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Stephanie Mar 10
you come alive
you've hardly strive
to survive
don't let 'em **** you twice

you are victorious!
you've won thousands of battles and you can do it again today.
Stephanie Mar 9
love's never too complicated for a sincere heart and passionate soul
Stephanie Mar 9
I will gently strum your chords in the key of G
and sing the lyrics of my heart to thee
if you promise to listen very carefully,
so do I will play our music eternally.
Stephanie Mar 9
he is an encrypted cipher
that no one succeeds to decrypt
except I, his devoted decoder,
will lovingly write his untold poetry;
let it be spoken, not in words,
but in the bits of his codes..
01010011 01000101 01000101 01011001 01001111 01010101 01010011 01001111 01001111 01001110
Stephanie Mar 6
don't reach for the stars
in the galaxy
reach for my hand
and lemme shine for you
and with you..
00:00 | 07032019| mood: a love triangle between me, my bed, and my desire to go upstairs and delight in the midnight sky aaaaaa.
Stephanie Mar 3
we are just breaking one another's hearts.
don't blame it to the universe.
we're all the same.
Stephanie Mar 3
i have learned to be wary
of my own smile, of my own happiness
because it costs a lot...
of tears, disappointments, pain
it is very expensive and i fear that
maybe one day, big amount of credits
are ready to swallow me in
i don't want that.
and for a second thought, is happiness
still a choice? or something we always
try to bargain with?
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