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- Mar 2014
cherished kisses,
romanticized problems,
memorable episodes,
of lost self control.

holy spirit,
of greatness.

embrace me,
with your words,
of sweetness.
- Mar 2014
for every minute,
brushed against,
the cold glass,
I spent a moment,
what I faced,
the ghost,
of a past,
I had no knowledge of,
until I found the letters,
and it struck me,
all the notes,
were from someone,
you used to treasure,
until the cold,
separated you both,
and left you each,
with a half heart,
and gave you a mission,
a mission to complete,
to find the other piece.
- Mar 2014
nothing speaks
like silence
the build up
of emotion
how it sets you
in a state
of deep thought
- Mar 2014
the warm feeling in your throat
when you drink
is the best
- Mar 2014
gaze so strong
I nearly fainted
a kiss so powerful
I felt sedated
a spark so wicked
left me feeling electric

you are the stars
to my sky
I see heaven
in your eyes
every night

I see your smile
and I come alive

no fool
could take me
away from you
wine helped cure my writers block. wrote nearly 50 poems last night, inspiration at its finest quality.
- Mar 2014
he spoke to me
on the phone
last night

it gave me a fright
the anxiety was back
you sounded so calm
left me feeling numb

I heard your lips say
ever so gently
that you missed me

we spoke for hours
then I heard her voice
you said you had to go
and we'd talk tomorrow
I replied a short goodbye
and today at 9
you sent me a text
I guess I smiled
he's my ex but also one of my friends. :)
- Mar 2014
your words bleed me out
like a razor sharp wound
dying with each cut
that sheds blood
my veins
are almost
certainly empty
just like you left me
is in progress
sooner or later
my organs will fail
just like our flawed love
you brought out the best
and worst parts of me
and now as I
bleed dry
I feel dizzy
but free
of my demons
and feelings
broken heart
and false hoping
as well as
these emotions
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