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Children usually follow example more than any try and be the example for them.
Everyday that you get to live is a chance for you to improve yourself and become a better person.
Sk Abdul Aziz Feb 21
Some days I rise
Somedays I fall
But I try not to give up or lose hope
I fight back and once again stand tall
It's not easy times I feel so helpless and frustrated
But I somehow try and keep myself motivated
At times I suffer
Sometimes I cry
But I don't question why?
I just take each day as it comes
I take the blows
Witness life's various shows
I try and hard and aim for the sky
May be someday I'll reach that high
I know I won't always succeed
But I try and make sure there is no lack of effort on my part
For I'm okay with failing
But I'm not okay with not trying
Sk Abdul Aziz Feb 13
You're the cause of my pain
And yet you're my only pain reliever
You give me hope
And the very next moment you shatter me
You love me
And yet you hate me
You hurt me
And then you console me
You dominate my thoughts and dreams
And yet I'm never there in your thoughts
I feel so strongly for you
I cry for your love and yet I don't seem to get it
And then you cry when I'm not there
I sometimes can't quite understand this contrast
Are we just meant to be this constant conflict of emotions???
Is togetherness never going to be a part of our script???
Will our love ultimately fade away into oblivion???
Most of the times we are not even loyal and honest to ourselves and yet we expect it from others.
Sk Abdul Aziz Jan 31
Not everyone gets to live their if you're living it...cherish it, value it and make the most of it.
Sk Abdul Aziz Jan 25
We communicated more in silence than we ever did with words
She spoke with her eyes
I conversed via my heart
Right then I realized that this was the start of something special....
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