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Mari Jul 7
Anacondas and vipers
are the serious biters.
Cobras and mambas
can create deadly dramas.
Garden snakes and kingsnakes
tooth marks still ache.
Be cautious
or else you'll end up being nauseous.
Just wrote a quick poem to create awareness about how deadly snakes could be.
slr Oct 2018
Sweetheart you need to be have a flatter stomach
Put down that soda pop
Or one day it will make you pop
Put down those puff pastries
Or one day they will make you the Pillsbury Dough-girl.
Take up crunches and sit-ups
And just ignore when your body screams for food
Take up ******* in and waist trainers
And just ignore that ******* in all day weakens your muscles pushing you further from your ideal

Hey good lookin’ you’d be prettier if you had smaller thighs
Stop eatin’ them donuts
They turnin’ you too dough
Stop ordering your pizzas in larges
They turnin’ you large
Start doing some squats
Just ignore your back screaming in pain
Start running sum more
Just ignore that bigger thighs mean a lower risk of heart disease and premature death

And a simple request from everyone else: make sure your hair always looks like a girl from a movie, that your skin is flawless, you dress perfectly, are always happy, smiling constantly, have an aesthetically pleasing Instagram, be in an adorable relationship, know all the newest music and shows

You know what

just be perfect
not to perfect

-love society
Don't let society tell you anything about yourself. You are you and perfect just how you are.
Sam Oct 2016
We are friends, and will only be friends.
A part of me regrets my decision,
Us as a couple,
We both liked each other,
We kissed, sparks flew.
But, never forget the power that has.
Relationships have the power to grow apart.
Friendships grow strong, harder to break.
I will miss the gibberish, I will miss the hearts.
But in the end, I wont be missing you,
because I will have you,
You will be there when I need you,
You will be there when I fall.
Our friendship has grown forever strong.
I love you mostest
September 14, 2016
I question to myself
why did I ever let things escalate again?
If I hadnt, would I be in the situation Im in now?
Hurting, all I want to do is pick up my phone, call, text do something
But I cant
Nobody allows me to
but god ****** thats all i want to do
I texted her 24/7, I didn't text anyone else that much
my phone feels empty
i feel empty
like a hole was ripped out from me

I break in cycles
the cycles are getting farther apart, and by that i mean more sadness.
The realization is setting in, the fact that she wont ever talk to me again
that i said two weeks, but she meant forever
It hurts so much that expressing it words.

I honestly could care less if you are reading this right now, i know you dont follow me, so thats a lesser chance of you reading this. I needed to vent this out somewhere, and you have always said not to censor
Rhianna Thorn Jan 2015
theres something in your eyes
i didnt see an second before

something to the way you curl your lips
something to the way you grip my waist when we dance
something to the way you flash your devilish grin at me after a wink

is there something on your mind?

is it to do with the way you rake me up and down while i dance?
or the fact i saw something white at the bottom of my glass before i drank it down?

i only met you a few minutes before
and you seemed nice enough when you bought me a drink

only now you dont seem so nice when i blink once more
and im no longer dancing or laughing with my friends

im lying in a cold dark room with my clothes torn
and bruises on my legs as though i had a horrific battle

and the sickening feeling im not quite what i was a few minutes ago
im not sure to how some of you may react to this, if this offend anyone in any way please tell me, i dont want anyone to feel upset by something ive written.
hope youre all happy and safe xxxx

— The End —