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Ben Flo Nov 2014
A gesture perceived as formless waves in the Web
Perhaps a luring trap to be caught
or a silent cry as print Scarcely Red
Maybe you
Reddit or Won't
As text is the voice of this generation


ILY My fam is so cute
#Hashbrowns @MyBFFFFs

Last looks of a father as he leaves
with a dry cleaned suit.
The last breakfast I ate with my family
Together. Rebuked.
Now it lays archived in the mind of i
A memory fragment less intact
than the Colossus of Rhodes
What's that? Let me Google that.

What will become of the crowd
The voices, in their plight are
"Like wow, Laughing Out Loud"
Like apathy is the new trend
Can we even say there is a greater purpose
of the time we Spend.
Carter Ginter Jul 2018
I started writing a poem about them
And the beginning sounded like ours
The one where I told you that
Words aren't enough to define us
And yes words are limiting
They also have a way of telling you more
If you pay close enough attention
When "I love you endlessly"
Turns to "ILY" and
"I can't imagine my life without you"
Turns to weeks of sitting alone
And all the "I miss you"s
Turn to "how are you"s
As if you even cared
Your actions never matched your language
Were your words too limiting for you?
When I was still always there for you
And all you did was break promises?
Were the words you spoke too constricting?
At least that would explain why you broke them
Though still not why you said them
Maybe you were afraid to let me down
Or afraid to really be seen
Or just so self-absorbed that you didn't care
That you couldn't care
About yourself
Or about me
Why am I so dif-fer-ent?
They say I’m out of touch.
Why am I, ple-nar-ily sad?
This life it hurts so much.
And why do they come, come every day?
Shush, quiet now, they’re here.
Those awful tormentors of my soul all cackling and queer!
Whirling head of spinning revolutions,
…feel my stomach ache and pang.
Why will they not leave me alone?
This crew of darkness; Blackbird Gang.

I shouldn’t always feel like this, feel such solemn pain,
…troubling and trouble is these birds are driving me insane!
I’m screaming now! I’m mad with rage! Throwing ice cubes at my deck,
“Go away! Yes, go away!” -their numbers must be kept in check.
Blackhole-whirl, flying twirling darkness, their funnel it points to me-e-e-e-!
For too many is too painful and my mind’s a constant wreck!
One cannot think with those infernal be-e-e-asts,
...and the crazy song they sang.
Why do they so punish me?
The crew of darkness; Blackbird Gang.

I know they serve the Saturn’s wheel and now they’ve come for me.
What did I do? Oh what great sin, oh the blackbirds from within;

The Abyssimal Sea?

Their whirlpool funnel is all around, as my harried soul, it expiates.
I’m done-in; I’m over now, a sorely victim of the Fates!
They took me, took me away, when the tolling bell it rang.
Why could they not leave me alone?
The crew of darkness; Blackbird Gang.

If you find yourself all alone and mired in their thought,
…do not think, extirpate, all the human damage that you’ve wrought.
His flock of fledgling melancholy musical formation,
…will take you away and straight to Hell; the Seventh Circle congregation!
For they took me, took me away, when the tolling bell it rang.
And they will not leave you alone.
This crew of darkness; Blackbird Gang.
The primary reason I came to Hello Poetry is that every single publishing house I could find on the internet rejected every poem I sent them. Since my work is deemed to be worth nothing I gave it all to you for free. It seems that in a digital world where people can share this easily there will always be more content available for free than for a fee. One would think publishers would know this. I have seen some seriously good poetry here and some pieces that are extraordinary.
Kitts Apr 2015
You tell me on facebook "ily, bby"
Not even taking the time to type it out...

You ask me constantly if I am going to leave
I lay in bed crying at night because you forget me

So many guys want to be in my life that it hurts...
It hurts that I have to break their trusting gaze

Because I'm looking towards you...
Looking, hoping praying that your love is true

When I met you I told you to call me Kitty or Blue
But instead you call me by my real name, something few people do

When we first got together we were hotter then fire and gasoline
Now we're barely a half empty lighter on a chain smoker

When did things fade away? When did things start to change?
When did you finally get sick of being with me?

You still tell me you love me... But I have to say it first...
Am I just a nuisance? Do I actually annoy you?

Tears fill my eyes as my feelings I compromise...
You are getting away with my ******

The ****** of my heart and soul, the flash in my eyes
I become the meekest child under your gaze

And I just no longer know what to do...
Because I fear I no longer love you...
Stephanie Sep 2019
I can hate my life forever
But still love one part of it
And that is you
tevah Apr 2018
One language,
One phrase
Is not enough.

Not enough to express
How I really feel
About you.

Te amo,
Je t’aime,

Ek het jou life,
Jeg elsker dig,
Minä rakastan sinua.

This still isn’t enough.
I hope you know

What I’m trying to say to you.
u g h
indelible ink Jan 2013
shudnt talk to you ..
coz u my opposite...
coz u r moody...
Coz u make me sad...
coz u get angry at me all d tym...
coz u total dog sumtyms ..
coz u r d one who has kissed so many girls.....
coz u dun trust neone....
coz u don't tellme how u feel at all..
Or jus mayb I shud talk to u?

Coz Mayb opposites attract...
Mayb coz u apologize with smileys that makes me smile ... .
Mayb coz u cn make me smile even if u r d reason m sad...
Mayb cz I get angry at u n u laugh at me..
Mayb cz I cn b a ***** at tyms too..
Mayb cz I want to kiss u..
Mayb cz I trust u..
Maybin d hope dat u will tellme how u feel .. Sumday !
Derek Wings Mar 2015
The difference
between family and friends
and its not defined by blood
but by a response
when you make a mistake
and throw them in the mud
family will just say (ily)
friends won't say anything
cause there is where it (ends)
Stellar Feb 2015
let's lay on the rooftop
and smoke
until our curious lungs burn
and we'd run out of words to say
but 'i love you'

(i love you)
like the words were spoken for the first time
and we're already drunk with the idea of (love's) reciprocity
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kelia Apr 2016
​can only hug me one armed
knights under a fan that shakes
as my legs go their own way
too far gone into loving you
say you love me in some ways too
concerned with your own knees
to worry about mine how can i
willingly put myself in your bed
do you think that maybe when
you leave me for dead
you won’t miss me if you die too!
Christina Cox Dec 2015
Less than three denotes a heart
showing love between two teens.
Texting back and forth with words
created out of broken and squished words.
Back with “ilu,” “ilysfm,” “ily,” “ilusm.”
And forth “i<3u,” “ilym,” “ilylc,” “bilu.”
Outsiders don’t understand the slang
but they don’t know,
they do not need to.
Only the two who are in love.
anna Apr 2019
when I say, “I love you,”
I want to mean it,
because I say plathoric things
that I don’t mean
Jonathan Reyes Oct 2013
There is this girl,
she says ily out loud
because I love you takes too long
because I love you takes too long
because I love you takes too long

Those three words
Are said too much
and sometimes people don't really mean
the full extent of those three precious powerful words.
What has this world come to.... tragic
Jessa M Saquin Jan 2017
ILY doesnt always mean I Love You,
Sometimes Im Leaving You
Jim Morris Jul 2016
Here I lie, holding onto something you let go of
I can't let go, the projection of you in my mind is enough to keep us alive
I want to talk to the woman I love
We had our differences, we both shoved
By my own fault, how evil Jealousy is, the cousin of greed
The only girl who has won my heart
To find my other half requires a chart
Never been the type to talk the way we did
No one has been able to wake me up the way you did
It ***** how we've gotten to this point, lost in separate worlds
Flying over seas, following the endless roads, searching through the debris
Just to find your heart, no matter how long it takes, I will die finding it
Given the chance, I'd go back in time where we first met
Watching you bake that cake because you were rebellious that day, you wanted to make up for it
Still makes me smile, how awkward it was at first
Still makes me question, what were the odds, they weren't cursed
The faces we made were totally in sync, unrehearsed
The beauty of waking into reality knowing there is someone there for you
And falling asleep into the minds of each, dreams coming together forming us both
I'll never forget the days we spent talking without pause, I hope there is still room for growth
The dreams you had of me kills me because I wish it was reality, given the oath
I never seen someone so pretty, so beautiful, energetic, positive, and unique
Everything about you was everything I ever wanted in a woman, it made me weak
Just to rewind where you first confessed your love for I
I know you don't remember, I don't blame you that night
Just to rewind where I first confessed my love for you
The thoughts in my mind like a crazy train ready for derailment
I was ready to tell you I loved you on a few earlier occasions, I knew you could wait even though I grew impatient
It played out perfectly, because I wouldn't change it for the world
I was shaking, trying to catch my breath, trying to pour out those words
That have never been spoken before, only you deserved to see that side
It lit up your face, your smile, I've never seen someone smile like you from the words I spoke
Happiness is what you delivered, comfort is what I offered
Love is what I gained, Friendship is what we lost and maybe something more
Dreams were born previously, but I guess the thoughts were all that mattered
I want you in my arms like we both wished, sitting at heights unimaginable, gazing at the hazy skies
Hoping your dream would come true, would have been quite the surprise
I seen the fire in your eyes, the intense heat scorched
My cold world and now it's the only place I've ever felt warmth
The spiteful words came out and it turned out terrible
Some day this will all be repairable
Everything is trapped in my mind, urging to escape just to lead you back on that path
So when tomorrow comes with unexpected words, I hope there is another chance
Just remember that each day that goes by, you're on my mind, anyways
Your Initials have been engraved in my mind for that, I'll love you forever and always
Another poem I read at a poetry slam.
Johnny Davis Oct 2016
We are only a few words away
But you won't say

You are so beautiful
I keep on making mistakes

You are living in the mirror
I can’t seem to chase

Chase your face
Chase your shade

It’s ok

Eventually, everything fades

Your smiles, veiled
My tear, caked

What’s ridiculous?

Nothing ends
We are still riding on this carousel over and over
We call it **fate
I live rationally so I can appreciate the enchantment of the captivating tragedy, fulfil my obsession for the broken beauty.
- Oct 2013
My last breath
I'd use
To say
I love you
© Natali Veronica 2013.
drunkonthoughts Dec 2013
you're like a religion
not being devoted to you
would feel like a sin
in you, i see faith
in you, i find hope
you help me smile
you help me cope
you are my sun
you are my moon
you are my world

i love you
like a religion
with you
i am smitten
and committed
with such a passion
i love you too much, but i really can't help it.
you showed me how to love but not how to stop.
Tyrus Jun 2017
Just thought I'd let you know,
even though we're apart,
wherever I go, whatever I do,
you're always in my heart.

There's not a day that passes by  
when I don't stop and wonder why-
why was I blessed with a friend like you,
Even after what I've put you through?

Through all the pain and all the tears,
you're always there to calm my fears.
Thanks for always being around,
to help me up when I am down.

So, I want you to know:
no matter what happens,
or what time may do,
I am always here for you.

A friend of mine
you will always be.
To you, with love,
...From me.
kailyn senpai Nov 2014
dat betch iz out of mi liek 4 gud & out of mi baez lief bc she a sloot & nu 1 lek hur & she st00pid & sh3 tri 2 taek me bae but she didmt taek him & ily bae
stoopid sloot
Jaxey Aug 2019
I love you

I know you don't love me back

And that's okay

But I love you

And I just wanted you to know that
AFR Nov 2015
I want you to text me I love you when we haven't talked all day
I want an I love you in the halls at random times
I crave the syllables that bounce out of your mouth when you call me 'your girl'
But I don't want
Ily, why bother is what you're saying I can't type the extra 7 characters
Well if you can't type those extra 7 characters maybe I can't text you anymore after all too many letters
I don't want
Love ya, what are we 5? Tell me you love me or say nothing it's not that hard
If you ever dare text me I (heart emoji) u, I will delete your number, i deserve more than an emoji and two 2 letters

I deserve paragraphs of you proclaiming your love for me or even a sentence asking to talk for a little bit

I don't deserve three letter texts but after all maybe you dont deserve these two letters

Johnny Davis Oct 2016
stitches on your face
moaning from the cage
shivering in a trance

I’ve learnt wrong from right
I’ve fallen deep for your lies
Never a misery can be as treasured as your life
Adore that broken toy, a pretty kitty that loves to destroy
Allison Parker Aug 2013
i love you
so much
that i hate you
so much
that i love you
so much
mythie Nov 2017
I remember singing song lyrics in the back of my Mustang.
Your blue eyes glistened in the moonlight as we both sang.
It was something like an old Elvis Presley love song.
Laughter and love swarming the air as we drove along.

I parked the car on the edge of a cliff.
I leaned in and gave your perfume a sniff.
A floral, seductive scent.
The time driving was well spent.

She opened her thighs.
It was quite a surprise.
But I smiled gently and let myself inside.
Her moans echoing through the night.
My, my, it was quite the sight.

She clung to me, whispering sweet nothings.
This was the only night I could give her some loving.

Because when I wake up, I know she won't be there.
I'll curl up and cry, wallowing in despair.

So, please, my darling, give me this one night.
I'll cover your neck, with rose-coloured love-bites.
Taking your shirt with me.
So when I smell it, I'll be filled with glee.

Please, let me love you.
You were always more than just someone to *****.
Although, I know this is a one-night-stand.
Falling in love wasn't something I'd planned.

So let me kiss you, and touch you tonight.
Our lips connecting under a sparkling twilight.
Your smooth hands, all over my skin.
I honestly don't care where else they've been.

By morning you'll be gone.
And without you, I'll have to live on.

Every day I wake, will be a hellish nightmare.
Because everything is Hell when you're not there.

Looking at the sky, I'll remember your eyes.
Don't worry, I'll die, so you'll never have to cry.

My life is meaningless without you near.
So please, just tonight, let me love you, my dear.
All I hear when I try:

(How is this for ambiguously annoying duo:)

I really love you
(It will not work)
You're the sun the moon and the stars
(You ****)

All I say:

I really love you
(Sorry I did not understand)
You're completely amazing
(You **** too)

Yes we both like being alone a lot but know the other side of the freedom is...freedom and it ain't always free is it?

you're pushing and pulling and raging  and all I am doing is letting you can't you see?

I just don't know how to love you the way we both dream of.

Goodnight and if the new stars shine brightly enough for you, good luck

And numbness blessed numbness til the pain or love or maybe apathy someday will roll in
Can't wait to.  Uh never mind tomorrow is another day to start again. Heart broken? check. spirit crushed? not quite. mind warped? not so much it's been done and why did you drag me here? Is it helping?
I love you.
Te amo.
Ti amo.
Je t'aime.
Wo ai ni.

Courtesy of Alyssa Sunico, Jemimah, Natasha V, and That Parkour Kid. Here are more ways to say I love you.

Mahal kita.
ILY <3.
Ik hou van je.
S 'agapó.
Miluji tě.
Ich liebe dich.
Obicham te.
Volim te.
If you know any other way to say it comment it on this. (Thank you contributers.)
jai Nov 2014
Usually your heart says yes
And usually your head says no
Usually Your heart want to rush in
And usually your head says take it slow
I'm so apparently drowning
My lungs filling with fear I don't have time to sort through
Maybe in a year or to two we could start again
Just me and you
But for now I must let go of you
Nicole Pierson Oct 2013
You* put me into the hospital
Then call me selfish
You make my arm bleed
And then call me self destructive
But are  
you  that blind..
That you don't realize you did all of this
Because of 
I was in the hospital
Because of  
you  I'm "self destructive"
Because of how much I cared
About   you
I almost died
Sure, I used to be self destructive
And yes I do have scars on my wrist
But  you  might as well,  Have made them yourself
After all the ****  you  did to me
Me caring about you
Doesn't make me
"Very selfish"
If anything it makes me very selfless
I stuck around so long
And found more excuses to stay by your side
When everyone else told me  you  were no good
When everyone else told me to leave
I couldn't leave you when you needed me most
Because I'm not like you..
I'm not a selfish person
And when you started lying
I stayed..
Even though I was breaking at the seams
I still held on to  you
And that was my mistake
And I'm sorry..
I'm so sorry
That you think I'm such a bad person for trying to help  you Always thinking of you, for caring and giving a **** when no one else would..
Staying up all night and crying
About you
About  your foolish actions
Like stepping into my life
Like making me care..
Even after what happened..
I can't stop my feelings, for you
Even though you're a narcissistic *******..
I can't save this heart
From the damage
That you caused
When I gave you my heart so willingly
So foolishly..
And you crushed it
In the hands that I wanted to hold so badly
It was all done by The only person in this world I ever wanted to love..
"You're beautiful"
"I promise"
It was all *******
And it's not my fault
That you have problems
It never was
I'm only human..
And I know now I can never love again, I'm sorry I couldn't be better for you..
But we were toxic
What I felt
How I felt
Just hurt me
'"Goodbye forever"
"I really did love you"
I'll miss you, and I'll miss what I felt..
Tear Drop Aug 2017
***: I think I like you.
ILY: I love you.
***: Why did you cheat on me?
KMS: I'm killing myself, bye.
kairos Oct 2015
Let me tell you a story.
It's about a girl,
just about eleven.

and her first year in middle school just started out

she was happy, funny, bright, hard working, but like everyone else,
she had flaws. But she didn't hate herself.
she had no emotional illnesses.

one day, a boy she hardly knew asked her out.
she was flustered.
she said no, out of panic and the fact that she didn't know him.

later, he got her number and they talked.
she told him everything about her and was honest.
she could be weird and the boy made her happy.
she eventually started liking the boy.

the boy asked her out again.
the girl was tempted to say yes, but she was only eleven,
and what did she know about boyfriends?
she decided to say no.

the boy and the girl texted everyday,
although they were shy with each other at school.
she thought she was having the best year of her life.

Christmas came around.
the girl, wanting to get the boy a present,
asked him what he wanted.

he said he wanted a girlfriend for Christmas.
the girl hesitated, but he wanted a girlfriend- she thought-
she said yes, and became his girlfriend.

everyday was like heaven to her.
they hugged, and it felt like she was dreaming.
she was filled with pure joy,
each day of her life could not get any better.

the girl got attached to her boyfriend.
they texted as soon as they got home from school until dawn.
they fell asleep with "goodnights" and a smile on their face.

the girl was purely happy.

now, this continued for several months,
and the girl would get occasionally mad at the boy.
it wouldn't last a day,
because she was so obsessed with him,
but the boy never apologized.
the girl didn't like that,
but because she liked him so much,
she forgave him each and every time.

the Golden Age of their relationship was January.
they texted from sunrise to midnight.
they gave each other presents.
the girl said "ily" occasionally.

she really did mean it,
if one knows love at the age of eleven.

the girl thought that their relationship would last forever.

but February came around along with Valentine's.
the boy stopped texting her as often,
and the girl,
being so in love,
still texted the boy every day.


the girl began to cry at nights.
she thought the boy had moved on.
she cried.
she couldn't bear the thought of being without him,
because she felt so loved.
she trusted him with everything, yet the boy...
he didn't like her as much as she liked him.

the girl was overjoyed when the boy would finally text her.
even though she felt unstable about their relationship,
she couldn't imagine breaking up with him.

March second.
The girl had a friend.
her friend was a boy, and he went by the name of Lettuce.
Lettuce was also her boyfriend's friend.
The girl started telling Lettuce everything,
from her deepest worries
and her corniest jokes.

but she still loved the boy.
she was twelve by this time.

March second.
the girl decided to take a depression test
because she felt so devastated when she thought that
her boyfriend had moved on.

it turns out that she did have depression,
and high levels of stress.
she told Lettuce.

she had problems with Lettuce as well.
all she wanted was someone whom she could tell everything to,
no matter how weird or sad it was.
but she could tell Lettuce didn't really care.

but she continued to text him because she had no one else.

March sixth.
the girl was to meet the boy's teacher after school.
it was a Friday.
she walked to the classroom full of hope.
her friends walked down the ramp,
with the boy a few paces behind them.

I'm sorry,
the girl's friend said.
The boy likes someone else now.
He doesn't know if he likes you anymore,
they said.

the girl felt the world crumbling beneath her.
she was numb, and it couldn't seem real.

she stared at the boy, who walked past her,
staring at her.

she couldn't believe it.
I have to be strong, she told herself.

but all she could think about when she walked back to her locker was-
what am I going to do without him?

she felt the hot tears.
it took a moment for the truth to sink in,
and when it did,
the tears came.
they dripped down her cheeks, and she cried silently,
not for the first time that week.

she felt shaky. unstable. unsure. alone.
alone to face the world.

she staggered to her blue locker and gently laid her head on it.
she didn't have the energy to turn the lock.

she cried.

her friends came up to her and said,
I'm sorry. It's okay. You'll find someone else.

but he was all that I ever wanted, she thought.
the words of reassurance made her cry harder
because she knew,
it was not okay.

she told herself,
be strong.

even after the incident,
the boy told the girl he still liked her although he liked someone else also.
the girl still loved him.

she even thought about asking him out.
she hugged him occasionally,
out of courage,
but regretted it deeply later.

for she knew that her affections wouldn't get returned.
but she still tried.

she was depressed.

she screenshotted posts about depression, love, loss, and relationships.
she still texted the boy- they were still dating then-
but she had to make a hard choice.

i broke up with him on March twelfth.
it was the hardest decision.
i felt cold and lonely afterwards.


but that's not the end.
the boy liked my friend-
the friend that was perfect-
and i felt worthless.
i felt not good enough.
i felt more depressed then ever,
crying myself to sleep every night.

i thought about taking my life.

you see,
all the poems I write
are about me,
my experiences,
my memories,
my feelings.
please respect them,
because those were real emotions.
This is the only time I've written a poem using Centered words. Or written a sidenote, for that matter.

— The End —