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Sometimes you apologize not because you're wrong and the other person is's because you value your relationship with that person more than you value your ego.
Sometimes words aren't needed
A look or a gesture or an action says it all
I love you not because I find some deep connect with you(Which I do)
I love you not because you make me happy(Which you do)
I love you not because you're my friend or confidante(You're both)
I love you for a very specific reason...
...when I'm with you.. I feel 'SAFE'
And as far as I recall I've never felt that feeling ever before in my life
You say that you love me
But I've seen your eyes
And they tell a completely different story
They don't seem to like me..not one bit
A month of fasting from dawn till dusk
A month of tons of praying
A month of seeking forgiveness  
A month of giving as much as possible to the needy
A month of sacrificing hunger and desires
A month of expressing gratitude to the Almighty
A month of controlling anger and lust
A month of curbing desires
A month of inculcating good habits
A month of changing oneself for the better
A month of building character
A month of introspection and reflection
A month of curing bitterness and differences
A month of building bonds with family and relatives

Its EID tomorrow in my country.. It's celebrated upon the completion of Ramadan observed by Muslims all across the globe..a month of total fasting(no food and water) from dawn till dusk..its like a month of physical mental and spiritual cleansing....After a month of intense fasting..EID is a day of joy and happiness...It will be a very different EID this time around amidst the lockdown.
You were there when the grass was green
Where were you when it was pouring and the grass had become muddy?
You were there when I was doing well in life
Where were you when I was near broke and struggling to make ends meet?
You were there when the sun was shining
Where were you when it was setting and darkness was creeping in?
You were there when the wounds were healed
Where were you when they needed healing?
You were there when the painting was beautiful
Where were you when the colours were all smudged?
You were there when I could give
Where were you when I needed?
You were there during the celebratory events of my life
Where were you during my funeral?
My deceased eyes kept looking for you in the gathering..
..hoping against hope that at least here you wouldn't abandon me
..but I was a fool from the very beginning
Too blind in love
Too blind to see the truth...
...the harsh and unfortunate truth that I was a loner when I was born
And I would be a loner when I'm gone
Clear skies
Beautiful moonlight night
Sitting on the beach with my lover
An army of stars watching us
A cool breeze blowing across
Holding hands and kissing
Sometimes she runs her fingers through my hair
Sometimes her gorgeous hair falls across my face
Her aroma is enticing
And then as the waves keep crashing against the shore
My heart can't help but want more...
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