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M Jan 2023
im sorry i say i love you too much.
sometimes the moment
winds itself just a little more such
that the feeling needs my mouth
as a conduit for its expression

but perhaps ill spare my words--
to be thrifty in these exchanges
of uttered affection blurs
not the feeling's existence:
the butterflies are still there,
but shall manifest themselves elsehow,
as hugs and kisses strewn
across the skyline of the ever-forgiving night

surely i wont stop saying i love you...
but the instances i do shall
flaunt a heavier shade of red
once i save such statements
for moments unmet
in vibrance, strength and
their capacity to lend our cheeks
a palette of bright rosy hues.
and i shall make
your initial reading of this poem
one of those special moments
by saying i love you
Ana May 2021
everytime you told me you loved me
it sounded sinfully real
so i fell for it
and those three words
broke my heart into three more pieces.
hey sorry guys that literally all my poems are about this, i just relate the most to this idea:)
maike Apr 2021
you were never mine,
i was never fully yours

and never will i ever be,
the reason you keep breathing
Daisy Ashcroft Apr 2021
Tell me a time
U needed me
A time u grabbed ur phone
2 text me.

Have u ever rung me
In the depths of the night
Just to hear my voice
In the darkness?

U could say u had
U could tell me u need me
But I’d see our messages
Or rather, my messages:

The lines and lines
Of my words,
Calling ur name,
That go on for miles.

Punctuated by one of urs
A smile :)
Or a word
And nothing more.

How can ily
When u never respond?
How can I be obsessed
When there’s nothing:

No message
For me to obsess over.
But u never,
ever reply :(
maike Mar 2021
let your depression soak up all your emotions that are left
in that so called heart
between your ribs

let your blade be the relief of your pain
that is going to be
the only feeling you’ll be left to feel
after the ****** scars finally covered every part of your hips

let your negative thoughts
control your life
until the so called heart eventually shatters into its
toxic broken pieces
which reflect the emptiness
in your eyes
the stony hole in your chest
now lost its ability to fix
your soul

let yourself fully dive
into the process of

you just lost the ability to feel and unlocked

ps: there’s no chance that  you’ll ever again receive your ability to feel
mae Oct 2020
she says i love you to everyone she knows,
because she’s afraid it will be the last time she can.
and i say it back,
but it’s forced.
and i struggle.
for so long those words didn’t make sense to me.
but now when i say them back to her,
as she leaves my car,
i mean them.
but in a different way than she does.
Grey Oct 2020
Grey Oct 2020
I'm nothing without
soft kisses in the moonlight,
bodies entangled
as lips trace constellations
made with freckles on your skin.
Without you, the world may not stop spinning but my heart would cease to beat.
Grey Jul 2020
You are the wind in my sails,
the only thing that keeps me moving
in this vast ocean of nothingness.

You are my heaviest blanket,
something to hide beneath
when the shadows create monsters on the wall.

You are the rising sun,
reminding me that dawn will come again
even after the darkest of nights.

You are my old, worn teddy bear,
always there when I'm in need of comfort
in a dark and empty house.

You are the dandelion growing in a crack in the sidewalk,
showing me that life can flourish
even in the most desolate times.

You are not my world,
but everything worth living for.

So no, darling. "I love you" doesn't cut it.
How can I say "I love you" when that describes only a fraction of what I feel when I hear your name?
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