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deatheater Oct 2020

I regretted knowing you, though I don't regret our memories. I regretted knowing you at a wrong time, at a time where both of us ain't the best for each other but then again, if fate ain't on our side then I guess there's really ain't any perfect time. Well, what can I say, I'm still stuck with this agony of a feeling, if I would play a scene and rewind it over and over again like a broken tape, the title would be "when I met you".

deatheater Dec 2018
I found comfort in your storm
deatheater Sep 2018
I've found comfort in loneliness
The joy of freedom in the mind
To speak or not to speak
However one will not escape the emptiness that comes with it.
deatheater Jul 2018
the sun isn't as bright as before
the wind felt foreign
the rain seems to feel comfortable.

as you grow older,
your heat dies
innocence fades
lies became truths,
they know but never admits
deatheater Jul 2018
You hurt me
you hurt me
you hurt me
deatheater Feb 2018
I watched how you watched me go with no remorse in your eyes.
deatheater Jan 2018
Woke up in a mess,
found myself in another nightmare,
a reality nightmare.

It was raining,
but then again it has been raining,
since you left.

Empty on the inside and out,
you used to fill them w warmth,
but when you left you took everything away,
including a part of me

It is still raining in this nightmare,
the thought of it stopping is a fantasy,
the thought of recovering is a taboo,
the thought of you is still blue.
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