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mythie 4d
All the things you said.
Echo through my head.

Repeating, repeating.
Hurting my head.

Everything you do.
Rings through my skull.

Repeating, repeating.
Churning my brain.

You live in my head.
Something parasitic.

Repeating, repeating.
Let me tear you out.

Repeating, repeating.
Get out of my head.

Repeating, repeating.
Let me out.

Please let me out.

It hurts.
mythie 4d
A distant daydream,
a memory I can't escape.

No matter how hard I try,
It always catches up to me.

A garden that floods,
as soon as I'm awake.

The cheering of a crowd,
that I can't make out.

Loud noises,
distorting my thoughts.

I try to forget,
But I'm dragged right back.

Am I real?
Is this real?

I can't escape these dreams,
It doesn't matter if I'm awake.

So I go back to bed.
mythie 4d
Some days I feel like,
nobody wants me,
nobody needs me.

Some days I feel like,
I don't matter,
nobody cares.

But every day I wake up,
I do my tasks,
I live on.

I'm scared that something will change,
I'm scared that by living on,
I'll witness something I shouldn't.

I cry.
I love.
And I wake up again.

Doing the same thing,
every single day,
maybe something will change.

If I just do it,
one more time,
maybe I'll find reason today.
mythie 4d
It's hard for me to focus.

I don't hate the work.
I want to do it.
But I can't focus.

I fidget.
With my books.
With my pens.

It's not my fault.

I was always blamed.
I didn't try "hard enough."
I didn't "care enough."

I do care.
I do try.
But it's hard.

I'm really trying.
Please believe me.
vent poem
mythie 4d
Everybody has told me,
that I'm too thick,
that I'm too heavy,
and not good enough.

They told me,
that I'm disgusting,
and annoying.

But, recently I've learned,
that nobody is perfect,
and everybody's ideal,
isn't the same as somebody else's.

I think perfection is an idea,
one we have fabricated,
'cause we can't handle,
the fact that we're disliked.

You can't please everyone,
that's what I've learned,
so I'll forgive you.
'Cause I'm an imperfectly perfect person.
mythie 4d
The sole reason for my suffering.
I hate you.

To look into the darkness,
and only find you,
is disgusting.

Nothing has hurt me like you.
I'd create a war.
Just to get rid of you.

But as I look back,
you treated me kindly,
am I the one to blame?

For a person such as me.
To be given a second chance.

It must be a joke!
But I see now,
oh, so clearly.

I wasn't looking in,
I was looking out,
and he was looking in.

The darkness was I.
I love you.
another poem i wrote based off a ship haha
mythie 4d
You're no good for me,
sweet like ice cream,
but just as cold.

You're only good for a week,
'cause all milk sours,
so I take you while you're good,
then I throw you out.

I can't even eat custard,
because it reminds me of you,
and my stomach starts to ache.

I should've known,
with just a taste,
that you're no good,
but I got selfish.

But never again,
you won't fool me,
I'm not that naïve.

'Cause first you're sweet,
then you're sour.
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