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Katie Nelson Aug 2019
Admit it. Scream it. Howl it to the *******
moon. Your heart is soft
                  and so is mine
and oh how if ******* hurts sometimes.
Katie Nelson Aug 2019
my body, close to yours
I heard you start to cry and so I came
Katie Nelson Feb 2013
as silly little thoughts tumble round my head,
every so often, I tear my mind away from myself

and as I ponder life's convoluted web,
I am drawn to your strand,
and glad that it's still humming, if just gently so

it might be the longest shot there ever was,
but as I sort through my feelings, as I untangle the knots,
I hope you know I am thinking of you.
I hope you hear my love, through the silence and the noise.
I hope you know who I am and remember who you are.
For my Grandma Kissiah.
Katie Nelson Jan 2013
I walked a thousand miles, I traveled a thousand years, and when I looked down at my feet, I found them right back here
Katie Nelson Jan 2013
you and i are different, so perfectly the same
you light my world on fire and then you make it rain
Katie Nelson Jan 2013
slow dancing in a sunny room
on a empty day

a bright moment in a bleak outlook
removed from the channel's purposeful rush
anchored to the banks, we are free

spinning as life flows by

the room is empty, as is the day,
but we fill both with the features of our faces
                                                                ­                  and the echoes of our laughter

we spin on our heels, we spin on the moment
and it is gone

we break apart and leave the room
the sun stays behind to warm the bed
Feedback is welcome
Katie Nelson Dec 2012
hum drum, hum drum,
the voices and the noise,
hum drum, hum drum,
the worries and the crowds,
hum drum hum drum,
monotony and routine
hum drum hum drum
dulling my senses
hum drum humdrum
making me placid
humdrum humdrum
weakens my voice

who is that?
it is me. i am you.
but how did you come to be so!
but surely you know; don't you remember yesterday?
that it happened, but little more than that.
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