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  Oct 7 slr
No one has ever fought for me.
That wound is so deep
it scares me.
Maybe that’s why I push people away.
To find out who will come back.
Copyright © 2019 Mariah Simpson All Rights Reserved
  Oct 7 slr
atticus wilson
At least a quarter million words in english
And not one describes me
  Oct 3 slr
She met an artist
His fingers were made of gold
They moved like brush strokes
She was an empty canvas
His portrait of rainbow tears
  Oct 1 slr
No more lies
or games
no shame taken

I am
what I am
and will
with no fibre of me
just to make you feel
slr Sep 28
for everything you said to me
all the dreams you told me
all the lies you fed me
disguised as caring
i knew from the beginning who you were
but i refused to see it
i refused to see the flashing red lights and the blaring sirens
now the only lights i see are the ones on the ambulance
the sires pulsing in my ears
the medics screaming for me to hold on
i am slipping in and out of consciousness
and you don't even care
I let myself trust a guy that seemed perfect. But he ended up leaving. He said I drank too much and didn't care about school. Then he said I wasn't spiritual enough for him. The sad thing is, I drink on the weekends with my friends. That's it. And as a Christian to another Christian, you should want to grow with me, not want me at a certain level. That isn't Christianity.
slr Sep 26
i finally lost [some of] it
but 15 isn't enough
i want 115
i want to shrink away
into nothingness
i want to stop feeling
all of this pain
i don't want to keep doing this
and losing it is the easiest way
i've struggled with eating disorders for a while now. and i can feel myself going back to old, toxic habits. but, i don't want to stop it. because maybe if i plunge in headfirst, he will come back to me.
  Sep 26 slr
Anna Patricia
You break me in two.
Then you tell me that you don't
Want a broken girl.
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