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Jenish Mar 2020
My lazy muse went wandering around
When fallen into my knees, I astound
A cute lady like a coloured teardrop
Fallen from heaven an angel's eye drop.

She sat silent on my lap, I wonder
Shy or timid, what her cute mind thunder
In bright red attire with black beauty spots
An angel's love blot, my muse I forgot.

O lady, from the garden of Eden
Did you come with a tweet from the heaven?
Or to tie my naughty mind on his seat
And to teach me to taste nature at least .

While my thoughts fly far away to the sky
Tiny wings blossoms, ladybird soars high.
Alya Adzkia Feb 2020
I was drowning
and you were the raindrops

but somehow
you were also the air
that I needed to breath

how it is
I’ll never understand
AnxiousOcean Mar 2019
For a moment I would stop
and gaze at the sunset;
as the sun humbles itself,
I still could not forget.

For a moment I would stop
and search for the moon;
for the night is overwhelming,
I hope it fades away very soon.

For a moment I would stop
and listen to my demons;
different voices, different tones,
they are hungry lions.

For a moment I would stop
and recall my past;
what had happened?
What was that blast?

For a moment I would stop
and realize my mistakes;
I thought they would strengthen me,
but anxiety is all they make.

For a moment I would stop
and overthink for a while;
I could not sleep,
the sheep had ran a mile.

For a moment I would stop
and do nothing, but sank;
I feel nothing, am I nothing?
'Cause I feel like I'm blank.

For a moment I would stop,
hoping that this will all stop;
because I'm too drained
for another teardrop.
Have you ever had that moment when time stops and everything becomes cold and silent? It feels like your time is up and all you can do is to think about it over and over again.
K Balachandran Dec 2018
Cloud’s hot teardrops fall,
Polluted lake swells and sighs,
Dark waves lurk beneath!
K Balachandran Mar 2018
zooming down from space:
it's a gleaming drop of tear;
drying up too fast!
Amanda Kay Burke Mar 2018
Each teardrop that falls
Carries away a piece of
The love we once had
I don't like the title but I like the poem. It feels like the more I cry the farther apart we grow from eachother. Or rather, the further I get from my feelings for you, I have a feeling it might be the opposite for you.
Leslie Ledezma Dec 2017
Bring your dose to these heights - anyone?
Rain here is waiting, ready, but who will lend the teardrop
that'll set it all on a storm?
K Balachandran Aug 2017
My melancholy,despondent muse,was the one
Who taught me to empathize with
Waves, moon lit nights, mermaid songs
Whale whistles of lovelorn moments
Heartbreaks ending failed love affairs
That haunts the hearts like unmitigated thirsts,
She walks me through the garden path,
Taking my cold shivering hands
   her warm trembling palm...

I see the young blooms fallen from
The lap of the vine, that held them close
Fondled with such affection,for a lifetime, showerd
I see all of them,trampled over,crumpled in the dust

The withered flowers on bushes we pass,one by one
They look lackluster  in the crushing
Harsh sun, my muse who refused to speak all along,
Now has teardrops rolling down her eyes.
She makes my crusted ice cap collapse, I melt
Not being able to look at my heart broken by beloved.

I look around for a bud or a sprout extolling hope
A young shoot that shouts aloud,"Life is here, in wait"
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