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Just for the record dear but
I saw a bunch of things that mean that you did
And after yesterday I'm sad again that you want to leave
Ibcan't fight to keep a man
Who doesn't want to stay
All I do is wait til he calls
Which is not
It was just getting really interesting
Leaving today after all that yesterday?
Well it was another day in the sun
Wonder what tomorrow will be.
You know how to surprise me
And I you
And I love you

PS you were serenading me? Were you? I thought it was another joke at first. I want to ask and stuff.
Do we ever get that chance?
Word to the wise...let your heart heal a bit before you drag someone else into it. Two healthy ones makes for a great relationship. I think we were almost there but I always think that .
Non-poetic Prosy Informational?Post Nimber....uh I LostTrack About 10,000 Posts Ago:

Sweetheart... My love for you first came at a time when I had absolutely no idea about...anything. Thank you for your unbelievable patience. The love,  it has not left me, once. My wish is that we can learn to reciprocate and communicate with laughter and the best of what we had, offline.
Sometimes it's sheer torture so I know that's it's love, for me at least. Don't know why it happened but it's true. You are in my heart and soul and it's the strangest thing ever but I'm still hooked. This is finish catching ,or release time now. I think we know that.

Folks, this love and admiration is for the man who somehow captured my heart while deliberately trying to not capture my heart.
I'm sorry about that. You refused over and over again and I didn't mean to push, just explain but you would not listen. Let's just say that I'm much more self-aware now.
Wait I'm not going to apologize for any of that.

We are very different in some ways but
I feel that it's a soul connection. He has been my rock. It's phenomenal how kind he can be. He has his own stuff going on too and I respect it. Life is complicated I guess. We all have choices we have to make for out own lives and I'm a cerebral kind of person and I did not know he was there for me or why or when or where or how sometimes but I felt it, like an invisible connection through the ether. And I'm deeply grateful for it always.
Anyway this all started at the  beginning of what I could only call a period of wallowing, searching, growth, expansion and contraction and let's face it, I couldn't get my head straight for more than oh say,
Like an hour or two at a time, tops. It was a difficult transition for me and I made some decisions that didn't make sense except to me, but I certainly leaned the ropes along with some painful life lessons.  Trial by fire and all. Yikes!

I ******* it all up
He ******* up too some

I think we both learned a lot.

All I know is that I am not that simpering clueless girl anymore. I feel that I'm really ready now to debut the best version of myself yet. I can feel the forward motion finally!! It's exciting. . I've been doing massive inner work so it seems like I stalled but I was just idling. Now ready to roll. But I don't speed anymore. I enjoy the ride, and I will enjoy the rise and fall of the events around me, or at least sponge up all the knowledge that I can.
FYI I am all that I write and it's not window dressing. Every single thing I ever wrote is true right down to the odd stories of my childhood mishaps.  I have had an apparently entertaining life and there's much more to come. Like, what happened to my sister's chickens?! (Who cares?)
Anyway I  admit that I was a mess and far from perfect. it took time for me to realize that I was just preparing myself for my life's work...and that is to love the people in my real world for the rest of my life even if it's only to say hello. And some virtual love if I happen to be online which is simply not the same but a great distraction when it's cold out or boring, you know?
I hope beyond hope that my future includes this amazing man because he is the only man I want to be with iRL and I've tried in so many ways to let him know and ******* that up too, utterly. Repeatedly.  I don't even know if he will ever actually talk to me in person again, and I can't ask.
I'm not even sure how to let him know about tomorrow or was that another gotcha?
That is the state of things. I have faith in myself and I know that I am a one-man woman so if it's not him, I'll heal up in a decade or two and write a bunch more stuff and eventually be set to try again! Whooooo!
There's sooooo much more I'd like  to share about him but it's private. I won't post online about..really private stuff.
So this is a message to all of you:

What happens online is anybody's guess. Same as life I suppose.

Let's see
All I hear when I try:

(How is this for ambiguously annoying duo:)

I really love you
(It will not work)
You're the sun the moon and the stars
(You ****)

All I say:

I really love you
(Sorry I did not understand)
You're completely amazing
(You **** too)

Yes we both like being alone a lot but know the other side of the freedom is...freedom and it ain't always free is it?

you're pushing and pulling and raging  and all I am doing is letting you can't you see?

I just don't know how to love you the way we both dream of.

Goodnight and if the new stars shine brightly enough for you, good luck

And numbness blessed numbness til the pain or love or maybe apathy someday will roll in
Can't wait to.  Uh never mind tomorrow is another day to start again. Heart broken? check. spirit crushed? not quite. mind warped? not so much it's been done and why did you drag me here? Is it helping?
Your manly pride
Which please, have no fear
It's electric
Even when you won't even touch me
What is that about?

I already told you it's

Like nothing I ever knew or will again
But how would I know?
I'm even less experienced than you could possibly imagine
And yet you think with your warped thoughts
That it is other
It is not
I'm more alone than ever
And yet it's not the worst thing


You're the expert, remember?
You think I had a boyfriend?

I didn't
I don't
I could
I won't
It won't do
One got in and I kicked him
Others would love to
Oh how nice. Thank you you but no thanks

No one touches me. The baked goods locked away in a pretty cabinet since the leaves were still on the trees
That is my truth
Since for
For you

And that
Is my
Because what I want and what I get are mutually exclusive
I'm funny like that

And the world still turns

Whiny girl who discriminates for reasons of chemistry and admiration, didn't get her way? Boo f
cking hoo. It's not Somalia. Or Sudan.

And so look where that gets me
I'm Jane Austen in Becoming Jane
I'm Laura Ingalls Wilder with no Almanzo
I'm Greta Garbo
Who actually didn't say
"I want to be alone"
She actually SAID
"I want to be left alone"
Quite a bit different really
And I didn't ask for either intentionally but I'm here living proof it happens
I'm a spinster
Because for that I don't bend
Except for you

I'm a genius!!
I always get the jokes honey
When you wave them around in my face long enough
So that's what I did to you. Well not the genius inborn or created from the needs. That part that was well-hidden just like the rest. It's your way. But
(I'm aghast for real about the damage it is much worse than I could have thought)
And I get it
Well not your end. I know how it felt for me and I wouldn't wish that on anyone
But anyway now I can see  what you laid out
Or didn't
Last night

I usually get there
about 12-24 hours too late
Ohhh.. Sound! Music!
Bright shiny things!
Magicians! Cotton candy clouds!
Zombies! Flaky puffs! Hot stuff!
800 thousand other metaphors
Love!? And other things
Except one. Right. I feared as much.
Gulp. Awful.

And hey now look it's March!
Spriiiing is coming
Ground will be fertile again
Good thing because my houseplant is on life support

I have to stop now before I get...
Never Mind

It's grist for the cotton gin
It's a bit like that time
I broke my ankle
And my mom cared enough to only wait a week
Before sending me for an X-ray. True story
But the damage was already done and
So what. I had a mom who loved me and I still do
In her odd detached way
So I still hobble on
A broken ankle
But I hobble
Try to engage myself
Hobble not run
Because that's all I can do
But not to you
Go ahead, you can laugh at my limp but that doesn't keep me from walking through the rest of my shattered life
Picking up pieces
[Because the thing about me that you cannot fathom is
That I don't lie about anything]
All I want to fabricate is pathways and/or walls where they are called for
I just don't tell the entire truth
And if you want it I'll probably tell you
The whole truth
Which is "better" which is "worse"? Fabrication/grinding or creating/welding?
Who cares anymore?
I do.
Because it all hurts so much
But out it comes, out from all of us
So ok
Let it flow

Look around
And beauty too

I do see it all everywhere, whereas you see...who knows. I think you see more but just though a different lense. Wickedly bright and sharp and yes, strong. You should get a patent! But you are not all right or all wrong and neither am I. Just different and wonderful in our own rights.

So look away look here look there do what you do do what you want you're free as a bird and you always were. I broke a wing but you're flying stronger than ever. What an accomplishment. Proud of you and I'm grateful it was survivable.

Just incredible
Jimmy Cracked Corn and I don't Care
And what's that great song by Raffi about pick a bale o cotton I totally love that song. Or is this about emancipation?! ***!! Huge metaphor! Lincoln! King jr.!  Did I get it? What's my prize? Oh yeah I know. A one and two goose eggs. Perfect.
I can't even believe this life I'm iPods
Poemsand stupid phone
Holy freaking hell
And heav'n
Not abbreviated any more
Thank you honey
My teacher
Poems titled pebblebamBamtripsheavinesslightnessforcecjoicepowerjoysolitarycou­pleflowknowledgeworLdandorword love
Or no
No matter
Stay tuned apparently
Shiv? Really? Yes likening and awakening and warming
This is weird I'm not likely to forget this feeling either you're imprinted on me
Why couldn't I see? I simply did not know and I'm so sorry I know what it would take now I think
So on the day I was born
I nearly died
(And wait for it because it's not a sad ending)
If you knew what my early life was like
You might not judge me about
My former, sometimes avid wish
That they hadn't been able to save me
And sure still sometimes when I feel
That it's just all too difficult to cope
Too hard to deal with
And I face my reality which from the outside looks not so bad at all
And I face my lack of skills judgment
And my grievous errors that haunt me
As many of us do
And then say well ok. So I'm a fck-up
(When and if we as people wake the f
ck up already!)
I do see it all playing out differently
No emotionally stunted uncherished
Girl with abandonment issues
(Mostly silent observer of many many things but alas, and painfully not the most obvious things, so frustrating!)
Wandering undisciplined unorthodox unnoticed kid
Who thought, uh, why am I even here?
But I'm very relieved to be able to say
I was wrong
Because everyone matters to
Still don't know why I didn't die then
Or in the dozen weird unintentional near misses since then
But I'm writing this to say
The difference is that now
I'm glad to be here
Very glad. and this is my truth. Still writing in prose here mostly because of the discipline thing. Condense! Edit! Feel! Free your mind! Spring is almost upon us loves
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