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Stephanie Aug 2023
hinarangan na ng duda,
mga alinlangan at pangamba
ang mga matang lumuluha
hapo at balisa

halika, sinta, ihakbang ang mga paa
kahit puno nang takot pa,
patungong pag-asa, makakaahon,
makakausad, makakabangon

ang mga hapdi ay may hangganan
kung di pa handa, hindi kailangan tumahan
may kapanalunan kahit humihikbi
may tagumpay kahit ang puso'y sawi

sa dulo may naghihintay na liwanag,
may mga sagot na sisinag,
sa mga tanong **** bakit,
darating ang ginhawa kapalit ng sakit
You'll get there, even with eyes full of tears and heart full of scars. Rest will be with you.
Stephanie Jun 2023
I have learned that the simplest way to save a life,
Is to stay up with them all night
Stephanie May 2023
"I wish I have their life"
A generic script that we say
When things are rough
And life is hitting hard
But we only see the good point of view
People don't often share wars or battle scars,
Only pictures of victories and glories
We barely knew that every champs
Are also losers at night,
Ironically sobbing,  
"I wish I have their life"
Stephanie May 2023
I know I'll die and when it comes
I want no flowers displayed
I will hate you if you offer flowers at my wake
Why didn't you do when I was alive?
When I can enjoy the moment,
When I can feel special and loved,
It's unfair for you to give me flowers
At the time when I am withered,
Couldn't breathe,
Not able to appreciate,
And not able to say thank you for it.
Edit: Flowers are for those we cherish and love. Do not waste the time to make them feel it.
Stephanie Feb 2022
Multiple pains a day
Is enough to **** me
The other way
Sufferings 2022 alone gave me
- had covid with severe symptoms (jan)
- my dad passed away (jan)
- all ky 4 kittens died (jan, few days after my father passed)
- I lost my job (jan)
- romantic relationship with someone got really complicated (feb)
- my mental health getting worse each day (literally everyday)
Stephanie Jan 2022
My regret is
I didn't hug you tighter
I didn't say "I love you" as often as I can
I didn't give enough massages on your aching back
I didn't spend enough chats with you

I was too busy
I was too occupied
I was too depressed to be caring

I miss you and I miss you
I love you, I miss you
I'd do anything to see you one last time, hug you one last time, massage you one last time, talk to you one last time

I was waiting for you to come home from the hospital
But you come back in another home - in heaven

I will grieve forever for losing you

I love you, daddy.
Stephanie Jan 2022
They admire my strength, my bravery
And how well I carried it all
They said I made this far

I wish they knew that
Even after years,
I am still on day 1 of grief

The praise I get for being alive
Is a mockery for the pain I go through inside
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