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Don't repeat your old mistakes..Analyse and learn from them but at the same don't be afraid to make new ones.
Sk Abdul Aziz Mar 13
Sometimes when a relationship outgrows itself...its better to let go of it.  The first few days will hurt a lot but in time you realize that it was for the best. There are a lot of actions you will take in life that might not be pleasant but you still need to take them 'coz its the right thing to do.
Sk Abdul Aziz Jan 13
Take me with you
Take me into your being... Your existence
Drown me in your love
Bathe me with your rage
Submerge me in your depths
Take me to that sweet spot.. Down at the very bottom of the sea bed
Where it's all dark and calm.
Where the mind is at peace
And the soul in a state of trance
All my worries and troubles going into oblivion
Take me to that place where no light reaches
Take me to those glaciers
Where the ice melts and the droplets of cold water tease the **** outta my senses
Take me to that place where the river meets the sea and they amalgamate into a different being
Take me to those dense dangerous forests
Where I can hear it all.. The sounds of life and death both at the same time
Take me to those desolate and harsh deserts..where I can experience both the warmth and coldness of Nature at its best
Take me to those graveyards.. Where I just sit among the dead and try and listen to their stories
Take me to those ruins.. Those desolate places of destruction.. Where I  keep realizing that one day I too shall crumble and perish.. So I better make the most of whatever little time I've left
Take me to those Rocky Mountains where I can greet the clouds up close
Take me to those Rocky arches.. Those magnificent pieces of architecture.. I just wanna witness their beauty one last time
Take me to the darkness outside the planet.. Where I float in zero gravity
Floating around without a care in the world... dying a most beautiful death

Sometimes I feel so out of place in this world
A world which passes quick judgements and labels everything... Its so ******* annoying.
Sk Abdul Aziz Dec 2018
Greed and ambition are not bad...but they should act as a positive
motivating force and not as a negative consuming force...think of it like this...Water under a boat is necessary and helpful but when the same water rises above the boat it becomes threatening and dangerous.
Sk Abdul Aziz Nov 2018
I twist and turn in my bed
I change the sheets
I change the pillows
I close the windows
I glance at the moon
I try listening to some soothing music
I close my eyes and start counting
I even try dreaming
I finally pop a pill
But no matter what I do tonight...
...It simply won't work
I've finally surrendered and awoken to this cruel realization that sleep is determined to desert me Tonite and by the looks of it(well it's around 4am)..I'd say it's been an absolute beat down for me...
Sleep it seems is upset with me at the moment
And truth be told...i have mistreated her on many occasions
So...Looks like its gonna take a fair amount of apologising and persuading to pacify her
Sk Abdul Aziz Nov 2018
Our lives are nothing but a series of boxes we have to fill and a series of boxes we have to empty...the challenging part here is the decision times we are spoilt for choices while at times there is a dearth of choices.
Sk Abdul Aziz Oct 2018
Spending time with your wife and children is far more important than spending money on them.
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