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Apr 2015
You tell me on facebook "ily, bby"
Not even taking the time to type it out...

You ask me constantly if I am going to leave
I lay in bed crying at night because you forget me

So many guys want to be in my life that it hurts...
It hurts that I have to break their trusting gaze

Because I'm looking towards you...
Looking, hoping praying that your love is true

When I met you I told you to call me Kitty or Blue
But instead you call me by my real name, something few people do

When we first got together we were hotter then fire and gasoline
Now we're barely a half empty lighter on a chain smoker

When did things fade away? When did things start to change?
When did you finally get sick of being with me?

You still tell me you love me... But I have to say it first...
Am I just a nuisance? Do I actually annoy you?

Tears fill my eyes as my feelings I compromise...
You are getting away with my ******

The ****** of my heart and soul, the flash in my eyes
I become the meekest child under your gaze

And I just no longer know what to do...
Because I fear I no longer love you...
Written by
Kitts  Washington, U.S.A
(Washington, U.S.A)   
       Chris, NV, Maddie, Ignatius Hosiana, Santiago and 9 others
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