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Morning Feb 2019
Vous êtes la douce lueur de l’Aube, comme elle scintille à travers l’herbe humide,
Comme des étoiles sous mes pieds.
C’est le paradis que je peux atteindre
Toujours avec toi, mon ange, à mes côtés.
Brushing up on my French and now I realize I'm almost back at square one. There is just so much I have forgotten.
Matthew Scott Harris (the second offspring
and only son of Boyce and the late harriet harris)
made his unheralded debut on a brutally cold
January thirteenth.
     Once awareness blossomed
within thee Iris of each eye, Mother Nature with
proclivity to become most grounded when basking
in the seasonal pastel of sounds and smells.  
This predilection a rose and stemmed from self-propelled
exposure to fauna and flora.
     All creatures great and small found him bedazzled, de
lighted, fixated, harmonized, kindled, moored, ogled, quelled,
seduced, tantalized, vaunted from biodiversity.
His father - employed as a mechanical engineer with
general electric - heard the powerful lungs of this gangly new
born prior to being permitted to cradle said infant.
     Born in Cincinnati, Ohio, this sole son spent the majority
of his existence at two rural areas fifty plus four years ago.
     Audubon and Collegeville the geographic names of said locales.
     His ability to adjust from one than another grade school evinced
early signs of difficulty.
     Extreme shyness in tandem with a congenital speech defect (sub
mucous cleft palate) seemed to alienate him from other classmates.
     As an outside neutral observer, i watched with gut wrenching agony how he seemed socially detached and rarely invited to join in any reindeer games.
     Yes, a gross degree of taunting left him without friends.
     Lack of confidence and ultra reticence offered manna to bullies.
     Matter of fact, this vulnerability and susceptibility being
the pluperfect target, thee oafish goons i.e. enemies all against
a once upon a time puny punt able person unfortunately at  
receiving end of verbal slings continued all thru public education.
     He graduated without any vocational idea (despite an ignoble
attempt to fail - and yet got promoted nonetheless), and then endured parental wrath equal ultimatums with scathing expletive filled lectures.
     The absence of clear-cut goals found him enrolling and withdrawing
from countless colleges and/or universities.
     Delay with interpersonal success accompanied like a dark shadow creeping closer like the edge of night.
Alex Nov 2017
I've been stairing at my ceiling above my bed,
My thoughts are swarming in my head,
These demons for some untold reasons seem to always want me dead,
Please let me sleep instead!!
It's 4:24am and I just want to freaking  sleep!!!!
Abraham Oct 2017
I compose
as right cheek on pillow
and cool eye towards the morning
the greatest poem
then the words vanish
and I cannot not bring them back
I pick up my phone
and TAP TAP the vilest thing I can
and send it out into the world
so many
throw their
against it.
Elin Roberts Sep 2017
i miss you
not even as the person really
you see when i think of you
i think of late night chats
sending memes and **** talking for hours
i think of that time i called you at that party
too ****** to make sense of what my brain was doing
but certain that you could help
and you did, just hearing your voice...
and when you laughed and called me silly
i felt like i was home

i imagine how i'm feeling right now is similar to that of a stray
left in the rain
******* to suffer for sins not committed
snatched away from my home without a second thought
when i get lonely at night, or even during the day
i long for that ping on messenger and to see your name pop up on my screen
so i can finally unravel this ball of anxiety that gets trapped in my throat and chokes the life out of me
every time i try to say your name
i feel awkward and sad a lot at the moment
Robbie Gunn Jul 2017
Searching me down
looking for the prada
thinking every chav is selling narcotta

I  am a university man I said
well you resemble a local crackhead
said the rude fed
Whats with those meds
I went chemist for my mum
Do you think we're dumb?
tell us the truth son
those drugs are full your addiction
and that bike do you have permission?
no its my sisters she's at college
she recently left
that's technically thief
(based on a true story) which means an element of editing said events.
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