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Derek Wings Mar 2019
I came in and sat at your bar
did i take it too far
did i get too real
by telling you how i feel
while having my meal
maybe i used the wrong words
or do you think i was drunk
cause there is no amount
of bourbon and coke
that can make what i said a joke
"i want you to be mine"
i meant that
and im not taking it back
Derek Wings Mar 2019
Good morning
or goodnight
not sure how to put it
at 3:30 am
but I'm thinking bout you
and I hope that's cool
cause i feel like i just made myself a fool
but i dont regret anything i do
just know
If I'm a fool
Its cause i'm a fool for you
Derek Wings Oct 2018
What would you do
If you knew
I was in love with you?

Only one way to find out.
Derek Wings Oct 2018
we sit and listen to music
and i like you
but something just wont stick
every time i mention
a song you dont know
like you dont belong
is something wrong
cause i feel like there's a disconnect
and i dont want to neglect
the obvious attraction
but this really is
quite a distraction
can we make this work
based off ****** atraction
and moments of passion
or is this gonna end cause you dont like r&b
cause if you don't like r&b
how can you like me
when its inbedded in my soul
Derek Wings Sep 2018
where am i
are you here with me
or did you say goodbye
as quickly as you said hi
Derek Wings Jul 2017
Things come and go
So is the flow of time
What used to belong to me
Is no longer mine
But i can see in your eyes
You look at me same
would you believe if i told you
The only thing that remains
Of the the person you think i am
Is my name?
I think not
Its nothing i need to prove
But i do wish you could see
How different I am than me
Derek Wings Jun 2017
I lay here on floor
Beaten and bruised
I did things i never thought i would do
Yet i lay here lost and confused
Cause i did them for you
But once again, On floor I lay
Feeling useless and used

After everything you took from me
I came back
you took my confidence
I came back
You took my dignity
I came back
You took my self self worth
Still, i came back
Because you were once who gave it all to me
Before you slowly peeled it all away
As i sat still. Stayed.

But i am not just some beaten wife
Who will contiue to give you my life
Because Im not coming back anymore
Im taking back...
How brave I was
Im taking back
How proud i was
Im taking back
How strong i was

But no matter how much i take back
I'll still never be the same as i was;
You made sure of that
But who are you?
To dictate my day to day life
Who are you?
Except the only thing im not taking back
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