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  Jan 31 Tashielle Karanja
you can find a jellyfish
swimming inside a screen
she posts at least one pic per day
just so she can be seen

she stings a lot of hearts
stunning them with electric feels
she rises up in likes
with the more skin that she reveals 

this jellyfish really shouldn't 
focus so much on beauty
she's quite adept artistically
and kills at call of duty

if you would dive the deepest depths  
beneath her chilly waters 
you'd see she's vast as seven seas
and just as full of monsters

but you confine this jellyfish
behind a piece of glass
telling her she's only liked
if she will show her ***

this instagram aquarium 
is full of jellyfish
trying to feel the love 
their parents hardly ever give

social waves have pushed us all
to wash up on the shore
got us hooked to think our looks 
have got to be adored

take your phone and put it down
who cares you're at the beach 
close your eyes, open your mind
and feel the ocean breeze
Art is a **** of a *******
drug, I tell you
it surreptitiously creeps
into you in a way that is
utterly indecipherable,

and lures you deep;
deep into it as the void above...

For the eye loves
what it sees,
and what's been seen
by the eye
is rather fascinating to the soul,

Amidst all these
prodigious emotions,
a harmonic converge
between the eye and the soul
is created,

Fostering a sui generis ecstatic rhapsody!
in **** there's caring
when you care
you share
when you share
you love.
A nation is healed.
The poet
is the artist,
who uses acrylic
in the form of words,
the pen
is his mahl stick,
to write is to paint,
the reader's mind
is his canvas,
where the magnificence
of his works is manifested
In poetry lies the greatest form of art
two swazi gold joints
a cup of abyssinia coffee
a pen
my journal
Story of my life
"If it makes you happy
don't quit that ****"

He said,
blithely exhaling purple haze smoke
in his cannabis pagoda.
I wear the bohemian sun
a hieroglyph of truths,
I wear the moon
it holds  secrets
of the night,
I wear the native american
my ancestral family,
I wear my flag
to signify my roots,
I wear the tree of life
to manifest my infinite existence
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