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The first Apple seed
I planted
inside hu(wo)man's (h)earth

There is just one of me,
I'm not like t(w)oo many farmers
Whom after the first
Plants every second

Let's say,
I have been grooming
the same t(h)ree ye(ar)s!
And I'm like
Still here (air)
In the third base hot spo(r)t;
Well, my last!

Let's make the quality
of my muse quantitative
and my verbal

Decode this mirror mirage
not seeing from a mirage mirror

If A P P L E
is a four letter code
Starting with the fourth

And ended with the fifth.
Complicated right?

You know what, just take five
And start again from "the first"

Musing on the muse and how long we've been musing
I set you up with the fire
And as well give the *******
Can you decode? Let Me know
solfang Dec 2017
today on tinder,
swipe, swipe, swipe right,
swipe, swipe, swipe left,
oh, it seems like we matched.

now tell me lover boy,
who's going to spark,
the fire with this match,
you or I?
reinstalled tinder and swipes a number of matches but
why isn't anyone bold enough to start a conversation
kelia Apr 2016
too far away to tell you my knees hurt
but still close enough that i can hear you breathe in my ear
'oh, kelia'

when you tell me
'i told you so'
'i tried to warn you'

i will only be mad at myself for not listening to anything
but 'oh, kelia'
kelia Apr 2016
​can only hug me one armed
knights under a fan that shakes
as my legs go their own way
too far gone into loving you
say you love me in some ways too
concerned with your own knees
to worry about mine how can i
willingly put myself in your bed
do you think that maybe when
you leave me for dead
you won’t miss me if you die too!
kelia Jan 2016
a loverboy that didn’t last
an agreement
maybe it wasn’t supposed to

i can add him to the list
i’ve got going in my head

‘ones who left’

never wrote it down because
i think it might change

a loverboy who held my head
the 30th time he found me
spinning in circles
chasing neon with whiskey

held it until the morning after
brought me water in a mug
‘you’re a cool girl, can i see you tonight’
and then never called

i can write about him
until i find someone new

loverboy who i wasn’t ready to lose
just yet

he asked ‘yet’?
and i corrected

loverboy who left me little crumbs
to eat
after he took me home for dinner

he says he’s ‘not in the right place
for loving a girl like you’
and i roll my eyes, toss my socks into the corner
‘yet?’ i ask

korveq Jul 2015
A single year strikes long
in the tooth of night
When all you do is wait.
For fear—we go, we climb
and drag ourselves out of

A hole we dug ourselves,
affixed to the nails, beneath
the skin, and dusted with a

It was only a year,
I say, but to believe?
There are only so many
lies I can permit myself
to tell.

At the end of the wait,
behind the chime of a
client that strikes its
golden mark at the corner
of my screen?

I found it in the eaves
between a thumb and forefinger.
I found it in a conversation,
where words were written.

Where voices failed.
Where stories sat only
to tell.
pinkchampagne Jan 2015
Like we used to laugh
To talk
We created our own melody
Our own music

But that
Didn't seem enough
for you
you needed more
More variation
More attention

And our music
Became heavier
Exactly the music
You liked

The last seconds
went in
And our very own
Ripped apart
And ended
Shannon Jan 2015
In that,
the tiny pushpins
that invade my clumsy pulse.
In that
I find you
in that-
the electric scarf
I wear around my neck
Insomuch I find
you choke me
so I am not wordless,
I am not without screaming-
dripping and falling from my lips
wrapped like gifts of mortar
more out than in
no I am not wordless.
I see you and tiny electric pulses
dance on me
dice through me
I feel you
touch so perfect
like a violin string
strung taught
tight against my mouth
tight against you leaving.
I am sensory.
I am sound that bounces angry
I am sound that chisels
the prayers of the prayer wheels
upon the bumps of my spine.
listen, listen
for your footfalls
and you will touch me,
perfect touch
of space and air
and fingertips that have no bones
no skin
just a note on a
cello-of a touch
and a kiss from behind my neck
a strangle,
such the kiss is tight.
tiny electric pulses through me,
oh, love,
for the tiny electric pulses
that bounce through,
move me.
prayers on the prayer wheel
sahn 01/22/15
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— The End —