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Sk Abdul Aziz Aug 29
At times take some risks in life...regardless of whether you are successful or not, you will learn..if you win you will experience happiness and if you lose you will be more wise.
Sk Abdul Aziz Aug 15
A good relationship or marriage is not about finding the right or perfect is about being with someone you genuinely and truly want to be is about being with someone who makes you forget about all the problems and troubles you might be going is about being with someone who cares for you and respects you...and most importantly it is about being with someone who stands by you through thick and thin and always believes in you and trusts you.
If you find such a person then hold on to her or him and never let go.
Sk Abdul Aziz Jul 31
Unlearning something you have learnt or detaching yourself from something or some belief you have grown up with is one of the most challenging things in life. It takes both time and effort and a tremendous amount of willpower as well.
The cage in which I've imprisoned myself seems inescapable
The walls seem to be closing in
And my screams are not audible to anyone
No one can free me from this cage save for myself
I've alienated and isolated myself to the point that I can no longer interact with anyone
I'm completely shut
I need to open up
I've loved and lived loneliness for far too long
To the point that now I can't quite enjoy company
There are countless words to speak
So much I want to share
All the pain...The sadness...The joy
So many secrets buried in the deepest corners of my heart
There's so much love that I want to give
Then why can't I seem to do it?
..Why does it seem so difficult to talk to someone?
I need to fight my fears and insecurities
And just communicate
I need to make an effort and reach out to people around me
Or else I fear going completely insane some day...
...Lying all alone in a room full of darkness and my bed of tears
...Wating for my time to bid goodbye
Sk Abdul Aziz Jun 19
Aftaab kay dhalnay kay baad
Chaand ki roshni kay jadoo may
Sitaron ki chadar kay nichay
Tumhari kaali zulfo kay talay
Meray khwabo ki jannat hai
Ek arsa ** gaya woha gayay huay
Kabhi ek martaba ayo toh mera pass
Meri rooh ko ek ajeeb sa sukoon milega
Aur Mera dil ka ghar khushi si khil uthega
(Urdu and Hindi)

English Translation

After the setting of the sun
In the magic of the moonlight
Under the blanket of stars
Underneath your black hair
Lies my paradise of dreams
It's been ages since I've been there
Just come to me once
My soul will feel a strange sense of comfort and relief
And the home of my heart will flourish with joy
Your heart creates the dream...your mind makes it a reality.
Sk Abdul Aziz May 15
By giving someone a smile...a few words of kindness or a helping hand you will not lose anything or become poorer....So try and give these whenever you can.
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