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I have a gated community
but I don't have a community

I only have company

I can't be alone in my bed
then I'll be left alone in my head

and this is why my "friends" run from me
fray narte Jul 8
lost souls don't end up in asphodel meadows, honey —
they end up in your apartment;
a messy, poorly-lit place.
or so i did.
our systems filled
with nicotine and other bad ideas
i will for sure regret.

well, truth be told,
you're mine to regret.

well truth be told,
you're not.

but there we were,
flung in a den of frenzied kisses —
skin next to a black hole,
a black hole next to a skin
guess we'll never know which is who.
but tonight break me —

we both know this isn't your
type of love.

so tonight stain me,
and i'll call it a pseudo-romance, darling
and maybe after,
we can smoke cigarettes
or watch the city fall asleep
or stare at each other's empty eyes;
maybe somehow that's more of our style
darling, than staring at the sunrise is.

but at this moment i know,
in this poorly-lit place,
dripping roofs,
***** sinks,
that i will waste my words writing
beautiful poetry for you,
even if i'm not that beautiful myself.

even if you're not that beautiful yourself.

even if we're not that beautiful ourselves.
Kitt Apr 13
she drinks in his kisses like sips of liquor
more potent than the champagne he pours into her mouth
bubbles rising within her

her vision dips
he gives another sip
her gaze drops
like ***** on the rocks

he's in his feelings now
his temper flares
her wrists are bare
the game goes on

the dance gets sloppier
as the floor gives way
they fall through to the mattress
his arms around her

anger fuels passion from long ago
pulsing his blood
the lights are low and red
there's a heat in the night that burns

there is no more dancing
the steps have turned to caresses
drunk on romance
she breaks the lock on her pants

and by morning she is alone with her hangover
You were sitting across me,
in your white shirt and black shorts.
You're adorable, and you had a smile
that sent tiny ripples in my belly.
We talked about the ghosts and almost lovers
and why they never stayed around.
You looked at me like I had flowers
In my hair and on my lips.
Our friends made fun of us and
they noticed how we smiled differently.
I didn't know what happened that night but
we were sitting close to each other
and I felt the heat of your palms, tracing my thighs
then our fingers found each other,
the night is still so young.
Following me everywhere, like you did
with that smile
You caressed my face and suddenly,
I could taste you. Beer and strawberries.
We've just met,
you're gentle, and lovely
men are often so domineering, but you knew your way
around a woman's body with your
feather light touches.

The night melted into a sunrise,
I found you on my bed
We spent the next few hours,
so wrapped up in fire.

You're lovely, you know.
Don't ever forget that.
I want you to
wrap your arms around me
like you once did that one night, around midnight.
God, you smelled good, like gasoline
cigarettes, *** and a hint of
curiosity and bad intentions.
What's a girl like me to do,
all in my gold cracks, my denim faces
My sleepy eyes and wandering mouth.
You found your way into mine, and you
whispered lust into my ears,
I suddenly forgot all of my
creeping fears.
Skin on skin, door was unlocked,
the janitor heard my screams and carried on,
and you continued because
you knew how to move.
Those sad looking eyes,
they were filled with wanting,
But all you wanted was someone to fill your spaces,
the ones you burn away with whisky.
All I heard and listened and tried to understand
was how you were too good for this world
maybe even too smart for your own good?
You could be right.
But I look harder at you, your growing bristles,
your sore tongue and your teeth
grinding against metal
and the way you cracked under the weight
of the many nights of lining up into the sheets,
Your heart is dead.
It wasn't, when I first met you
5 years ago,

What happened to you?
A firestorm for you,
A whisper for others,
Fire in my *****.
The door is open and all they can hear
are the moans and the
bed frame scraping against the walls.
The memory of your taste,
on my burnt tongue,

I will never forget you.
Brando Feb 28
I have washed my sheets hundreds of times
All in an effort to purge the memory of you
Your scent permeating my clothing
As thou you were the one inhabiting them
There is no sense in trying to get rid of you
My body has molded itself into your submissive
I have become so accustomed to your touch
Addicted to the sensation
Needing a fix, we both seek a night of sin
You have infiltrated my mind
Reading my thoughts
Manipulating me
Saying all the things you know I want to hear
Body stained with the blood of my lips
You stare down at me
I have once again been fooled by those eyes
Glowing with lust
I am swallowed whole by your insatiable desire for me
In my compliant nature, I kneel at your feet
Following ever command you utter
My body broken from the chains you’ve placed on me
I belong to you, property for you to tend to
But that night meant nothing to you
Those words you spoke, were all in an effort to exploit my vulnerability
I neglectfully admit that it worked
You have me, once again, at your service
It would be wise of me to end this already
For the sake of my own sanity and dignity
Consumed by your charm, but deterred by our past
I am drawn in
The alcohol rushing through my veins and the music radiating through my body
Nothing mattered in the moment, but now,
I am the fool who slept with you
a boy I had feelings for used me for *** and told me he missed me without even seeing me naked. now he has me all ****** up in the head but Im trying to move past it and care for the new person in my life. but those eyes got me stuck.
annh Jan 23
Your thirst
Now quenched,
Fuels the fire
Of my regret,
A post-****** paradox.
A failed katuata - 5-7-7 poem. **** those syllables! :)
AditiBoo Sep 2018
And we get back to this age-old clichée

Boys, they all just end up being the same

Expectations have become a thing du passé

And my disappointment in the gender I have come to disclaim

It's this stone-age story

Boy meets girl, boy gets lucky

A one night stand if you will

And neither, their digits quite willing to spill

It was a night of marvel and wonder

Filled with countless moans and tremour

An intimacy, many a couple would die for

A rarity in itself as the reality bubble hits the floor

Oh, to and fro, a perfect harmony

So tangled up they become one entity

With the fast-paced rhythm,

It was a sought for unison

The breathless panting

The soundless ecstasy

The effortless grinding

Both, at the other's mercy

Then amidst this liason

Boy grunts out a desire for a relation

'I really like you, you're not like any other girl

God, you're so ****, you rock my world'

As he probes harder in

He chooses to further his sin

'Do you like me?' He whispers close

'Will I see you again?' while he gets ******* all fours

So once, at least one of the parties, satisfied,

Whilst grovelling for lost items of clothes

Girl waits for Boy to ask for her number,as he lies by her side,

Only to hide that disappointment in her pillows

Ah don't get me wrong, girls are just as bad

All this coyness and feigned self-respect?

[Huh] Our vaginas are really not that ironclad

We use our virtue and plot to turn some part of you *****

But...Our disappointment does not lie in the coitus

To claim so would expressedly make us a hypocrite

Our sadness comes from those pleasantries so spurious

All those flatteries and promises that men deem excrete

So, please do **** us

But while you do so, focus

Only speak to let us know you're coming

And don't lie and fake interest whilst *******
AditiBoo Sep 2018
I'm sorry but I'm in a relationship

We only just met but we're practically joined to the hip

I have to say, no two days are the same

Role-playing is our favourite game

Whilst my friend would regularly change character

I remained faithful to mine in an unorthodox manner

Every meeting would be our first one

And every time felt like the **** duckling blossoming into a swan

It's the kind of relationship that slowly grows on you

You try pushing it away but the warmth of it slowly seeps in through

It's that guilty little pleasure

The cockiness you get from a misbehaviour

Everytime I set out to end it

I end up with a revived desire to commit

It's the bad girl in me, it's that insecure part of me

That wishes to cling on and refuses to set me free

I cannot blame my special friend

Whom I only used as a means to achieve this end

I'm sorry I'm in a relationship

But I need to get a grip

Because the name of my 'special friend'

Is One Night Stand
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