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Nov 2013
Miley** spoke it all.
Her twerking weakens
Wonder but renders

Gender to the stupid
**** generation.
Miley spoke it all.

The West won the
Sino-fantasy, infested
With myth of might,

An apple's bait, all
Has a bite.Β Β The west won.
Wealth as a boon, akin to

Hard ****, faith as
Soft ****. "All that is
Solid melts into air;

All that is holy is profaned."
Marx wrote it all.
Miley spoke it all:

Call it fornication.
The quoted words are from Dr. Karl Marx's Communist Manifesto; p. 23, Oxford classics translation.
This piece is dedicated to Prof. ROBERTO M. UNGER, Harvard Law Faculty.
Harvard University, Boston MA.
November 4, 2013
Jose Remillan
Written by
Jose Remillan  Makati City, Philippines
(Makati City, Philippines)   
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