HB 2d
They'd chatted for hours before
But had never met in person
Then due to work
For one night only
They'd be in the same city

They arranged to meet
She chose the bar
He arrived early
She was so nervous
As they finally met

Words came easy
So much in common
Nerves disappeared
She laughed at his jokes
And he gazed at her beauty

They kept on drinking
Hours passing like minutes
She was hypnotized by his deep blue eyes
Her hand on the table
He started to stroke

Her body was yearning
She melting away
She'd never felt this way before
Then he leant over
And they kissed

They went to his hotel
Their naked bodies entwined
He was strong yet gentle
They made love all night
And then he was gone
Aa Harvey Jul 6
Confused By Love, Enlightened By Life.

Hey there mystery girl, with your pale green eyes,
This feeling has come as quite a surprise
And my feelings for you I can no longer deny.
I've known you for years
And we've never got it together.
Now I wish the two of us,
Had always been together.

For now when I see you, my eyes become transfixed
And my full attention, to you, I can finally give;
Without a distraction, for this risk I can take;
For in you I could trust, to ruin today.
If with me, you could fall in love and I believe you could,
Then that would make two of us who are fools for love.

But that guys distracting you
And when it's over I'll come a knocking,
Because our night together, cannot be forgotten
And simply spending time with you,
Simply watching a movie;
Makes me so incredibly happy.

And to simply hold you next to me
And to know you want to be with me,
Is always a part of my favorite day-dream.
I can't believe I said we had to part,
Because I was scared you would break my heart,
Or you would fall apart.

Now I feel so sad inside, without you my amour,
For you I simply still adore
And these feelings I can no longer ignore.

But writing this poem makes me feel sad,
For I should just forget you
And we should just have a laugh
And maybe become the best of friends.
I hope you know, that on me you can depend;
To hide my feelings…
For all my daydreaming must now come to an end.

(C)2011 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Courtney Jun 28
She wears long sleeves to hide her scars he smokes a cigarette in the back of his car. They’ve been pushed to the point of wanting it all to end. They have an unborn child which they don’t know yet, it was a one night stand that left her with regret.

They don’t feel like they can raise a child but those two pink lines make her feel better now, it’s a fresh start and a second chance for him to be a better man than what he is now and what his father was growing up a chance to wake up every morning next to the woman he loves.

She’s afraid of the mother she will be, afraid that her little girl will be sitting in her room alone comforted by an empty bottle and a blade with so many tears streaming down her child’s face just like hers did.
Shannon Jun 23
its a vehement compassion,

the kind where you miss it,

you crave it,

you want it,

you need it.

a fire that awakens a fervid beast inside of you,

that weakens at the sight of you bare.

your hands holding mine,



your lips against mine,


and fore bearing.

but your heart is elsewhere,

your mind is elsewhere.

your heart is stirring my insides,

touching me,

loving me,

devouring me.

your mind is thinking about where you want me,

where you need me,

where all of me is open to you.

to take.

and we are bound,

though not bound by love,

that same night;

you broke me.
Aa Harvey Jun 21

Last night in bed, I found a way to fix my head
And I cannot forget.
Last week, so bleak, found myself beneath the sheets,
As I lay in her bed.
Was lost, now found, nothing can bring me down,
From this shooting star that carries me;
The two of us we’re not meant to be.
New love, so good, last week is in a book,
In a category called history.

Heart break, now saved, no need to mourn a one night stand.
New love, new plans, going to find a place to dance,
Just so I can hold her in my arms.
I’m just a man; I carry mistakes in my baggage.
Memories soon to be forgotten; calm like a bomb.

With words we move into a future, where skies are always blue
And the sun always seems to shine.
Fake love is just lust; I’ve found somebody I can trust.
I know that she doesn’t like to lie.
I speak my truth as I confess these feelings new,
Are from a former life.
You and I, stars and shine, twinkle in your eyes.

Real love is the only drug worthy of being spoken of.
The only thing I really want,
Is to be in your thoughts.

Pick up sticks and follow yellow bricks,
Or stay with me and fall in love.
Shine a light down on me;
If you shine your light, hopefully, you will allow me to be.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Dan Beyer Jan 29
I love you
A gentle kiss on the temple
A goodnight wish made simple
Arms wrapped round tightly,
And a sigh before they're gone.
Tenho saudades tuas. (I miss you)
I loved you.
"It feels like it's only been one night before you were swept away."
This poem is completely based around my favorite word Saudade. It's a Portuguese word that describes a deep sadness and missing of someone or something but also happiness for the memories.
Hannah P Jun 17
Our protection.
A guardian we take for granted.
I was taught in
Science class how
 The skin is our
Barrier and protects us
From countless enemies.
A shield that is responsible
For keeping us healthy and safe.
But yet we abuse it,
We show it no gratitude.

When I was a kid
I allowed myself
To go roller skating without my
Knee pads,
Despite the infinite reprimands
My mother provided.
A scraped knee
Wasn’t anything a Band-Aid
And some time
Couldn’t fix.
I thought the band-aids in
The bathroom cupboard
Held some type of magic in the box
That I could not fathom
That patched up my skin
As if nothing ever happened.

But then I was taught in science class that
It was my skin performing
These magic tricks.
I remember those scolding hot
Summer days
Spent on the beach with my friends
Where the waves absorbed
Any sunscreen I had massaged on my body
And my face turned
Crimson from soaking in the rays.
But the burn always tempered
Down into a glowing tan
After the aloe soothed
The stinging.
In science class
I constantly overlooked
How our own flesh
Performed these illusions
To shield us from harms.

In science class
I studied how our skin
Interacted with the outside world.
How sensations were
Directed to the tips of my fingers
And goose bumps rose on
My arms.

But I was never taught
How to experience them.
I never questioned it though;
Unitl I met him.
Everything I was taught

Got lost,
As I had in his presence.
The way he gazed at me,
The way he talked to me,
The way he stroked my skin.
It gave me all those sensations
They had talked about in science class.

Everything happened so fast,
Everything happened too fast.
Intoxicated hands held me too close
And my intoxicated heart let them.

I forgot what science class burned
Into my brain and
I gave him my skin.
I let him become my armor.
I let him corrupt my flesh
Just as I had so many times before.
His finger nails
And teeth
Sunk deep into me
Leaving patters of desire in each layer
That soon soaked into my veins.
Our rib cages pressed together,
Both our hearts rattling
Within our chests,
Stimulating our brains to send signals
Allowing serotonin and oxytocin
To spill out,
Premising his lips to outline my body.

No science class ever
Taught me how to react
To my blood pressure rising,
To my sweat glands heating up.
No science class ever taught me
Why I wanted more,
Why the marks he left on my skin
Didn’t ache like a
Sunburn or scraped knee.

I trusted him,
With his hands full
Of my skin,
And the way that he
Made me feel;
I felt safe.

No science class taught me
That I could feel so
And I loved it.

But when he was done with me,
My skin felt wrinkled
And used.
When he gave it back,
It was no longer mine,
He took it with him.
My skin cells lingered
Next to his nail beds
As he dressed himself.

No science class taught me
Why I felt so desolate
As he walked out the door,
With simple goodbyes,
That did not need to be spoken,
And no amenity in his eyes.
No science class taught me
The feeling of numbness found
As my heart rate decomposed
In my hallow chest,
Knowing I let him take my
Shield and watched him destroy it
Right in front of me.
No science class taught me
The bite marks and scratches he left
Would always be sore
Even after they have healed.

No Band-Aid or magic trick
Could fix the damage
He left for me to patch up
By myself.
No science class taught me
I would feel
The sensations of
Love and loss
Aching through my bones.
No amount of horomones
Could change his mind,
Or tug on his heart strings.
So why I thought I was
Invincible when I was with him,
I can’t understand.

But it is my fault
For not memorizing my
Notes from science class and
Sticking to the known facts
Of my own anatomy.
But I do know
After years and years of
Being lectured in school,
No science class could teach me
What my own damaged skin could.

Love and science will never coincide
And love cannot be found
In the physicality of
A one night stand.
Aa Harvey Jun 1
I am He, as He is Me

As I was falling in love with you,
Your heart began to break.
Such disappointment in your eyes;
As I allowed you my heart to take.

Now forever entwined with you inside,
I stay in pain, to leave you standing alone in the light.
For life it seems, looks down on me
And laughs, not smiles; this is my purgatory.

Punishment, for being so bloody stupid!
Why the Hell, couldn’t I just go through with it?
Instead of just running away with misery…
I live a life of regrets; it is all I am left with.

For years now, I’ve wasted my time;
When all along, I had already met my Wife.
We just didn’t know it, until we touched
And now that night shall be remembered forever by each of us.

I couldn’t believe how good we could become;
But now it feels like we have always been in love.

This is for you, you beautiful lady:

I am in love with you…
Head spinning, loco, loon;
Crazy, e-love for only you.

You know of my love for Her;
It is minute compared to the love I will always feel for you.
For I knew with Her it would never work;
But with you I knew it couldn’t work,
Because back then I was a jerk.

Now I hope after all this time,
You too still feel the same.
Because I see your soul in your eyes
And your eyes speak of someone who has already loved…
Only to be shown loves grave.
But you are my angel;
You simply make all my problems and my history go away.

Imagine your brain has just been born
And it can believe me with no cynicism.
I look deep into your eyes and you naturally smile,
As I speak to you the words of ‘Within’.

I flied!  I flied!  No, you falled.
She loves me!  She loves me!  No, she isn’t interested at all.

I am in love with You!!!
I love You, yes I do!!!
Yep, yep, yep.
Me and You.
All I ask for, is for you to truly believe me, when I tell you…

Goo, goo, ga, choo!

(C)2013 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Samantha Apr 15
When we’re lying there
In your bed
Breathing heavy
As if we’ve just ran a race
“I barely know anything about you”
He says “You don’t want to”
Maybe he was right
Aa Harvey Apr 14
Up there.

You and I walk on different plains of existence.
You walk with the beautiful people, who can only pretend to fall in love;
Everything is just a pretense.
Whilst I am devoted to my one love only;
Only she can find me in the depths of despair, so lonely,
Gasping for air, drowning in my apathy,
Swimming against the currents of what could have been.

You dance the night away and then you are gone before the day breaks,
While I sleep here alone, on my back, with my arm out,
Waiting for my true mate;
My best friend, my girlfriend,
Not your one for this weekend.
I mean a lover who wants to be with me,
Again and again and again.

Your list is so long that only my belief can match it;
You are perfectly aware of all the faults I have to deal with
And you do not care, because you have beautiful hair
And all the attention you deserve, you get.
I am never going to go there,
Because you look down on me from your higher plateau;
You and I are not the same, for I am so far below.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
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