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Nicole Pierson Oct 2013
Don't think about yourself that way
I love you, and I'm here to stay
If those people hurt you
Then desert them before they desert you..
You're strong, pretty girl
So Stay strong
"Fake it till you make it, right?"
Be who you are
Don't fake it
Don't fake you're smile
Your precious smile
You're unique not "useless"
And if no one else will take the time to get to know the beauty inside of you
And they leave you
Well guess what?
I'm here
I'll be your shoulder to cry on
I'll even be your person to make fun of if you really want..
I mean
I wouldn't have stuck around this long, If I didn't really care right?
I wish
I wish I was just, like you
So strong..
So beautiful..
So don't think about yourself that way
Don't carve it into your arm
Or anywhere, for that matter
If you'd let me in
Then I'd try to heal your scars
I can be a good friend
If you'd let me...
"I love you Sophie"
And I mean it..
This goes out to an amazing friend of mine, who just needs to realize that she is beautiful In every single way, and that this ***** right here, is here to stay..
Nicole Pierson Oct 2013
You* put me into the hospital
Then call me selfish
You make my arm bleed
And then call me self destructive
But are  
you  that blind..
That you don't realize you did all of this
Because of 
I was in the hospital
Because of  
you  I'm "self destructive"
Because of how much I cared
About   you
I almost died
Sure, I used to be self destructive
And yes I do have scars on my wrist
But  you  might as well,  Have made them yourself
After all the ****  you  did to me
Me caring about you
Doesn't make me
"Very selfish"
If anything it makes me very selfless
I stuck around so long
And found more excuses to stay by your side
When everyone else told me  you  were no good
When everyone else told me to leave
I couldn't leave you when you needed me most
Because I'm not like you..
I'm not a selfish person
And when you started lying
I stayed..
Even though I was breaking at the seams
I still held on to  you
And that was my mistake
And I'm sorry..
I'm so sorry
That you think I'm such a bad person for trying to help  you Always thinking of you, for caring and giving a **** when no one else would..
Staying up all night and crying
About you
About  your foolish actions
Like stepping into my life
Like making me care..
Even after what happened..
I can't stop my feelings, for you
Even though you're a narcissistic *******..
I can't save this heart
From the damage
That you caused
When I gave you my heart so willingly
So foolishly..
And you crushed it
In the hands that I wanted to hold so badly
It was all done by The only person in this world I ever wanted to love..
"You're beautiful"
"I promise"
It was all *******
And it's not my fault
That you have problems
It never was
I'm only human..
And I know now I can never love again, I'm sorry I couldn't be better for you..
But we were toxic
What I felt
How I felt
Just hurt me
'"Goodbye forever"
"I really did love you"
I'll miss you, and I'll miss what I felt..
Nicole Pierson Oct 2013
Fly away little bird
You mean so much to me
Fly away, fly so far
You're finally free
It's okay little bird
Just stretch your wings and fly
It doesn't matter, that when you're gone you're lover will surely die
Just soar through the wind
Without a care in the world
It's okay now, because your feelings for her have unfurled
So fly away little bird
I assure you, it will all be okay
Even though this bird will never find another way
Loving you
Little bird, is all she knows how to do
And as much as she trys
She knows you can't learn to fly, and love her too.
So she learns to let go of you..
Nicole Pierson Oct 2013
Once upon a time, there was a girl
A lonely abused, broken girl..
A girl,
Who every birthday
Just wished for a friend,
A girl,
Who cried herself to sleep every night
And woke up with a smile on her face the next morning
Because she had hope
Oh, so much hope
This girl, went to school every day
And got laughed at
Got told to "Go **** herself'..
Got told she was a "Stupid *****"
But she still had hope
Hope for a better day tomorrow..
Even though she had no friends
And never has really had any
Is always laughed at
And called names, sometimes by the people she loves most
She would sit in her room
Hoping for hours
For things that never came
Like a friend
Mainly that's what this girl thought about
For years it was the only thing on her mind
On her foolish, immature, idotic, mind
But eventually after all those  years
Of thinking, and hoping and wishing
All those ******* years full of hope
She ran out..
Ran out of her precious hope..
And now,
Only now, This girl realizes that there are, and never will be a happy ending for her.
Thanks a lot Disney for giving me hope with your "Once upon a time" stories that always seemed to end so happy
Thanks a lot for all those wasted years when I took your advice
"Have hope"
Nicole Pierson Oct 2013
Don't cry, pretty girl.
You're beautiful to me
Don't cry, little girl
Stop for a moment and see
That everyone around you
Everyone, and me
Loves and  gives a **** about you
Someday you will see
That you're not the only one that feels all alone..
So don't cry pretty girl
Don't waste your precious tears
On people, ugly people that are ruled by there fears..
I try to tell myself this, but my ugly side always wins..
Nicole Pierson Oct 2013
Maybe when I'm on the news
And the headlines tell the world I'm dead..
Maybe you'll keep your mouth shut
For the other girls you use..
Spare there lifes..
When you didn't care enough to spare mine
I thought you would understand considering that you're depressed to
But no
Instead of telling people the truth
You lie, And I understand because that's all you know how to do..
But the fact that I gave you what you wanted
And you play me like a fool..
Because you couldn't keep your mouth shut
You couldn't stop the narcissistic behavior for just one day
And I
just don't know what to do anymore
And I'm so embarrassed.
After what you did
Even if there not laughing at me
I still don't want you to be hurt
Because everyone's laughing at you..
What you said, sure it hurts
News flash, I still really care about you
But don't blame me, if I don't have the strength to see you again
To return your smiles
Or say yes to your desires
It's too late now
For everything
For hope
For us
For me.
Nicole Pierson Oct 2013
You could've died last night.
And I was scared to death..
I carved it on my arm
While, you took a much needed rest
I told you not to do that.
But you did it anyway..
And it hurt when I heard what you did
That you were just so ******* stupid
You almost got yourself killed..
And I was scared to death for you..
But you acted like it's nothing
And it hurt
Somewhere deep inside
That even if it meant saving your life, you wouldn't even consider taking my advice..
All I have ever asked from you is for you to, play nice..
And it hurts, the scars still sting..
Because I'm supposed to be protecting you
And I couldn't save you from what you did.
And I don't know what to expect next
And I'm scared to death.
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