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Christina Cox Sep 2016
I'm at war with myself
Duck! and cover your head.
Don't get hit,
Save yourself
before you try to save me.
Christina Cox Aug 2016
There's a light at the end of the tunnel
for if there wasn't
it would be a cave
and you would be stuck.
Christina Cox Aug 2016
On the wall, right there,
Hang windows for all to see
Of past memories.
Christina Cox Aug 2016
I want to run away from me
To a magical land, somewhere safe.
Away from all the pain I cause
from the tears I force and the veins I...

I want to run away from here
from the thoughts I have that make me shake
and the fear that comes to take me deeper
into a hole I cannot feel the bottom of
but I lay in all the same.

Just let me run away from home
or rather,
let me run away from me.

But away from home first of all
so the wreckage is nothing I can see.
I cannot see the friends I leave
or tears I surely cause.
You see,
I know it's all my fault,
but I'll let them know
when I run
away from me.
Christina Cox Aug 2016
I know that people love me.
It's just that

the most important one.

Christina Cox Jul 2016
I don't know where
it stops



starts. starts. starts.
And Again.

Writing TO DO list.
-**** Myself

And the pen


The hand hovers and the mind ___

-Kgul Mytyfw
Christina Cox Jul 2016
Waiting my turn in
----------------------------- line
for the golden star
from Self-Gratification.

Now to find the shortest aisle.
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