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Johnny Davis Oct 2018
A warm summer day
I'm naked on the beach
Sun kissed skin and wavy heat
Look into my eyes
They're filled with sunshine and palm trees
Listen to my lips
Your ear loves this fruitful melody
It's a paradise in a seek

One foot in the sea
I'm already drowned so deep
I can't breath
You can't hear it

Steel in this heat
Melt in a mislead which againsts my usual belief

Shape me or save me
I'm tender and flounder
Drop me fast in this frizzing water
I'm whatever

Pick me up
Now look over my left shoulder
Grab me by my right-hand fingers
Can you turn me around?
When I'm in this shape of a sinner
Please come sooner
Before my last word becomes 'over'
Johnny Davis Mar 2018
I want to see what I can’t see
I want to have what I can’t have
I want to touch what I can’t reach
I want to hold what’s beside me

Looking at the people on the sreet
Thier faces and outfits
What are they wondering?
Do they listen?
When the fabric tells a story
Are dreams realities?
Or some greek tragities?

I saw smoke coming out of a building
Fire burning down the roads
People screaming
Shouting and pushing

Mama! help me!

The spider is kniting a nightmare
Everybody on this streer is tapping on this giant web
String to string, connecting
From the distance
I realize I'm not one of them

I’m alone
I never wanted to be the spider
And still I wonder
Johnny Davis Mar 2018
Honesty cuts our reality when we cry

Tears becomes venoms
It poisons not only our love but minds

How can you love through lies
Or the ugly truth that you despite?
We never want to hurt each other
Then again, we still do
But we don’t fight
It doesn’t mean we are alright
Words are just there to satisfy

What I mean is
I love you so much
I don’t want to know what could happen
When love becomes a sight
But we’re blind

Would you still be by my side?
Feed me the lines
The ones break my heart and yet still make me feel alive
Johnny Davis Dec 2017
How can you love the rain?
When you hold my body
Don’t you feel the shivering?

How can you love the rain?
When you walk on me
Don’t you feel the drag in piles?

How can you love the rain?
When you look at me
Doesn’t it fool your eyes?
You can’t tell if it’s your tears or my lies

Still, you love the rain
You’re the only one who sees what’s behind
Johnny Davis Dec 2017
If only I could gaze in the endless darkness
If only I could breath in the deepest water
If only I could reach the end of time
If only I could turn around

But my love
You taught me how to visualize with different eyes
Where all the black and white becomes colorfully bright
To breath what’s not in the air but in your words
Where it doesn’t only keep me alive but devine
To fly with my mind
Where the wings are hopes and love
Where there is no wrong or right
To face myself
Where I can see beauty in disguse
Flowers bloom in mud

My love
I’m still learning
I might never understand life fully
At least, I want to love freely
If only you could keep teaching me
Johnny Davis Mar 2017
I am a ******* broken radio that my grandpa wouldn’t even bother fixing
I got a thousand channels, and all of them overlapped in every second
You came to me and said you wanted to enjoy the 90s
I knew what I had and believed this time I was gonna make it right

“Sir, this is location 328…”
“Love is wonderful…”
“Oh, Jonny! You can go **** your own ****…”

All the channels got mixed up. Like the cereal that I had this morning
Uhm, It was more like the **** cake you slapped in my face on my birthday last year

I wished you would stop tapping me with your beautiful finger
At the same time, I loved the new crystal nails you just did yesterday. Your soft skin against mine and nails stuck on my back, left me marks and joy

Stop leaving me
Don’t give up on one tap or two

My frustrations attacked the balance of the stupid sound system
I was either too loud or too quiet

You finally left the room
I was still on the table
intermittently playing the 90s
Trying to find the perfect volume
Johnny Davis Oct 2016
Reveal the love
Resilient cuts
Reactivate the lust
Reduntant purr

I can't seem to get enough
You just simply changed my world

"Tell me what it means to be yours
What it means to be more?"

Kiss you against the wall
Push you on the floor
Don't you dare think again this love is false
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