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morgan mae Oct 17
she says i love you to everyone she knows,
because she’s afraid it will be the last time she can.
and i say it back,
but it’s forced.
and i struggle.
for so long those words didn’t make sense to me.
but now when i say them back to her,
as she leaves my car,
i mean them.
but in a different way than she does.
Grey Oct 30
Grey Oct 7
I'm nothing without
soft kisses in the moonlight,
bodies entangled
as lips trace constellations
made with freckles on your skin.
Without you, the world may not stop spinning but my heart would cease to beat.
Grey Jul 20
You are the wind in my sails,
the only thing that keeps me moving
in this vast ocean of nothingness.

You are my heaviest blanket,
something to hide beneath
when the shadows create monsters on the wall.

You are the rising sun,
reminding me that dawn will come again
even after the darkest of nights.

You are my old, worn teddy bear,
always there when I'm in need of comfort
in a dark and empty house.

You are the dandelion growing in a crack in the sidewalk,
showing me that life can flourish
even in the most desolate times.

You are not my world,
but everything worth living for.

So no, darling. "I love you" doesn't cut it.
How can I say "I love you" when that describes only a fraction of what I feel when I hear your name?
Kartikay sangal Oct 2019
Today I missed, and smile passed
I am guilty to ignore so far
Your jealousy give me sensation to love
But your opinion is important! Right?
Time is less,
Every morning is lonely
Thinking about you became the only job of mine
Please be mine before the next sun shine
I can't afford to have such a spouse in my entire life.
Love is blind and makes every movement hard af
Mito Feb 23
Are you scared
of me?
Or is it just
you’re feeling?
You move
further away
when all i want
is for you to
come closer
to me.
idk if she just shy or nervous. I wish tht she’d just scoot a little closer to me. 😔😔😔
Jieun Feb 15
"I love you"

We may say it
but do we mean it?

we search for it
but do we know how to handle it?

"I love you" is one of the most beautiful phrases to tell
a person, they're someone special in your life

but this phrase has been abused
this phrase as been misused

to describe a petty crush
or it has been confused with lust

"I love you" nowadays is said to anyone
when it's meant for your "the one"

the girl/boy you just met online,
"i love you"

the girl/boy you just had *** with,
"i love you"

the girl/boy you hate,
"i love you"

i love you is suppose to be something genuine
you tell and you want all your loved ones to say

but why do we treat it as an excuse or a reason
to force stay?
Butterfly Sep 2019
All the words that I wanted to say,
a re gone
I need to take a deep breath and calm down.
But I can't.
The look in your eyes are drowning me.
I can only think of one thing.
And that is pressing my lips against yours.
I'm such a **** hiihi
I was a sinner
And made you my saint

Out of breath and so in love
It surprised me you didn't faint

Your body on top of mine
While outside it rained

For those few delicious, blissfull minutes
All our pain was drained.
A "poem" every day.

(Baby ignore the tags hehe I love u to the moon and back)
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