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blondespells Jan 2021
Meanings of masculinity
Do you beat a woman until she’s raw?
Do you pound her brain until she bleeds?
Do you take her home and hold her when you’re through?

In your apology for disrupting my development
You told me I would never be enough
I traced the corners of the ceiling with my eyes
Five, or maybe six times that night

Meanings of masculinity
Do you search for open wounds?
Do you **** her poison sweetly?
Do you send her home and leave her when you’re through?

Memorizing triangles of sanity
Forgetting the man who bruised me
Knowing I would have to stand up again
A fallen angel who was once a saint

In question of

Meanings of masculinity
Do you feel the same way I do?
Do you drink the open air?
Do you go home feeling broken and tired when you’re through?
blondespells Jan 2021
With tangled toes and tasseled twirls  
You spoke to me in silence
you are invincible
we are unstoppable
and I realize
how much I need you.
blondespells Dec 2020
Visions, visions of sanity
Aching from your chest
Crazy, crazy girl
Your mind’s a mess

Pick your poison
Drink your wine
You’ll be here
Until the end of time

In a vision
Vision of sanity
I’m dancing freely
In the sunshine

Let it be done in madness
Let it be done in rage
Let my voice sound
Like a moan of desire
When I’m in misery or strength

When my mind falls under Aphrodite’s spell
And temptation leads the way
Just know that ill commit to eternity in hell
If this sanity will stay.
blondespells Dec 2020
I hope you have the night of a king

With your freedom and your fire

I hope she blesses you

While the world is retired  

You're floating in my memories

Like the smoke, flying towards the sky

And I remember when I loved you

Through the mountains and the vines

*******, I can’t wait to roam free tonight

Feel the wind run through my thighs

And find some cross road country boy

To serenade my mind

But I’ll wish he was you

I’d  leave my sickness behind

if you'd just come home

Because I need you tonight

To fill the cracks in my bones

I woke you up in an apocalyptic suicide

To tell you I loved you underneath the shade

Of an Ohio mulberry tree

And I wondered if you knew I was staring at you

When I looked up at the sky
blondespells Dec 2020
In twenty days I will be back in Georgia

and I will feel the cold air pierce through my lungs as I stroll through the streets of downtown Atlanta

I will hear the sound of thick, southern drawls singing country songs by a diminished campfire, releasing the smell of burning leaves and Tennessee whiskey

I will see my grandmamas gaze as she welcomes me home with a *** of steaming Jambalaya and White Diamonds perfume

And my sweet souls will smile at me with their crooked teeth that look like mine
They will approach me with their fast paced walks that move like mine
They will laugh at me with innocence, light, and love

Their simple love  
their pure, loyal love
The kind of love that liberates
The kind of love that frees me
from the solitude I hold
So deeply within myself

And I will return to my little apartment
on the eastside of the city

with a memory of enlightenment
With a memory of gratitude
With a memory of grace

To shower you in
To nurture you with
To guide you to
The clear light of day
blondespells Dec 2020
The color of passion, the color of pain

The color of delusion, the color of flames

I slip my swollen soles into your hallow hysteria

Cracked, fragile feet from the frost bite

  of a West Virginia snow

Size six, ruby red stilettos

and I push

and I pull

and I scream

and I sigh

and I try and I try and I try

In my six, ruby red stilettos

Freezing poetic lullabies

Until I can find a place to call my own


Sparks of scarlet bloodlines

Dripping down my spine

Wrestling through rivers

between the spaces in my mind

My heart is much too loud for a place like this

My lips are much too quiet for a place like this

I dance with him in

The color of courage

The color of fame

The color of charisma

The color of strength

The color of my lipstick when its fading through my lies

Much too broken

Much too bold

Bursting into a violet plum

until I am in pieces—

until I decide to throw myself back together again

In my size six, ruby red stilettos

and it wasn't my intention to force them to fit

and I push

and I pull

and I scream

and I sigh

and I sell dignity of my poverty

to get them to come off of me

but once I started dancing

I fell in love with the sound

of my heels clicking

the surface of the floor

and I made myself a home

in my size six, ruby red stilettos.
blondespells Dec 2020
I think we were born to be

a purple red tangerine smile

You make me speak out loud

Baby, you taste like innocence  

When you kiss me with your eyes

And make me love you

Enough to grow old

In our revelations of ecstasy

You reminded me of the angel in my soul

Instead of the woman who I turned out to be

A mellow euphoria of eternal light

I think we were born to be

a purple red, tangerine smile

You make me speak out loud

My sweet honey

You’ve become my home.
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