerful not even the evil can swallow them, they are our prosperity,passionality, they are our strength through our vission of once bieng weaknsess but now changed ....the unseen but the doings of our life, dreams can sometime be hard or unable to see but if you believe u can turn them to seen and reality ........believe in your dreams that the onlything that will make you the better person of tomorrw...and thats the onlything that no one will take it from you your   dreams
Dreams are so strong an we gotta believe
When i first met you, i was afraid to meet you,my heart skipped a beat,your eyes were shinning like a pure gold, your mouth were so beautifull that needed to be kissed,you were always in my mind thats why i couldnt seem to forget you. Even when you were at the distence i'd see you closer to me,i knew you but i havent known who you are.i tried to calculate you but you were impossible to be calculated ,i think of all the possible to get possibility to know you,   you blinded my eyes with your love,i couldnt see but i would see only you. When u came near me i felt like i could see the beating of my heart and it felt like i have known you forever,even though it was the first."ishmael" you were all um thinking of, you conquered my hear and i gave it all to you "still now"from the day you told me how u felt about me i just wished that i could fly and tell the whole world about ur feelings and the respond of mine...when u leave i felt that i could review and copy you so that i can see you or i could use the remote to display/reward your presence,i gave it all to you,now my heart is my gift to you and its your choice whether to keep it forever or to tear it to pieces but before that remember of the day we first met
*** you a riddle that anyone can get,you was born out of nowhere, you came out of nowhere.,,you are the evil secret weapon,you came and control  people's lives who are you ***? why are you here? Why are you so painful to our lives? Why do you bring destruction to our world? It was our world then but  since you enter this world you control it as if it belong to you, you have our belongings into your hands and you direct usto death through hell                                             *** you are cruel ,you just three letter but you so powerful and every letter of you have a sadness meaning,,Letter H-which means hell,you drive us to helll ,,Letter I-illness,you are the illness that weakens our body and Letter V-virus, virus you are the last course we need, you destroy people's lives and suparate their feeling into million pieces                                                      *** you've done and still done painful things, you get into people's live and caurse kios into in people's relationships, you take parents away from their children and leave their children homeless, you make people to give up their lives, you made us live in fear,you get into people who never though it will be them who contacted you, you crep around the coner with no footstep to hear                *** we all live in dfear odf you,we will stand up  without shedding a tears,this is our live come on only "we" can judge ourselves its not about willing to give up, its about willing to fight back and take whats belong to "us" which is health,life an world *** you are people's unwanted friend that they will live with day to day till God remembers them
The most fearfull deases "***"
My dream,all um dreaming  about, the one um dreaming about,the vission i have,the future i still picture..will all be gone  my future ,the person i wanna be, the career ,the goal i wanna archive will soon be gone away from me when i die um afraid of death.....               My enemy will laugh an rejoice while my love ones will cry an say "ferwell we will mit again"  who i am and what i am will soon be for nothing..the good that i have done and the bad that i have done will soon be for experiance of both will soon die with me,,,,my family and friends will soon be fillfull with blood tears..soon i will be forgetten as the earth get ride of me an put me under its ground where my body will be eaten by worms while my spirit will remain to the lord,,an the lord will look at me an smile from his golden throne an will say to me ""my child this is eternity an i promize you that today life in earth is past but here it start anew,,,the lord will welcome me an keep me in his arms an give me his special care an say you are welcome to your new home an my heart will heal from the pain of the earth,,and oh if i will still have it,the pain of losing the one i love,,,but the day i will die it will be my great life exprience an no more pain ,my soul will be at peace while my body will be at pieces but i will look at you and say *why cry when a soul is set free an put to rest fortunatly you wont hear me  others will be singular without me but once they forgettern about me their lives will be i dont wanna die so young
#crying# BBMbata
My dream is my dignity, my passion of insparation my love of all the love songs the vission of my future,the vision of my days,my month and my years.....            My dream is my everything my north,my south,my east and my west,my midnight and my morning school days and my sunday rest, my stars and my all full and half moons,the sun and my canddle light the darkness and even the brightness
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