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selina Feb 28
in the morning, i will feign ignorance,
pretending to be fast asleep and unaware
as you pull on your shirt and socks

we should have been theater concentrators, like,
if we never talk about it, it just never happened
you're just so nonchalant, and i'm just melodramatic

and i'm never satisfied unless it's something tragically comic
so tonight, let's pretend to be enemies, let's become lovers,
let's drown in shared regrets, get too familiar with each other

after all, tomorrow, when we wake, it'll all be over
your missing friends and my crushing hangover
will, once again, inevitably, reduce us to strangers
people who major in certain fields are called "concentrators" at my college
writteninribon Jan 2021
Is it love or something more than ***?
Every time we ****, your moans make me obsessed
You’re so fine and I am just a mess
*******, I think I’m in over my head
Mood swings and 9 missed calls
I can hear your voice right inside my walls
She turns heads everywhere she walks,
But she doesn’t have time to even talk
i wanna be more to you, more of us.
Keebo Nov 2020
A girl and a boy
Higher than the moon
Talking all night in a neon room  
Trading secrets, dropping disguises
The ****** tension between them rises
As his hand races up and down her thighs
She stares at him with big **** me eyes
They agreed on no strings or aftermath feelings
Just some fun *** without meaning
Grinding hips with moaning lips
Body sweat drips whilst they get their fix
Hair pulling, back scratching
They only share a kiss when they’re finishing
But the next day, she’ll leave
Putting it behind her after a few drinks
But he, he’ll put his pen to paper and think
About making her the next subject of his poetry
Lily Priest Jun 2020
The wrong, as always, was the right for us,
tainted trust stained with the blood
of our previous victims;
those whims of wondering what loving touch could feel like.
It burnt us, softened us to smoke,
that floated quiet out the door before dawn could break the news
and break the illusion.

We were loners,
Devoted to laying the stones of our own path,
Never held back tangles of commitment.
Without them we were untethered dreams
that broke into reality and made ourselves the monarchs
of our lowley, lonely kingdoms.

Look what those whims
have done to our crowns;
Rusty and bent they fall hapless
on our heads as we stand before
crowds of shadows cast by our egos.

There are no romances, no capes,
Princes or heroes in this land of the leftovers.
Only us
The wrong adorned as right
The deniers of the light of love
(That weakness of giving in and giving all).
How cold it all becomes when our dreams are big
but hearts are empty.
Keebo Jun 2020
I have been drinking with this girl all night
Admiring the beauty in her eyes
I asked “are you lonesome tonight?
If so, wanna come back to mine?”
She smiled, finished her drink and said “alright”

Now we’re back at mine
Drinking endless glasses of wine
As we continue ******* about our lives
She goes on about her ex and how he lied
I put on a vinyl to smoothen out the vibes
She says “I love this one, we must dance”
She then jumps up and takes my hand

As we dance
Looking into each other’s eyes
She gives me a kiss and bites my lip
Making me sigh
I spin her around to hold her from behind
Kissing her neck whilst she runs her fingers through my hair
I kiss behind her ear and whisper
“Should we go to bed?”
She turns around, pins me down and said  
“Let’s **** to Joy Division instead”
I had a dream about having *** with Joy Division’s music playing in the background but I woke up late for work and couldn’t “treat” myself so I wrote a poem of that dream instead (bottom line is - don’t ******* all the creative juices away)
Dewdrops glisten down my spine,
Doorways creak
Closed fast behind.
All I can think is,
What a waste of time
Willow Branche Feb 2020
Collapse on to me, receive your love,
but you’re not the girl I’m thinking of.
Hearts beating fast, you’re a tough act to follow,
I’m sorry if this is too hard to swallow.
But I can picture her, where you now lie,
Even as hard as I may try,
I picture her where you now stand,
I’m sure you know this wasn’t planned.
I’m putting your body in place of her own,
Because I’m terrified of feeling alone.
I miss her warmth, the sound of her moaning,
It’s for her flesh my soul is groaning.
And so with you, I’ll fill the gaps,
I’ll play all my cards, I’ll set all my traps,
I’ll get you to love me, and take over your mind,
You know my type, the manipulative kind.
And when she comes back, as she always does,
I’ll shower her with all my love.
You’ll be just a memory, a few grains of sand,
Because you were just a one-night stand.
Gabby Buensuceso Dec 2019
Numb, Intoxicated, Lost

in that risky playful night

Words you said were from the heart
no, it was from your mind

Unexpected, Mind-blurred, Lost
in that VIP sofa seat
with all our heart
brushed your lips against mine

Single night, Single heart, Single mind
his words fell into my lost heart
I still remember how it felt
should have first doubted it

I’m the heart,
he’s the mind

I lost,
but he never won
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