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Joel M Frye Jun 25
I thought you would burst
from unexploded laughter
when my ten-year-old self
knocked at your door
in my Sunday best
fresh-picked dandelions
in my grimy hands
as permission was granted
to court your daughter

Thirty years later, you made
the grievous error
of asking your daughter
if she wanted to attend
my mother's wake
the mother who always said
I would marry that daughter

Today that daughter
prepares her pilgrimage
to home and bedside
a journey I can't take
because we are fellow travelers
and you boarded the express

Our lives have always been twisted;
yes, literally and figuratively
between friend and family
I pray you safe and quiet passage
and will let you know
how the kids and grandkids are doing
when I catch you on the second shift
If you know my father-in-law, the title is self-explanatory.  Blessings upon you, Allan Hull Sr.
Happy wild  flowers  
dancing softly on the tune of the wind.
Reaching for the sun
Bringing charm to nature
Upgrading affection in life
Between the weeds
your being stands proud

Thinking it was an odyssey
I packed my bags and went to sea
the sunlight streamed
because everything streams
everyone dreams,
that's just a part of the journey.
Joel M Frye Jun 18
Give me a moment
and seventeen syllables;
I will move your world.
The place to stand is overrated.
Joel M Frye Jun 16
The mind will deceive.
It will read the exub-
erant writings of youth
as if still steeped neck-deep
in the turmoil of lust,
while the still-breathing dust
of its mortal remains
casts its gaze through the tears

from the distance of years
As an 88 year -old friend said, "I've been 18 now for 70 years."
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